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5 Negative Impact of Metaverse World

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Metaverse is a virtual technology concept that is predicted to change the way of communicating in the future. Even though it is claimed to be the technology of the future, the metaverse also has a negative impact or effect on human life, ranging from data theft, cyberbullying, and others. What is the impact like?

Metaverse has become a hot topic of conversation because it combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and video technologies into a single unit. However, the combination of reality technology carried by the metaverse is said to have a negative effect on human life.

Reporting from CNBC, some mental health experts say that the metaverse has a worse impact than social media, especially for children and adolescents.

Experts assess, metaverse shows negative impacts, such as data theft, intimidation, harassment or cyberbullying, and so on. Evidently, a woman in the official Horizon Worlds forum on Facebook claimed to have been “harassed” virtually.

Quoting from the New York Post, he said that sexual harassment befell his avatar. Not only him, but other users have also become victims of the same abuse.

In addition to these cases, there are many negative impacts and effects of the metaverse world on human life. There anything? Here’s a summary of the BBonlinemoney team for you, loyal readers.

The effects of The metaverse

Data Theft

Before entering the metaverse era, the problem of personal data theft has become an important issue and has become a public concern. We all know, before using a platform that is connected online, we need to register by filling in the required personal data.

Starting from your email, password, full name, date of birth, and so on. In fact, for some applications, users are required to enter data that is safe for privacy.

But unfortunately, the internet world is very vulnerable to data theft. There have been many cases of people’s personal data being burglarized and sold by hackers in illegal forums.

Series of data theft cases often occur through various attack schemes, such as phishing, scamming, malware, exploiting security holes in the system, and so on.

It could be, in the era of a more sophisticated metaverse, hackers also find a more powerful way to steal important data from “virtual world residents” in the future. For example, through virtual contacts and so on.

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Personalized Ads Are On The Rise

The impact and other negative effects of the metaverse world on human life in the future are that data mining and advertising circulation will be rampant. It is common knowledge, online platforms utilize data on the habits of mobile users to provide personalized advertisements to each user.

The data that is mined includes search keywords, access times, user devices, and so on, which are used to create personality models and user behavior patterns to match the advertisements displayed.

So is the metaverse. This virtual world will be the place where many of the users spend most of their time there. Various things can be done digitally, such as online shopping, playing games, to communicating.

Therefore, user data mining will be intensified in order to create targeted advertising strategies. Predictably, users will be bombarded with highly personalized, timely, and targeted ads in this world of the metaverse.


The world of metaverse brings other negative impacts, namely causing addiction or addiction. Just like social media, the virtual world of the metaverse will be created in such a way that users stay on the platform and engage as long as possible.

Do you know the movie Ready Player One? In the film, which depicts a virtual world in the future, it is described that people are so addicted to a game called OASIS. People can spend all day playing, looking for exclusive items, to completing secret missions in the game.

More or less, the metaverse world will also cause the same addiction. Moreover, this future virtual world offers unlimited experiences and environments.

Users can create their own worlds, enter new worlds, communicate with other users, and do things like the real world. Coupled with algorithms that may be embedded by developers who try to always attract the attention of users to stay at home in their virtual world.

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Generating Dissatisfaction in Yourself

Not infrequently, people feel they are not good enough and perfect after seeing social media.

In a 2014 study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, it was found that survey participants felt depressed after spending a lot of time on Facebook because they felt bad when they compared themselves to other people they saw.

Moreover, the filtered and curated nature of social media increases the pressure that causes people to post certain achievements for other users to see.

The presence of a virtual metaverse world can exacerbate these negative impacts. In essence, the user’s freedom and ability to describe themselves through 3D avatars can increase dissatisfaction with the self in the real world.

Just so you know, in the metaverse there is a feature that allows users to customize the appearance of their avatar at will. With the increasingly sophisticated visual technology, personalizing avatars will be even more complex. But it will also cause anxiety and dissatisfaction in yourself to increase.

Cyberbullying is getting worse

There have been many cases of cyberbullying that have occurred on social media, although related platforms are also struggling to overcome this. It is predicted that this kind of abusive behavior will also occur more massively in the metaverse world.

Cyberbullying in the virtual world will feel more threatening and troublesome because the victim will be directly affected by the harassment.

For example, in the VR game made by Meta called Horizon Worlds, cases of cyberbullying and sexual harassment occurred which had a psychological impact on the victims. This is exacerbated by the support from others for the perpetrator and pressure on the victim.

Without strict policies and regulations, the negative impacts and effects of cyberbullying will be easier to develop in the metaverse world. This is what makes people refuse to try and see the great potential of the future virtual world.

We actually believe that the metaverse will be a great achievement and can change the way people communicate and behave in the future. But it must be admitted, the virtual metaverse world also brings bad impacts and negative effects on human life.

So, how to react when the metaverse era really comes? Some suggestions we give you, as follows:

  • Prepare mentally and don’t be easily carried away or tempted by strangers who look attractive (visually).
  • Expand the information about the virtual world. We have provided some information about the metaverse world.
  • Do not share contacts or personal data with strangers.
  • Stay away from toxic people who can have a bad influence on your life.

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Well, that was a summary of the negative impact of the metaverse world on human life. Hopefully, it will be useful information for all of you.

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