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Online Investment: How to Start for Beginners

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Investment is an important need today. The goal is to prepare for a better financial future.

Anyone can invest. It doesn’t know the gender or social status, including those of you who only have a mediocre salary.

Today’s investment has penetrated online. From a smartphone, investing is as easy as in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t have to be a lot of capital. Investments can now be started with small capital.

The Purpose and Benefits of Online Investment

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Maybe some of you don’t need to make any investment. After all, the financial situation is fine despite being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even with the business, it is still running smoothly. The fulfillment of daily needs is also safely controlled. So, why invest?

In fact, investing is a way to grow your money. One way to increase wealth.

The money you make from work or business when played for investment has the potential to grow. Because there are returns or returns that you will get.

The return on investment is much higher than the interest on savings and time deposits. And outperform inflation, so that your money will not decrease due to eroded inflation.

Online investing makes it easy for you to invest. The choices now are online stock investments, online mutual funds, online gold, and even buying bonds or government bonds through the e-SBN online platform.

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Living from home, via cellphone, you can already invest. So, if you can go online, why bother going offline?

Reasons You Should Try Investing Online

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Practical and simple

Online investment can be done easily. As long as there is a mobile phone that is connected to the internet, investing online is as easy as in the palm of your hand.

Today’s online investment is provided by many platforms. These include e-commerce, fintech lending, securities with investment applications, banking, and others.

You can make transactions, such as buying and selling stocks, mutual funds, or gold. And can monitor your investment anytime and anywhere.

The range is very wide

Unlike conventional investments, online investments have a very broad reach, even not limited. You can invest at home or abroad.

Save time and energy. No need to come to the investment company office for the application process.

No need for big capital

Who says investing drains your capital or disrupts your finances? For online investments, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money.

Even though it is cheap or the capital is small, Its safety is guaranteed.

Can get big money

Online investment also promises profits. This is what investors are looking for. It’s called an investment, you definitely want to make a profit, not stagnation.

Therefore, you must also be able to manage the risk appropriately so that the results are maximized. This risk depends on the type of investment chosen and is certainly proportional to the profit or return.

Sample stock. Stock investments are able to provide returns of up to 12-15% per year, even up to 20% per year. But it is directly proportional to the great risk.

Meanwhile, if you want to be safe, invest in gold. The potential yield is around 12% per year. But gold investment is more stable. That’s why it is known as a safe haven investment.

Choose an investment instrument based on your risk profile. Don’t make the wrong choice so you don’t regret it later. To be sure, if you want big money, invest in the long term. Not short-term.

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Online Investment, the Best Choice in a Pandemic Period

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s trends or lifestyles have changed. From those who used to prefer offline or conventional, now they do activities from home or online alias online.

Likewise with investment to avoid the spread of the coronavirus that is raging. So, despite the pandemic, there is no reason not to invest.

The investment budget should be maintained. If you have invested, do not withdraw the investment funds even though there is a liquidity shortage due to the prolonged pandemic.

You need to invest in your financial future. In order not to live in poverty in old age, you can even retire at a young age because you have invested early on.

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