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10 Most Viewed Youtube Video Today

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Most Viewed Youtube Video Today – Watching videos doesn’t seem strange anymore, especially now that there are many platforms that provide various kinds of interesting video content, such as Youtube. Youtube itself is very well known, so many people are fond of watching videos on Youtube, whether it’s music videos, cartoons, even video tutorials are also available on Youtube.

Well, for those of you who like to watch videos on Youtube, have you ever been curious about the most watched videos on Youtube? Actually, whose videos are the most watched on Youtube? To answer your curiosity, the following businessoldnet will unload 10 Most Viewed Youtube Video Today.

10 Most Viewed Youtube Video Today

1. Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

The first sequence for the Most Viewed Youtube Video Today is the music video of Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee. Yes, this very popular and very hits song has managed to reach the most viewers in Youtube history. Recorded until this writing was made, Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee managed to get more than 5 Mx viewers!

Of course, the number of viewers to trillions is a very good achievement. Moreover, there is no other video music that can reach up to 5 trillion. Released in January 2017, it did not dampen the audience until now. Instead, this video is often the target of video lovers on Youtube.

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Have you watched the video? If you haven’t had the chance to watch it, let’s watch this video now. Anyone who listens to this song, there must be a feeling of wanting to join in singing.

2. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

World-class singer, Ed Sheeran, also adds to the list in one of the most watched videos on Youtube. It seems, almost everyone has heard this song, either intentionally or accidentally. How not, Ed Sheeran – Shape of You is always playing anywhere, whether it’s in cafes, malls, or other places.

Melodies and rhythms that are easy listening, certainly become their own attraction for music lovers. So, it is not surprising if the video music released in 2017 also made people curious to get many viewers to 3,826,141,841 Mx, you know! And, the number of viewers is always increasing every day. Very great, right?

3. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Furious 7 Soundtrack]

Know the Furious 7 movie? If so, you should have listened to the song Wiz Khalifa ft. This Charlie Puth. Yes, this song titled youtube see you again managed to get third place as the most watched video on Youtube. Until this article was written, this video has scored 3,787,814,366 Mx viewers!

Previously, this music video had been in second place before being shifted by Ed Sheeran with Shape of You. Although it had experienced ups and downs, the Furious 7 soundtrack still has its own place in the hearts of song lovers and also people who like to watch see you again youtube videos. Are you one of them?

4. Masha and The Bear – Recipe for disaster (Episode 17)

Not music videos from famous singers, but one episode of a cartoon, Masha and The Bear is able to be in fourth place as the most watched video on Youtube! Who would have thought, if the cartoon turned out to be able to compete with the music video to get an audience of 3,289,087,758 Mx? Curious? Watch the video at this link.

5. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

There are already 3,256,154,633 Mx spectators watching the video from Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars. Of course, with this relatively small amount, Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars is included in the fifth most watched video list on Youtube.

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Even though it doesn’t reach 5 Mx like Despacito, Uptown Funk is one of the most viewed youtube videos in 24 hours songs that hit its time. This song also has a good impact on the video music that can attract the attention of Youtube users. Are you one of those captivated by Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars?

6. Justin Bieber – Sorry (PURPOSE: The Movement)

Not only has the most followers on Instagram, but Justin Bieber also managed to have music videos on Youtube with the highest number of viewers. This Sorry song gets 3,014,692,404 Mx viewers on Youtube! Very much! Have you watched this video before? If you’ve never watched it and want to watch it immediately,

7. Maroon 5 – Sugar

Who doesn’t know Maroon 5’s vocal group? Apparently, music lovers have been very familiar with this singer, especially the song titled Sugar, which had hits during his time. If you’ve heard, or indeed Sugar is your favorite song, then you can be proud.

Because, Maroon 5 – Sugar is also included in the video category which has the Most Viewed Youtube Video Today, you know! Already more than 2 Mx viewers, streaming this video music. Of course not a small amount.

8. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

It’s incomplete, it doesn’t include Taylor Swift as one of the most viewers on Youtube. Yes, the most popular song of all time, Shake It Off, was ranked 8th with achieving 2,650,620,930 Mx viewers on Youtube!

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Although not yet able to beat Maroon 5, but the achievement of music videos from Taylor Swift is worth a thumbs up.

9. Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

The achievement of viewers owned by Katy Perry is also not much different from Taylor Swift, which is 2,638,195,363 Mx. Although it can’t overtake Taylor Swift, Katty Perry should be proud because his music video titled Roar is ranked ninth as the most watched Youtube video.

This music video from Katty Perry is unique in that there are many animals, with a jungle feel. Apart from the interesting and beautiful video, Roar is also one of the addictive music that makes people sing along. Agree?

10. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

In closing, again the name Ed Sheeran appeared with his music video which had many audiences on Youtube. This video music titled Thinking Out Loud was able to capture the attention of 2,496,234,966 Mx viewers!

The soft music with a very powerful video display is also a reason for music lovers and Youtube lovers. For those of you who have never watched the video, try clicking this link and feel your feelings drifting away with the song.

That was the row of Most Viewed Youtube Video Today until this article was published. Are there your favorite videos on the list?

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