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25 The Best Note-Taking Apps for iOS and Android

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Making notes of important activities such as appointments, meeting schedules, important news from certain web pages, and other schedules has become a habit for most business people and professionals. The difference is, now these tasks can be done in a smarter way; using smartphones, tablets to notebooks, or laptops.

The choice of application for taking notes is also very large, so what is actually more difficult is determining which application to use. For that, we have tried to summarize the 25 most popular note-taking apps to make your task easier.

The Best Note-Taking Apps to Use


First in the list of android note apps with the best features is ColorNotes. This is a simple notes app that allows you to take text notes, lists, and more. The most important feature in this app is the ability to change the background color to help you stay organized. Some of the other features include calendar support, making backups to internal memory and cloud storage, multiple reminder features, and to-do lists.

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Omni Note

Omni Note is a notes app for Android that is very simple but has one of the best interfaces thanks to its Material Design polish. Omni note uses a vertical card layout that is easy to browse and trace. It also includes features to combine, sort, and search your notes for better organization. Apart from that, Omni Note also has DashClock support, widgets, and a sketch note mode where you can drag and add doodles if you want.


FiiNote comes from the same developer who created the FreeNote application. FiiNote has a number of features that are fun and provide a more authentic experience. FiiNote comes with a grid background along with a stylus and drawing support so you can type notes, write, or draw on them. You can also add pictures, videos, and sounds if you feel you need to.

Google Keep

What you can’t miss is Google Keep. Note-Taking Apps from Google that has long been recommended by many corporate users. Google Keep uses the Material Design interface and is very functional. Notes are displayed in the form of cards that can be quickly searched and accessed. The app integrates with Google Drive, allows adding sounds and photos, and you can even share notes and set reminders at certain times.

Material Notes: Colorful notes

This Note-Taking Apps features a design and layout similar to Google Keep with colored pieces placed in card patterns. But unlike Google Keep, this app doesn’t offer a wider variety of features. Luckily there’s widget support if you need them and the added ability to export and import notes. It’s simpler, but in terms of its primary function as a note-taking app, Material Notes: Colorful notes is pretty fun to use.


Microsoft OneNote is one of those apps that comes from a giant company other than Google Keep. This app is integrated into OneDrive similar to what Google Keep does which is integrated into Google Drive. In addition, OneNote has many features including organizational features, cross-platform support, widgets, Android Wear, collaboration features, and support for voice, text, and adding photos to notes.


As the name implies, Simplenote is a Note-Taking Apps that emphasizes simplicity, easy to use, and is uncomplicated. The developers have intentionally omitted a number of features found in many other apps in order to boost speed and help keep the app light to operate.

Even so, the app offers synchronization between your devices as well as an organizational system that works from tags and pins so you can quickly find the notes you need. The application also comes in a Material Design style polish to enhance its functionality which is provided free of charge.


LectureNotes is an application designed with premium quality aimed at academics and professionals. LectureNotes was one of the earliest applications to include stylus support and remains one of the best with its current features. Such as support for OneNote and Evernote along with PDF support, audio and video recording capabilities, and more.


Evernote is very popular among professionals because it offers quite a lot of features that make it easy to take notes. Evernote is loaded with features including different types of notes, notebook support, organization features, collaboration, note sharing, and, of course, cross-platform support. Evernote offers two optional subscriptions that provide a variety of features as well as premiums such as cloud space for storing notes and more.


This notes app has several features and serves up longer portions of notes than simple things like grocery lists or reminders. SomNote has a folder system to help with file organization, security mechanisms in the form of pins and patterns, and a choice of themes. There is also a sync feature so you can access your notes from different devices. You can even keep SomNote as a diary or journal, write down ideas for ideas and inspiration such as articles or novels, or even create project plans.

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Any. do

The simple and easy-to-use features are nicely polished in a clean and tidy look. app is a themed notes app loved by millions of users.

Any. Do also has the ability to make calls, send messages, and schedule meetings. Toggling of Folder View and Date View (today, tomorrow, in the future, someday) makes it easy for you to order tasks based on the priority you specify.


