6 Product Photography Tips for Beginners

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When shopping online, in addition to comparing prices, buyers will also usually compare product photos and see reviews. Because you can’t see the product directly, product photos have an important role that can influence consumer buying interest. How do you produce quality product photos? Here are 6 Product Photography Tips for Beginners that you can try, check them out, OK?

What is a product photo?

How do I sell my product of good photos?

Product photos are photos taken and used on a website, e-commerce, or social media to drive sales of a product or service. So, product photos are also like advertisements that aim to entice consumers to take the desired action: a purchase.

As we know, shopping is now easier because it can be done online. When looking for a product online, we will be presented with many choices. For example, buying shoes at an orange shop, surely you will find tens or even hundreds of shops selling shoes. Well, product photos can help you to describe what you are selling, and why the product is worth buying.

In addition to comparing prices, buyers also compare product photos from each online store. Here are 3 reasons why product photos are important:

  • Quality product photos can give potential buyers a good first impression.
  • Quality product photos can reflect the quality of your brand.
  • Product photos are an important part of purchasing decisions.

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Types of product photos

There are several types of product photos with their respective functions and uses. What are they? Come on, find out!

Individual shots

Individual shots are product photos that only show one product in one frame. Usually, this photo is used in product catalogs, banner images, and product pages to clearly show one product from the entire collection.

Group shots

Group shots are product photos that show more than one product in a frame. This type of photo can be used to display packaged products or show product variants. For example, a package of beauty products, drinks with various flavors, or drinking bottles of different sizes.

Lifestyle shots

Lifestyle shots are a type of product photo that shows a product when used in everyday life. The goal is for potential buyers to have an idea of ​​what the product will look like when it is used.

Usually, these product photos use models, for example, fashion products used by male or female models. You can also use flat lay photography, which is to arrange the product on a flat surface and provide supporting properties to make the product look attractive. For example, arranging food on a plate.

Scale shots

When shopping online, consumers can only see product photos without knowing the actual size. To make it easier for buyers to estimate the size of the product, you can use scale shots, which are to compare the product with other objects in everyday life. For example, photographing the power bank next to the cellphone to show that the power bank being sold is thin and not too big.

Detailed shots

Some products have small details that are difficult to see with ordinary product photos. Therefore, you need detailed shots to show the details of a product. For example, diamonds on rings, necklaces, or other jewelry. This type of product photo requires slightly different lighting and camera settings. For example, you need to use a macro lens to be able to take fine details.

Packaging shots

In addition to products, buyers also pay attention to packaging or packaging. Attractive packaging can also convince buyers to buy your product. Therefore, there are also types of product photos of packaging shots. This type of product photo displays the product and its packaging in the same frame. Especially if you have made an attractive package or packaging, honey, can’t you just show it to make it more attractive to buyers?

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Product photo tips

How can I make my product image stand out?

After knowing several types of product photos, hopefully, you will find a reference, so which type of product photo is suitable for you to use. Here are 6 ways to take quality product photos and grab the attention of shoppers!

Set background

Choosing the right background color, in addition to making buyers focus on the product, also makes it easier for you when doing the editing process. Like removing unwanted parts and changing the background color.

You can use a white background, or other light colors, or use colors that match the product theme. If the product you want to take is small, you can make a simple photo background by clipping white paper to a chair.

Set product layout

After finishing setting the background, it’s time to set the product. Organizing products seems easy, but it’s not that easy bestie. You have to make sure the product gets the right lighting, position, and angle.

Place the product in front of the background, making sure it is centered and on a flat or stable surface. You can also add accessories or other supporting properties to make the product look more attractive. But, don’t overdo it so that buyers stay focused on your product.

Adjust lighting

Lighting is an important factor that can change the mood and effect of a photo. You can use 2 light sources, namely natural light (sunlight) and artificial light.

If your budget is limited, you can take advantage of natural light (sunlight) and take product photos outdoors to get maximum sunlight. We recommend taking product photos in the morning and evening. However, if you want to take product photos indoors using sunlight, make sure you place the product in a place that gets a lot of light such as a window.

You can also use artificial light such as studio lights or softbox lights that can soften the light. These lamps are widely sold on e-commerce in various sizes and at varying prices.

Take photos from various angles

Take photos from different angles, distances, and positions. Feel free to take lots of photos. The goal is so that you can choose photos of the best quality.

If you only take a photo from one angle and only take one shot and it turns out to be blurry, or not good enough, you have no backup or other options.

Use a tripod

So that the photos are more quality and consistent, you can use a tripod. A tripod helps you to keep the camera steady from shaking or shaking hands so as to minimize blurry photos.

Edit photos to make them look more attractive

After the product photo is complete, you will enter the post-production stage, which is the photo editing process. Even though you may have managed to take a good photo, the editing process is still important. In this stage, you can correct colors, remove unwanted objects, and adjust the lighting. The goal is for each photo to be of consistent quality, exposure, and position.

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So, those are 6 Product Photography Tips for Beginners. Starting from the understanding, benefits, or importance of product photos, and types of product photos, to tips/on how to take product photos so that the results are of high quality. Hope it helps.

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