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Looking for Motivational quotes for life, Positive quotes, Inspirational quotes? Human life is inseparable from various events, challenges, obstacles, opportunities, and experiences. All of that can be used as a lesson for every human being to become a better person from day to day. Experience is the best teacher that teaches many things so that one does not fall into the same hole again.

Some people may have experienced or are going through a difficult and painful phase of life. Life is like an endless drama. Especially for those who are less grateful, they will definitely think that this life is a heavy curse.

If you are feeling something like that, maybe you need words of wisdom about life from world leaders who can motivate you. You can meditate on these words so that they become material for introspection. Learning from the following aphorisms can help your life with a positive mindset and better behavior.

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Motivational Quotes To Inspire You Today

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Life is simple, don’t make it complicated

“Life is simple, we make it difficult.” – Confucius.

Tip: Life is simple if you live it with joy and happiness. Just live your life and don’t interfere in other people’s lives. Simple isn’t it? But sometimes you get too involved in other people’s affairs that are not part of your life, so that life feels so heavy and complicated. The habit of gossiping, ridiculing, speaking bad and being untruthful is often done. You consider yourself low. This is what makes your life difficult.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Happiness is Everything

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, no matter what.” – Audrey Hepburn.

Tip: Because your life is not determined by others, so you must be able to make your own way of life. You have the right to decide what is best for you. Living the life you have should be followed by the happiness you can get from yourself, family, friends, and the environment. There’s no reason not to be happy right?

Life Is Not About Finding Yourself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about making yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw.

Tip: Sometimes you get stuck on one wrong phrase in life, which is the self-discovery phase. No identity is lost. Identity exists because it is shaped by everyone, by you, not made and hidden from you, so they have to find an identity. What you look like depends on how you choose what things have an impact on your life.

Life is a Real Theatrical Stage

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the stupid, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor.” – Sholom Aleichem.

Tip: Life can be very exciting or even very sad. This happens because of the different points of view that are influenced by everyone’s background. To keep you happy, then you must have a positive point of view, assuming that your life should be grateful and enjoyed with all happiness, not just filled with sadness and protracted sorrow.

Mystery Life

“In fact, there is no telling what will happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride and no one guarantees it.” – Eminem.

Tip: You can’t predict the future, not even one second. You can plan to spend time with whom and what, but you can’t guarantee that you will be able to do that and how long you will live in this world. Therefore, enjoying the life you have, being grateful and happy with everything you have will bring you to the true nature of life.

The Purpose of Life is Happiness

“Our goal in life is to be happy.” – The Dalai Lama.

Tip: Happiness will make your life more colorful. Happiness will keep you going even though you often experience failure in life. By bringing happiness every day, every time, wherever you are, you are actually fighting bad things that want to make you fall and be sad.

Love and Science Make Life Better

“The good life is a life inspired by love and guided by science.” – Bertrand Russell.

Tip: People call love something imaginary. In fact, this imaginary thing actually leads you to a good life. With love, you can feel sympathy and empathy, and make life happy. Living with love guided by science will make your life balanced.

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Let Life Flow Like Water

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Do not reject them because it only makes regret and sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally wherever they like.” – Lao Tzu.

Tip: Let things flow naturally, just like you accept the reality of life that you face without having to deny it. Every problem will surely mature you. You don’t have to be angry and reject things that happen to you, even if they hurt you a lot. Behind every event, there are new things that you can understand when you can accept reality as a reality, no longer as a dream.

Life is short

“You are only here for a brief stopover. Don’t rush, don’t worry. Rest assured that you inhale the scent of flowers along the way.” – Walter Hagen.

Tip: Your life is only temporary. One day all living things will surely die and return to their creator. Don’t live your life without meaning. At least, you can come back with good and unforgettable memories. You don’t have to be rich to make good memories, but at least you can share them with those in need.

You also don’t have to work late every day at the expense of rest. Just do what you can and naturally without having to lose meaningful moments with your family. Love your life, but don’t love what’s in your life too much, because you never know when they will stop loving you.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Life is a reflection of yourself

“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to thinkers what they think.” – Ernest Holmes.

