5 Online Business Ideas You Can Start With Little Money

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In this difficult time of the pandemic, online business ideas can be an option to keep the kitchen full. Not only because online business is increasingly in demand, but also because it can be done from home so that even housewives can take part.

Well, here are some Online Business Ideas You Can Start With Little Money that can be done from home with relatively affordable capital.

5 Online Business Ideas – Small Capital and Big Profits!

online business that pays


This online business opportunity has become a prima donna for the last decade. This business scheme is a derivative of a reseller scheme, the difference with dropship is that you don’t have to spend capital as initial stock.

All you need to do is find a supplier that opens a dropshipping program, then register and promote your product to existing online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Freelance Services

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Freelance is certainly not a new thing, and perhaps you also know the definition and type of work. There are many types of freelance that you can pursue, depending on the skills you master.

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Some freelance business opportunities that can be an alternative, including:

  • Become a freelance writer in online media or blogs.
  • Follow projects through freelance sites such as Freelancer and Sribulancer.
  • Become a freelance programmer, can be for projects or apply to companies or startups.
  • SEO Specialist
  • Data entry
  • Virtual assistant
  • And others


online business ideas for beginners

This online business may not be too familiar to the ears of many people, but it is starting to develop. The proof, almost all local e-commerce and marketplaces offer this commission sharing program.

Affiliate actually has the same meaning as a broker in the conventional business world. So, you will be tasked with peddling products, both physical and digital, then getting a potential commission from every sale that occurs.

Online Business Ideas You Can Start With Little Money With Blogging Business

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Being a blogger seems exclusive, even though almost anyone with any background can become a blogger. It’s just that, because more or less are required to master technical skills, the majority of blogging businesses are carried out by young people.

Being a blogger means that you must be able to write, whether in the form of tips, news, or other things that are useful for readers. Later, on the blog you develop, you can place ads either through the PPC program or standalone ad slots, offering directly to brands or companies.

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Online Tutor

Recently, the trend of online learning has become a new phenomenon. Not only school lessons have switched to digital platforms, but several other sectors have also participated in the transformation. This can be a new opportunity, for example, if you have the ability to cook, you can open an online cooking class from home and participants can also follow from their respective places.

You are not limited to one skill, for example, if you have photography experience, you can also open paid online classes for those who want to improve their skills.

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