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Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop

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Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop – A few years ago this online has become a trend. The convenience and ease of buying items without having to use taxes make online more in demand.

You just search for items on the Internet then find an online store that sells the items you are looking for. Then your items will be sent to the address without having to bother carrying your groceries.

One of the causes of online trends in the world is that internet connections are getting faster and cheaper.

Of course, online trends are being used by many business people to sell their products.

If you want to sell online, you can consider what products are most sought after in online stores.

Criteria for the best Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop

best Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop

To search for items that are suitable for selling online, it is considered “easy difficulty”. But if you already have the best-selling online shop product criteria, it will certainly make it easier for you to choose the product.

To choose an online shop product, you can determine based on the following criteria:

1. Cheap product prices

If you want to sell online then you should choose a product that does not have too high a price. Therefore you should a product that has a low price but has a fairly high margin.

Why should the product price be cheap?

The hardest thing about starting an online business is building trust with consumers. Buyers will tend to be careful when buying products that have expensive prices. Of course, this will make salespeople have to work extra hard to build consumer trust.

Once an online store has a trust and a good reputation in the eyes of consumers, you can start selling products at a higher price.

2. Products that are difficult to find in Offline Stores

One of the most sought-after product criteria in online stores is a product that is difficult to find in offline stores.

Don’t sell products that are easy to find around you. Of course, buyers will not buy the product from an online store and prefer to buy at a nearby store.

But if you sell products that are difficult to find in offline stores, it will certainly make it easier to promote and sell your products.

The important thing that you must remember is the reason someone is shopping online because they are not easy to find products that are searched offline.

Criteria for products like this have a very high probability of purchase conversions.


You sell unique popular shirts but are not sold offline. Then someone looks for these unique popular shirts on the search engine and your website is seen by them.

Of course, this can increase the likelihood of visitors to make purchases in your online store.

3. Products that are trending and selling in online stores

Selling products that are currently trending is the most widely used method for online businesses today. But the weakness of product criteria like this is the very tight competition among online sellers.

If you want to find products that are trending now, you can search from various sources such as newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc. In addition, you can use several tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trend, Semrush, etc.

The best Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop

top trending products 2018

1. Fashion products

The Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop 2018 are fashion, especially fashion products for women. This is because fashion trends are always changing and there is always renewal.

Many choices of fashion products that you can sell such as Muslim clothing, children’s clothing, sleepwear, etc.

You can also sell various fashion accessories such as bags, glasses, watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

2. Mobile phones and accessories

Mobile phones and accessories are one of the Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop 2018. Even the trend of using mobile phones has become part of the lifestyle of modern society. Various brands and models of cell phones have emerged at this time.

This makes many people who like to replace mobile phones and keep abreast of the technology of this gadget.

In addition, with the increasing use of mobile phones, this makes the need for cell phone accessories also increase.

With the huge potential of the mobile market and its accessories, you can use it to sell mobile phones online.

3. Beauty products

Cosmetics are one of the needs of women who want to look beautiful. Even these beauty products are always taken and used in every activity they do.

Women’s dependence on this beauty product because it has become their nature that always wants to look beautiful.

Looking at the facts above, of course, this is a business opportunity for you to sell cosmetics online.

Selling this beauty product is not a seasonal business so you can get more stable sales.

4. Selling books

Selling books is an online business that is very promising and can be done by anyone. This is due to the increasing interest in reading in Indonesia.

Book readers are not limited by age, sex, ethnicity, race, etc. so the book buyer market share is very large. If you have a hobby of reading books, you can try to sell books online.

5. Baby equipment

Baby equipment is one of the best-selling online shop products today. But this baby equipment business is rarely seen by online businesses.

Even though this one product business opportunity is very large and promising. This is because many young mothers now prefer to buy baby equipment online.

The main reason they buy equipment online is that they don’t have time to buy it because of work or they are busy taking care of their baby.

These problems are a gap for you to fulfill their needs by selling baby equipment.

6. Selling tickets online

Buying tickets online is a very popular thing for people today. By buying tickets online, consumers do not need to queue at the counter.

And usually, consumers can get cheap ticket prices compared to if they buy directly to the counter.

Of course, this is an opportunity for those of you who want to sell tickets online because now almost everyone buys tickets online.


Selling online at this time is a promising business and has enormous potential. But those of you who want to start selling online must choose the right product criteria.

Such are some of the best Popular Products to Sell in Online Shop today.

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