Tip: Life happens from what you think. When you think happy, your life will be happy. When thinking otherwise, reality will be like that. Life is like a mirror and you are your own mind. To make it look interesting and fun, then what is in our minds must be in harmony. No one is happy when his mind is full of sorrow and negative thoughts. Happiness only comes to those who believe that life is a blessing to be grateful for.

Live life as it is

“I have a simple philosophy: fill in what is empty, empty what is too full.” – Alice Roosevelt Longworth.

Tip: No need to live your life in a complicated way, live what you have, do what needs to be done, avoid what is bad, and try to be the best person you can be. Life is just that simple, life does not require you to be a great person in all fields and for the benefit of many people.

Attitude to Life Positively

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” – Lou Holtz.

Tip: Your life happens when you act on something that is actually simple. Something good can be a bad thing in your life and something bad can bring good things to you. The end result depends on how you react to the circumstances of an event that happens to you. So don’t be surprised when you find out there are people who are still happy even though they are plagued with many problems. Maybe you should learn how to react positively to a negative problem.

Life Limitations are Bad Behavior

“The only limitation in life is bad behavior.” – Scott Hamilton.

Tip: The thing that limits you the most from happiness in life is bad behavior. Bad behavior never leads you to a good and pleasant state. You will be filled with unpleasant things continuously and their effects will lead you to events that are never positive. Finally, you feel that your life is not fun and not happy at all.

Value Your Time

“A man who dares to waste an hour of his time does not know the value of life.” – Charles Darwin.

Tip: Time is a part of everyone that cannot be taken and turned back. Time is the only thing that is most valuable because having time is the same as having the opportunity to make life better. But when you easily waste an hour just to be silent, then you don’t realize that you have wasted an hour to create happiness.

Change Your Mind for a Better Life

“What we think determines what will happen to us. So if we want to change our lives, we need to change our minds a little bit.” – Wayne Dyer.

Tip: Thoughts are the key to what happens in your life. When you believe that your life is fun, nature will help you to manifest what you think. This is very important to apply if you want a happy life. A happy life does not come from other people but comes from yourself.

Sincere in Doing Everything

“He who does more than he is paid for will one day be paid more than he does” – Napoleon Hill.

Tips: Always be sincere to work rather than what is paid to you now, then you will achieve a multiplied result in the future. Make a commitment from today to always give the best, whatever you do every day.

Experience is a Valuable Teacher

“The only source of knowledge experiences” – Albert Einstein

Tips: Everyone must get a new experience every day. Both happy and sad experiences. From this life experience, your knowledge will grow and develop. So, you can become a better person every day.

Don’t Give Up Easily, Always Be Optimistic

“I always try to turn adversity into opportunity” – John D. Rockefeller

Tip: Many people feel that every failure is their fate. In fact, failure or misfortune should not be lamented continuously but used as a stepping stone to achieve success or become a better person. Make adversity a motivation and opportunity to move forward.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Dare to Step

“A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single footstep” – Lao Tzu

Tips: You must start to dare to step. Don’t just stay in one point or your current comfort zone. One step made with courage will definitely provide lessons and good impacts in the future.

Start Changing, Don’t Always Make the Same Mistakes

“A person who has made a mistake and never corrected it means he has made one more mistake” – Confucius

Tip: Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. However, every mistake must be realized and corrected. Never feel that you are always right and that others are always wrong. Be a better person by correcting the mistakes that have been made.

Don’t Just Dream, Achieve Your Success Immediately

“Some people dream of their success, while others wake up every morning to make their dreams come true” – Wayne Huizenga

Tips: Many people just hope for quick success without trying. However, if you are one of those people who are still trying to reach all of these dreams. Be patient because success will soon come true

No Struggle is in vain

“No struggle is done without pain, but you have to believe that the pain is only momentary and will be replaced with happiness” – Anonymous

Tips: Don’t give up easily and despair because life’s journey is never as smooth as the toll road. There is always a struggle to be fought as long as we live. But, continue to believe that the struggle will pay off and all your struggles will pay off.

