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Looking for Personal Blog Examples?, The long history of blogs began with the creation of personal pages by Justin Hall in 1994 to the birth of WordPress and the acquisition of Blogger by Google in 2003.

The choice to become a blogger remains interesting because of the various benefits and benefits that can be obtained from these online activities. There are at least five benefits that you can get from blogging.

First, you have the opportunity to hone your writing skills.

Second, you can share information and experience.

Third, you can make blogs as a means for personal branding.

Fourth, from your blog you can also make money.

Fifth, you can also build networks with other bloggers.

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For those who already have a blog, you can get inspiration to create a better blog. For those who don’t have a blog, maybe the Personal Blog Examples below can encourage you to start blogging.

15+ Personal Blog Examples

1. Trinity Traveler

blog examples for students

This blogger is probably already well known. Trinity is famous for the story of his trip abroad with the minimal budget that he shared on his blog.

Starting from writing notes on each trip, Trinity Traveler began sharing stories about their journey through blogs in 2005. Since then, many have liked the stories of Trinity’s journey and inspired many people to capture the story of their journey through writing.

Trinity successfully won the national bestselling author title with 14 traveling books (several books have been translated into English). Even his book (Trinity, The Naked Traveler) was also adapted into a film in 2017.

Trinity has also been a speaker at prestigious authors such as the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Of course, this is also supported by the perseverance and quality of the content made by Trinity Traveler.

2. Gari Cruze

example of a blog entry

As mentioned earlier, blogs can be a means to ‘promote’ yourself or personal branding.

Gari Cruze uses his blog as a portfolio so that when anyone wants to use his services, he can find out what the quality of work is like.

Gari Cruze is a copywriter from the United States. He has a blog that contains the results of his work as a copywriter for products such as Slack, P & G, and U.S Xpress Shipping.

3. Anak Jajan

blog examples for business

Sometimes when you want to determine what to eat, people look for it first on Google. This is an opportunity for those of you who are interested in the culinary world. You can create a blog that contains a review of food and restaurants.

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One of the well-known food bloggers is Snack Children. This blog is managed by the couple Julia Veronica and Marius Tjenderasa. This English-language blog has won many awards such as Influence Asia 2017, RCTI 2016 Socmed Awards, and Dreamer Radio Celegram Award

4. Robby Leonardi

example of a blog about yourself

Creativity is always needed so that you can stand out in a crowd of people with the same abilities.

Robby Leonardi is an illustrative designer who uses his personal website as a resume and portfolio in a creative way. Visitors to the website can see Robby’s resumes and portfolios through simple games on his website.

5. Gary Sheng

show me an example of a blog

Gary Sheng’s personal website contains a history of education, projects, and work experience that he has done.

Gary was able to display software engineering and web development expertise nicely through his website design. If you want to make a simple personal website, you can copy Gary Sheng’s personal website.

6. Nukman Luthfie

example of a blog post

Nukman is one of the bloggers who initiated the Pesta Blogger 2007 event with Enda Nasution. Nukman is known as an expert in social media and digital marketing. In the midst of his busy life, he still took the time to write on his Personal Blog Examples, the Viewpoint.

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7. Kendra Schaefer

blog examples for beginners

Kendra does not only display resumes and portfolios on its personal site. He also actively writes articles about travel and technology on his blog channel. So, besides being able to see what professional projects Kendra has done, visitors can also read his personal life through his blog articles.

8. Diana Rikasari

blog design templates

Being a blogger must be consistent. One of them is consistent on the topic to be discussed. One popular topic is fashion. If you are interested in the world of fashion, you can make Diana Rikasari’s Personal Blog Examples an inspiration.

Diana Rikasari designed his blog with the concept of youth and colorful. One look at his blog and you can find out that his blog is a fashion blog. In addition to actively blogging, Diana is also active in making vlogs on YouTube channels and writing books.

9. Everywhereist

blog examples for students

Need more examples of traveling blogs? Everywhereist could be a source of inspiration. Everywhereist is a traveling blog owned by Geraldine DeRuiter who was named the Best Blog of 2011 by TIME Magazine.

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His blog mostly contains stories of trips to various parts of the world with her husband. He also published a book based on the story of his journey titled “All Over the Place”

10. Minimalist Baker

blog writing format

If the Anak Jajan blog covers more about food and restaurants, this one food blog gives more food recipe content.

This Minimalist Baker is managed by Dana, a recipe developer, content creator, and food photographer. Dana has been managing this blog since 2010 and is also actively writing food recipe books.

11. Christopher Lee

first blog post examples

Graphic designers usually showcase their work on the Dribbble site. Besides Dribbble, graphic designers can also showcase their works on their personal websites. As was done by Christopher Lee.

Christopher Lee exhibited his professional works on his personal websites examples, from designs for Wendy’s, Line Corp, Honda Canada, and Nickelodeon.

12. Nick’s Car Blog

personal blogs about life

For automotive enthusiasts, you can also start a blog on this topic. You can fill your blog with content related to cars, how to take care of cars, the latest automotive news, and others.

One of the great automotive blogs is Nick’s Car Blog. Nick Roshon’s blog mostly contains articles about Audi cars. He also shared tips on choosing a car and experience modifying several cars.

13. Mira Sahid

corporate blogs

For parents, you can also create a blog with a theme of parenting. Mira Sahid is one of the famous parenting bloggers. He is also the founder of the Collection of Emak Blogger, which now has around 1000 members.

14. Agus Mulyadi

In addition to working as the editor in chief in Mojok, Agus Mulyadi also actively writes on his popular personal blogs. Gus Mul’s personal blog mostly contains stories about his daily life. This blog also led Gus Mul to be a speaker at Ask and Question BBC #TrenSocial.

15. Sugeng.id

For those who often learn about blogs, WordPress, Blogspot, and SEO, of course this blog is no stranger. Many articles from this blog are in the top 3 positions in Google search results, so we can be sure there are many visitors to the blog.

16. Quinton Harris

For those of you who need the inspiration to create a popular personal blog sites for an interesting resume, the Quinton Harris website can be a Personal Blog Examples. The homepage of the website contains 11 important points in his life, from family, history of education, work experience, to skills possessed.

Final words

Now making your blog easier. You only need to register with one of the blog provider services such as Blogspot or WordPress, follow the instructions provided, and your blog is made.

Personal Blog Examples above can be used as inspiration to make your personal blog or website better. Apply the principle of Observe, Imitate, Modify.

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