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5 Best New Normal Business Ideas to Make $1000 per Week

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Best New Normal Business Ideas? The government has indeed started a policy of transitioning to a new normal after large-scale social restrictions were relaxed. But, not a few of us are still afraid to leave the house for fear of catching the coronavirus. Many companies are still implementing work from home (WFH).

If you are someone who likes to look for additional activities or income, there are a number of New Normal Business Ideas. Anything? Come on, check the list!

5 Business Opportunities for the “New Normal”

Food or culinary business

unique business ideas this pandemic

If the food business will still be excellent. So there are still many people who will order food online.

If you are worried about buying food outside because of hygiene problems and others, you can use this as a business idea. You can try your own cooking business. So, you just have to prepare the ingredients completely and the buyer just has to make it himself.

“There is a new trend with cooking at home because people are not confident with the outside. Businesses that provide a set to make cakes are selling well.

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Health drink business

innovative business ideas during lockdown

With increasing public awareness of health, there is an opportunity for healthy food or drinks. For example, you can sell herbal drinks that are believed to ward off the coronavirus. You can also sell other health drinks such as ginger, milk ginger, and others.

Designing a workspace

Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable workplace during WFH? Well, this could be your business opportunity by creating a comfortable workspace for other people. With limited space or furniture, of course, people will need a design that fits their home.

Take advantage of marriage or virtual travel

You can also offer organizer services such as a wedding organizer (WO) or a virtual tour guide.

“Maybe WO should think of a new way because people marry virtually.

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Sports clothing and equipment production business

post pandemic business ideas

Can’t go anywhere doesn’t mean you don’t exercise. You are to try the sportswear or sports equipment business. You can also use clothes bolts that are comfortable to wear at home in hot temperatures like now.

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