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20 Best Online Jobs for Students to Earn Up to $30 /Hour Hiring Right Now

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Although several years have passed since I was in college, I certainly remember the need for a little extra money. One thing most students have not realized is that you can get this extra money without having to leave the computer. There are many online jobs for students, and I will cover the best 20 online jobs for students available.

These online jobs come from different fields and require very different skills for each. You have chosen them as the best online job for students based on several factors, such as the skills needed and the ability to make money.

For each job, I will explain what they are, how you can make money, and the skills to take advantage of them.

20 Working From Home Online Jobs for Students

Online Jobs for Students

Online Survey

You may suspect that this will be on the list, because my site is dedicated to raising funds from taking surveys. However, it is developed primarily because it is very easy to use and earn money. No background skills are required, and you can start making money now.

By conducting an online survey, you are paid to express your opinion. Market research companies use your opinion to get feedback on products or services, create new products or services, or get a general opinion about many issues. There are also other ways to make money on these sites, which I’ve discussed on my website, providing specific tips and tricks for some survey sites.

Freelance writing

easy online jobs

Writing online jobs for students is one of the best ways to earn extra money and can turn into a full career while improving your resume.

Although I am not an independent writing expert, here are some articles that can really help you write off as a student:


If you are good at photography, or good enough in a mobile phone camera, you can make money for your photos. The way you work is to create an account and upload your photos to one of the sites listed below. People come to these sites to buy the right pictures and you will get money for each download. Simple like that.

Here is a list of sites you can sell your photos at:


best online jobs from home

Although you can stick to freelance writing and photography, there are still many options to making money online through free work. As a student, it’s good to search around these sites to see if there are jobs you should complete.

Some sites that need to be verified are:

Sell ​​on eBay or Amazon

easy jobs from home

Often, you can find something in one package, like a video game and sell it separately for more.

Restoring your books to libraries or kiosks created by people around the campus is hardly paying. You can sell your own books, along with your colleagues’ online books (with commissions) more than you get in libraries.

Take full advantage of Craigslist

Buy / Get items for free, then sell more. This can definitely work on Craigslist, because people continue to sell at cheap prices or provide free or good goods that are damaged and can be repaired. Often, people give larger items just because they do not want to try to move them. If you own your truck or friend, you have a great advantage to make money with Craigslist.

Data Entry

Data Entry Online Jobs

Many companies want to outsource tasks such as entering data or writing audio texts. It’s as simple as sending files to you, and you can use their software to enter data or write audio clips.

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Customer Service Representative / Sales

Although it is not 100% online, it is still a long way to make money from your computer, and some customer service jobs are already online, so I thought I would join them. This task is as simple as being a customer service representative, or sales support staff for a company. If you do not mind contacting, this is a good choice for you.

Sell ETSy

Looks like ETSy eBay or Amazon, but instead of selling items randomly, you sell your artwork and craft. If you want to do arts and crafts, and you are looking for a job online, ETSy can work well for you.

Start Blog

part time job for college students

If you have a topic you care about or like, you can start a blog online. You can go to and start a blog in minutes. One of the easiest ways to make money is by using a blog in your ad or selling affiliate products that you recommend, such as your favorite video games, books, or music.

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This is less a guarantee of conducting surveys for money, but it is an option that may be fun for you to try.

Type Kindle’s e-book

Do you know how easy it is to write e-books for Kindle? It takes only a few minutes to publish. Writing on the other hand is very difficult. However, if you have a theme or story that you think people want to read and pay for, there’s nothing to stop you from trying.

Open your e-store

legit online jobs that pay weekly

Although I do not plan to make detailed plans to open an online store, it is only one of the best ways to make a living online. You can manufacture products and store inventory, or you can find manufacturers and ship your items, so you do not have to touch inventory.

When you put up the idea of ​​working and actually running, it is very difficult and requires a lot of skills and knowledge, and creating a very simple shop with Shopify.

Application production

Money Making Apps

If you feel ambitious and believe that you have a great idea about the application, you can be at the end of the independent table and hire someone to apply for you. Like running an online business, I can not give you a detailed explanation of how to create and sell apps, but the blog post here is probably the best place to start.

Trading Shares

This may be very unrealistic for the student, but I think the more ideas I give to online jobs, the better. If you have extra money and feel confident about your ability to make money on the stock market, this may be right for you.

Web Designer

Web designers are certainly different from web developers. If the developer works on the site system and programming language. Web designers are working on Google. That gives a sweet effect on the appearance of a website. Each of these jobs must have your own skills.

Online jobs for Students Beccome a Translator

legit work from home jobs for moms

Being a translator, is an online job for students who have more proficiency in language. Especially for those who have chosen a foreign language major. This job is very suitable to do.

You will get exciting experiences when translating into local languages or vice versa, even with the knowledge gained. There are many kinds of translators that you can choose from ranging from non-fiction to fiction books such as comics, novels, short stories and others.

Private teacher

chegg tutoring jobs

Who says being a private tutor must be done offline? Now, there are many conveniences that allow you to become a private tutor. Without having to visit the students concerned. The trick is just to register at the application / site that provides private online services. Then select the field you want and wait for someone to call your service.

Web Developer

work from home jobs

Job as a Web Developer certainly must have skills. Because the process is related to the programming language of a website. A Web Developer will work familiar with applications related to web, or HTML. Manage how a web works well and dynamically, it’s just not focusing on the visual appearance of the web.

Online jobs for students Become a Social Media Admin

legitimate work from home

Social media is now like a need. Indeed, there are those of you who are in fact the millennial generation who are tech savvy can be separated from the gadget to look at social media just a day? Very difficult right?

Part time work as a creative writer and admin social media is perfect for those of you who have passion on social media.

Online jobs for Students Become a barista in a coffee shop

Coffee shops are mushrooming lately and it seems like there won’t be d*ath. Especially in urban areas, its existence is supported by the people who make drinking coffee a part of the lifestyle of the community.

Well, you already know what part time work you can do even though you are still a student? Just a suggestion. Choose a job that suits your free time. It’s a shame if you choose a short job, but is your vacation still long?

So, don’t let the wrong choice!

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