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7 Online Business Work From Home That are Easy and Cheap to Start

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The Best Online Business Work From Home

The Best Online Business Work From Home

Living in an increasingly advanced era, of course, makes human life easier. One example is the use of the internet for ease of work. Now, work doesn’t have to be done in the office because some features will help your work like email and social media. Not only that, but you can also start a new business, especially for housewives. Usually, they will be busy taking care of family and home needs. A housewife must spend her time every day at home only. This is certainly very boring for them. Therefore, housewives can use one of the benefits of this technological advancement, namely by opening an online business work from home. The advantage of starting an online business is earning income, which can be done anywhere, including at home, more effective time, and only a little capital is spent. This is why the online shop business is in great demand by many people, including housewives at home. Then, what are the online businesses that are very suitable for housewives? This article will discuss more fully the types of online businesses that are very suitable for them.

7 Easy Online Business Ideas for Stay at Home

Dropshipping or Reseller

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Dropshipping has the same meaning as a reseller. What is meant here is, the drop shipping or reseller is selling other products. The difference is, resellers sell other people’s products without changing anything. Meanwhile, dropshipping sells products from other people using personal names. Lots of products that can be sold to housewives who want to start a new online business. Usually, dropshipping and resellers sell items that are often used by people such as clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup, and much more. Besides, they usually also sell items that are suitable for gifts such as dolls. To start an online business dropshipping is not difficult, you only need an internet network and devices (laptops, computers, tablets, phones) that support. If both are sufficient, then you look for items that you want to sell. After that, create various social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to place your product promotions. To attract the attention of many people, make attractive photo designs with a simple caption.


For housewives who can speak a foreign language, becoming a translator can also be made online business. Moreover, there are currently many companies looking for someone with foreign language skills. This is because many documents must be translated. Therefore, you should not miss a very good opportunity. Start an online business as a translator and offer it to big companies. To make the company believe in your abilities, including the results of the portfolio that has been done. This portfolio plays an important role to attract company trust. You can offer translator services through social media or submit proposals directly to the company.


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Blogger is one of the most chosen examples of online business work from home. Blogger is perfect for those of you who like writing. You can create a personal blog or website and be filled with interesting stories. On this blog, you can write a personal life story or compose a story. Not only that, but you can also share recipes and tips that housewives usually need. To make your blog visited by many people, make the content as interesting as possible, create stories in a relaxed language, and don’t forget to always update every day so that visitors do not feel bored with your blog.


For young housewives, being a professional vlogger is also very good to use. To become a vlogger, you only need a laptop or computer, a video editing application, and a camera. Many things can be discussed in your video such as current fashion, tips on being a good housewife, or providing educational knowledge for children. Besides being fun, your video will also be very useful for many people.


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Cooking is an activity that is carried out every day and is certainly very well-liked by housewives. Therefore, the culinary business does have a huge opportunity. The culinary business is not always related to large restaurants. But now you can also use cooking skills to open an online business at home. You can make food for various events such as social gatherings and birthday parties. Apart from that, you can also cook diet food. Promote your online culinary business to the people closest to you like relatives, friends, and neighbors. Also, use social media to reach a wider market.

Graphic Designer

For those of you who can create graphic designs, this can be utilized to open an online business. This is because graphic design work is widely used both in large and small companies. Besides, you will also get a substantial income because in general graphic design services are very expensive. Besides, if you are an expert, you can also reach companies in various countries. To talk about work, you can communicate via email, telephone, chat, and video calls, so you can still carry out your duties as a housewife.

Child Care Services

The last online business is opening child care services. This service is certainly very much needed for those who are very busy working outside the home. Taking care of a child is indeed not easy, but it can be a very fun activity. Here you can invite children to play and also learn. Therefore, you also must be able to be creative in creating new things so that children do not get bored easily. In addition to making children happy, parents will also trust you so much that they will recommend your business to others. To start this business is quite easy. Decorate your home to be a very comfortable place for children. After that, provide a variety of educational and safe toys. Make a promotion on social media or websites about child care services that you create. Opening child care services are very profitable. Besides, you do not have to bother to pick up children because they will be escorted by their parents.

Those are some examples of online business work from home that are highly recommended for housewives. This is because the business above only requires a little capital and even you do not need to pay for capital. With little or no capital, the benefits are enormous. Besides, you also can still focus on homework and meet family needs.

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