Don’t Always Look Up

“You often forget what you already have, but always remember what others have” – ​​Anonymous

Tip: In this world, there are still many people who often see that other people’s lives are better and happier than their own. People, including you, often feel that they still don’t get what they need, while others seem to have everything they need. This is called ungratefulness. When in fact, many things you have achieved and gained. Therefore, from now on, don’t ever forget to be grateful and don’t always look at other people’s lives that only look ‘part of it’.

Precious Stones of Life

“You will never learn patience and courage if there is only happiness in this world” – Helen Keller

Tips: Maybe all this time you have felt why there are so many obstacles or problems in this life? As if you always ask when happiness comes? But you know, these obstacles turned out to provide many lessons that change us for the better. The problems that exist make us more patient and train the courage to keep moving forward.

Failure is delayed success

“Forgive your attitude when you fail in achieving your dreams and believe that there will be other dreams that are bigger and better than your previously designed dreams” – Anonymous

Tip: Often, we as humans feel annoyed and even frustrated when we experience failure and the dream cannot be achieved. However, never give up and quit. Keep moving forward, reach for other dreams you have and believe that one day bigger and better dreams will come true.

There’s always a future

“The future belongs to you who have prepared it from today” – Anonymous

Tip: Everyone wants to have a bright future. However, all that will not be obtained without effort. Efforts need to be made with intention and prayer. If you have tried and prepared everything with a strong determination, then your future is guaranteed to be bright.

Don’t Be Influenced By Prestige

“No matter how small the amount, money will be enough if it is used for LIFE. However, no matter how big the amount, money will never be enough if used to fulfill a LIFESTYLE” – Anonymous

Tips: No matter how much money you have, it will never be enough if it is used to fulfill a lifestyle (prestige). Because in this world there will always be people who are richer and if you follow them continuously then it will harm you. Therefore, be grateful for what you have and use the money for important things. If you really want to give yourself a reward, adjust it according to your financial condition.

Enthusiasm and Stay Patient

“Patience is the best medicine for all difficulties” – Anonymous

Tips: If you have difficulties or are going through trials, never give up or blame anyone. Keep fighting and be patient because God never plans bad things for his people. Believe me, behind these difficulties there are beautiful things waiting for you.

Age Doesn’t Show One’s Maturity

“Maturity is not seen from age, but seen from attitude and behavior” – Anonymous

Tip: Have you ever seen a wise and mature-minded teenager? Of course, everyone has known this figure or even that figure is you? Basically, maturity is never shown from a person’s age because there are still many people who are old but still do not show an adult attitude. You can see your own maturity from a person’s attitude and behavior, regardless of age.

Have to be confident

“Confidence is the number one secret of success” – Anonymous

Tip: Confidence is the key to many things, one of which is a success. Therefore, never feel inferior or inferior because success can be achieved with self-confidence. Confidence that you can get everything you want.

Don’t Just Stand Still

“If your ship doesn’t come then swim” – Anonymous

Tips: In life don’t always wait for good things to come. If help, success, or other big things haven’t arrived yet then go after it. Try to get all of that because if you just stay silent great things will not come naturally.

Do Everything With All Your Heart

“Wherever you go, do everything with all your heart” – Anonymous

Tip: Be someone who always does things with all his heart because anything he does with his heart will lead to happiness. Be it happiness for yourself or others. In addition, whatever is done with all the heart will also get its own reward. So, don’t forget to do everything sincerely!

Age Doesn’t Show Maturity

“Getting older doesn’t mean we understand everything” – Dee Lestari

Tips: It is undeniable, as time goes by, our age also continues to grow. However, never ever feel that you are the one who knows everything because of your ripe age. That is wrong thinking. Because actually everything can be understood not because of age but because of experience.

Never Doubt

“Doubt kills more hope than failure” – Suzy Kassem

Tip: Never hesitate to take a step because that doubt is what makes you even more haunted by fear. So, it breaks the hopes you have and in the end, none of those expectations are achieved. Therefore, eliminate the word “doubt” in your life dictionary.

Don’t be inferior!

“Anyone can be anything!” – Anonymous

Tip: Never feel inferior or discouraged by your current state or background because the “future” doesn’t see your background. Be a better person and keep wanting to learn and whatever goals you dream of will definitely be achieved.