If you’re looking for a service to log important tasks, schedules, and the like with cross-platform support, Wunderlist is one of the most popular names right now. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, this free client helps you to create, manage, and share lists.

Wunderlist also integrates with the Android lock screen, ensuring you never forget your loved ones’ tasks or birthdays. The design is simple, designed to make sharing and creating new lists easy.


One service that continues to grow from time to time is Todoist, which has an eye-catching design. Not only simple, but Todoist is also rich enough in features to meet more intense needs.

Todoist uses a cloud-based filing system for to-do lists which can also be created by sub-tasks, sub-projects, project color, and priority level.


Like doodles? Doodlers like you will love this one-note app. Apart from taking notes, in this app, you can also draw, doodle and sketch however you like. You can seamlessly switch modes from drawing to typing, making the app even more versatile. You can save an unlimited number of notes, note color can also be set for better organization and keep information safe with the passcode feature.


For those who want to take more creative notes, Squid is the best option to consider. Because with it you can make polishes with doodles and drawings. Squid is perfect for students who want to add important notes or footnotes to PDF documents or something. Squid works well on phones but is ideal for use on tablet devices. The reason, with a wider space, allows you to create more complex works with the help of a stylus.


Monospace is a new app that has a minimalistic design designed for simple Note-Taking Apps. Monospace’s interface feels even older than the Windows XP generation, but with modern Android functionality. But to help organize notes, Monospace has the ability to create user-defined folders or let Monospace create them automatically for users.

Monospace has support for syncing to Google Drive, but you’ll need a Pro account for $5.


Parchi is the latest and ever-growing piece from Microsoft Garage, but don’t be skeptical just yet. This app actually has a lot of potentials to become something that many users love for taking notes and important tasks.
Parchi offers a new way of taking notes through the lock screen and pinning notes on the lock screen. Other features include reminders, lists, color coding, note sharing, and photo notes. You can also search for notes by hashtag and by color.


Without a complicated process, you can log in using your Facebook or Google account to create voice notes, photo and text notes. You can also set reminders so you never miss anything important.

CatchNote also lets you set a 4-digit passcode for sensitive notes that contain personal information. But, you can also create a shared room, and the notes created will be synced and backed up across the devices of all members in it.


AudioNote is a Note-Taking Apps that sync audio recordings with the notes you create. In other words, the notes you type are matched against the time in the audio recording. For example, if you enter a note at 2:21 minutes, and you see the note, then the app will play the voice recording afterward. You can also add images within text or sync AudioNote to Dropbox and iCloud.


Productivity software company Zoho usually builds applications aimed at the corporate segment, but its newest application, Notebook, is clearly consumer-oriented. It’s a note-taking app for iOS and Android, that lets you create visual to-do lists and tasks, in a card-style interface, with notes appearing like colored glue stacked on top of one another.

Notebooks also pack other useful features for note-taking activities, such as attaching files to notes including audio, photos, and web clippings, plus reminders and due date features.

Remember The Milk

Designed for super busy people, the Remember The Milk notes app has a reminder feature that integrates seamlessly with email, text, Twitter, and mobile notifications. Remember The Milk can also sync across platforms so that note organization can be done from different devices.

Dropbox Paper

You may know Dropbox as a Cloud-based storage application. But since last year, they started developing a note-taking application that works almost the same as Google Docs, where you can take short notes or long documents online and integrate them into Dropbox storage. Although not designed for work as simple as a to-do list, Dropbox can be the choice of a note-taking tool that also offers collaboration with teams within the organization.

My Notes

My Notes offers most of the features that most similar apps have. Apart from taking notes, in My Notes, you can also manage folders, files, and create reminders. For security reasons, My Notes also provides a pin or password that you can set yourself.


Although designed with a simple interface, Gnotes has more than enough functionality for taking notes of text, images, sounds, hand strokes, illustrations, and photos. Gnotes can also be synced using a Google account.

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Last but not least the note-taking app for Android is Diaro, which is designed to make note-taking fun. The application is formulated so that it can look perfect and dynamic both from a smartphone or tablet. It supports 30 languages ​​and has a search feature that makes it easy for you to find a specific note among the stacks of stored lists.

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