Use Kind and Positive Words

“Your words show the quality of who you are” – Anonymous

Tip: Who still often says negative or even rude words? Be careful, you know! because every word spoken reveals who and what you are. Even people who often say negative words are often considered as people who are less intelligent and immature. Therefore, from now on, use positive words so that the people around you are more comfortable and want to continue to grow together.

Choose Heart or Logic?

“The heart has a reason of its own, but reason does not have a heart” – Blaise Pascal

Tips: There are people who often use their minds, there are also those who often use their hearts. Although each has its advantages and disadvantages, the heart often has its own “reason” every time it is used to make decisions. Meanwhile, reason has no heart. So, set everything in balance.

Never Harm Others

“Get ahead without getting rid of others. Get up without putting others down” – Anonymous

Tip: Everyone wants a better life and career. But, one thing that must be remembered, never get rid of or drop other people just to achieve your desires because something that is obtained in a bad way will not be good for your next life as well.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Don’t show off

“Showing off is a stupid idea for a win” – Bruce Lee

Tips: Surely everyone has flaunted what they have, either intentionally or unintentionally. But, did you know that showing off your wealth or throne just to get recognition is not smart enough? Because until whenever there is always someone who is “more” than you.

Nothing is perfect

“If you only seek perfection, you will never rest” – Leo Tolstoy

Tips: In this life, nothing is perfect because perfection alone belongs to God. So, if you always focus on perfection then you will never settle down and always feel “less”. Therefore, instill in yourself that everything does not have to be perfect, but everything can be done as best as possible.

My life is in my hands

“Only I can change my life, no one else can do it for me” – Carol Burnett

Tips: In this life, only you can change the course of your life. Not a partner, family, or friends. Everything is in your own hands. Therefore, never expect someone to change your destiny because the answer lies within yourself.

Love and be grateful for all the things you already have

“Be grateful for all the things you have now because you never know when you will lose them” – Anonymous

Tips: Often people forget to be grateful for always looking up. In fact, there are so many things to be grateful for if you don’t always look up. So, from now on be grateful for whatever you have because you never know when it will be taken and regret it later.

Refreshing Love

“Love is a fertilizer that can nourish a barren feeling in the heart” – Anonymous

Tips: It is undeniable, indeed love is something that can make the heart feel happy and filled. Whatever the form, love from parents, friends, lovers, and others can heal many things that happen in life.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Give and Give

“Life is not about having and getting, but about giving and being “something” – Anonymous

Tip: Never be a person who wants to always get, get, and get. Be a person who always gives and keeps trying to be the best. Because, in the end, all the good done will come back to you in another way.

Don’t be afraid if you have to go slow

“Don’t be afraid if you walk slowly, be afraid if you just stand still” – Anonymous

Tips: Never feel inferior if you feel you have not been successful or are still in the same position because everything needs a process. Insecure and afraid if you just sleep and do nothing. One thing to keep in mind, everyone gets to the top of their career at different times because everyone’s “start” time is also different.

Strengthening Test

“Sometimes you are tested not to show your weaknesses, but to find the strengths that lie within” – Anonymous

Tips: Trials do not come to make you feel down or even look weak in the eyes of others. Sometimes exams come to give you valuable strength and experience that will come in handy later on.

Nothing is perfect

“We are so busy looking for the perfect, that we miss the ones who are ready to accept what they are” – Anonymous

Tip: This is a common thing in humans. Maybe you are one of them? Often we are too busy looking for the “perfect” figure when in fact in this world nothing will be perfect or 100% according to your wishes. In fact, it is also what keeps you away from your lover and friends who always accept your weaknesses and strengths.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Sorry…

“Forgiveness is something that strong people can do, but not weak people” – Anonymous

Tip: Which of you has a hard time forgiving? Don’t be like that, you know! Because forgiveness is the one thing that will show you who you really are. Be strong and mature to be able to forgive the mistakes that others make.

No Regret

“Never regret the things that made you smile” – Mark Twain

Tip: Life is too short to spend with regrets. Especially for the things that once made you smile. Make it a memory as well as a lesson, not a regret.

See All of His Business

“Judging by the effort, not by the results. Only then can you judge life” – Albert Einstein

Tips: Not a few people still judge someone from the final result. In fact, there are many processes and journeys that have a more important role in this life. So, from now on, don’t ever judge yourself or even others based on what “results” have been obtained, but appreciate every process/effort that has been done.

It doesn’t have to be all-in-one

“You don’t have to be an all-rounder, just do one thing you love and be great at it” – Anonymous

Tips: Not a few people think that they should be able to do everything. Even though it cannot be denied, every human being has advantages and disadvantages in different fields and things. So if being a versatile figure is hard enough for you, don’t force it. Try to do things or fields that you love and be great!

Again, Never Put Others Down

“Become a great person without putting others down” – Anonymous

Tips:  This is one of the words that must be planted in your mind. Yes, basically, everyone has the ambition to be great in their own way. However, one thing is certain. Never put other people down just to be a great person and be seen. Do everything in a good and positive way. Do good and good will come to You.

Success Measure

“Success is when you like yourself, love what you do, and love the way you do it” – Maya Angelou

Tips: Success is not only judged by how much wealth and money we have. Success can also be felt when you have succeeded in liking yourself, the work you do, and enjoying each process and the way it is done.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Silence is Golden

“It’s better to be silent than to prolong the problem” – Anonymous

Tip: Silence is often the right answer so that a problem doesn’t get longer or protracted. If in a problem everyone talks too much, then when will the problem be solved? Even more complicated and hot is not it? Therefore, if conditions permit, be silent. Never prolong a problem.

Nothing is impossible

“Something will always be impossible until you do it” – Nelson Mandela

Tips: Often crosses our hearts, if something is impossible and impossible to happen. Even though it’s just negative thoughts that actually bring us down. Therefore, don’t ever think that something is impossible if you haven’t done it yet.

Escape from Responsibility

“You can’t escape tomorrow’s responsibilities by avoiding them today” – Abraham Lincoln

Tips: Never run away from responsibility. Because by avoiding it your responsibility will not be lost or just finished. Instead, you will be haunted by feelings of guilt.

Sure It Works

“No matter how difficult life is, there will always be something you do and succeed” – Stephen Hawking

Tips: Everyone must have experienced difficulties in this world. But, never use adversity as an excuse for not being successful. There will definitely be a way that God has prepared for you, as long as you are willing to try and keep fighting.

Be a Good Person

“Be good because if you pretend to be good, then you will meet people who pretend to be good too” – Renliwak

Tips: That’s life, what you sow, that’s what you reap. If you often pretend to be good then you will also be approached by people who are not entirely good either. Therefore, be a good person but smart that way you will have good people too in this life.

Wise Personal

“True wisdom is to understand that you understand nothing” – Socrates

Tips: Why can be said to be wise? Because by realizing that you don’t understand anything, you will continue to learn, develop, and improve yourself. This is what can then make you a good and wise person.

Motivational quotes for life Positive quotes Inspirational quotes With Nothing is eternal

“Success and failure are part of life and are both temporary” – Shahrukh Khan

Tips: Don’t be sad if you fail and don’t be in a hurry to be happy if you just hit a breaking point. Because it’s all temporary. So, keep the spirit when you fail and keep fighting even though you have reached the top point.

Pray and Surrender

“When it’s time, then the rain will fall. When it’s time, then flowers will bloom and when it’s time, then prayers will be answered” – Anonymous

Tips: Be patient because when the time comes, then your prayers will be answered soon. Remember! Everything that happens in your life, must have been according to His plan.

Best Revenge

“The best revenge is to make yourself better than him” – Anonymous

Tip: Repaying evil for evil is not right. Repay the evil or unkindness of others by creating the best version of yourself. Keep the spirit!

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Always Grateful and Positive Thinking Key to Happiness in Life

Of the many wise words about life, in essence, life only asks you to live it with your happiness and abilities. Always grateful and positive thinking is the key to success in life. Always motivate yourself to behave well, so that your life will be more meaningful and useful.

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