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20 Profitable Home Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs

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With the prices of basic necessities going up, there is nothing wrong with opening a profitable home business.

The salary of most employees, which is meager, is sometimes not enough to cover their daily needs and lifestyle.

Therefore, opening a side business at home is the right step for those of you who need additional money.

However, not a few underestimate this kind of business.

In fact, many people are successful in running a home business.

Before starting, there are a few things you can prepare first.

Here are some ways to consider before starting a Profitable Home Business.

Home-Based Businesses You Can Start Today

stay at home business ideas

Studying Good Administrative Management

Even though a home business is done on a small basis, it doesn’t hurt to learn the basics of good administrative management.

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The important thing to pay attention to is never to mix business and personal finances.

Orderly administrative management will facilitate the continuity of the home business you are currently living in.

With a strong foundation, the business will run smoothly.

Do not be afraid to fail

Every businessman will only be faced with 2 choices, success, or failure.

Even though you are still a beginner, you must be able to overcome the fear of failure.

This feeling will only haunt every decision you make and your business will end up failing because of it.

Therefore, generate a winning mentality inside and make sure that you have everything you need to make this Profitable Home Business successful.

Choosing a home-based business that suits your passion

A business without passion will only end in failure.

Why is that?

Because, if the main goal is only money, you will make it difficult for the business you are in.

Building a business is difficult, but a business that matches your passion will make things easy because you really love what you do.

If you like cooking, open a culinary business at home.

If you like music, open a music studio that can be rented.

In essence, choose a business that really makes you more alive and happier.

Define Vision and Mission

Determining the vision and mission will help you determine the goals and direction of the home business.

By having a target, you will have a goal that you want to achieve so that the business will continue to grow.

If you choose not to think about this, you are less likely to be successful because you don’t really know what you are doing.

Calculating the Capital Required

Every business needs capital.

The first thing you can do is calculate whether you have enough capital to start the business you choose.

Avoid buying things that you feel are not necessary so that you can allocate them to things that are truly essential.

If the home business you choose needs a stall, you can take advantage of the yard or garage at home.

Determining the Right Time to Start a Home Business

A successful business always starts with good planning.

One of the plans to think about is when you start a Profitable Home Business.

If it is done without careful calculation, it is possible that a business that was built with no small amount of capital will end in failure.

Example: If you want to start a cake business at home, you can start a business ahead of the month of Ramadan.

Finding the Right Promotion Strategy

Promotions are the best way to introduce businesses around your home area or even in the city you live in.

The more often the promotion is carried out, the more customers will buy or stop by the home business that you are engaged in.

To save money during promotions, you have to choose the right target.

You can try Facebook Ads or Google Adwords because both can promote your business to the target you choose exactly.

Those are some tips that you can try before starting a home business.

After understanding what to prepare before starting a home business, it’s time to choose a home business.

20 Home Business Ideas That Let You Work From Home

home business ideas 2021

Selling Electric Credit and Internet Packages

With increasingly advanced age, mobile phones have now become major commodities that can hardly be separated from human needs.

Seeing this situation, selling electric pulses can of course be a business opportunity that cannot be missed.

This home business does not require a lot of capital.

All that is needed is a cell phone that is needed to send electrical pulses and internet packages.

To start this business, you can register as an agent for a well-known credit and internet package distributor that you can look for online.

Selling snacks/food

Selling food or snacks is a never-ending business opportunity.

With great potential, a little research is also needed so that this home-based business runs smoothly.

This business is perfect if your home is located in a busy area such as those close to campuses, offices, or schools.

If you have good cooking skills, don’t waste the talents you have.

With a small capital, you can open a restaurant at home.

To start, you can redesign a room to make it more comfortable for potential buyers to eat.

Usually, home cooking such as omelet, fried chicken, and so on is liked by most people.

However, if you have a delicious and unique family recipe, it doesn’t hurt to try your luck.

Opening Laundry Services

People today love practical things because the busyness of every day is difficult to avoid.

With a lot of time spent in the office, many people prefer to “buy” other people’s time to do their homework.

One of them is washing clothes.

With opportunities like this, opening a kilogram laundry business can become a goldfield that is ready to be dredged.

With the right location and a well-planned marketing strategy, this home-based business will soon provide additional coffers.

Opening a clothes tailor service

If you have a hobby of sewing, you can do this business at home.

Maybe this one business sounds out of date.

However, this business is always needed by people because there are so many business opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Just imagine how many weddings there are in a year and count how many wedding uniforms you can sew.

Opening Motorcycle Washing Services

This is a very promising home business to do at home.

How come?

Try to pay attention to which motorbike washing places always look quiet.

Not to mention that when the rainy season comes, customers with dirty motorbikes will increase.

Opening Play Station Rental

The world of games will continue to evolve as technology develops.

People don’t want to be left behind to taste the fun offered by this console.

If the location of your home is in a crowded place, you can try this home business.

Even though the capital spent is quite large, this business is a business that quickly returns on investment considering the public interest, especially teenagers, towards games.

Opening Photo and Video Services

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This Profitable Home Business can be a promising opportunity to put into practice.

Everyone may be able to take pictures or record videos, but not everyone can do it professionally.

This is the right time for you to fill this “gap” that is not filled.

The photo and video services that you open can serve various purposes, such as weddings, graduation photos, and many more.

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The only capital you need is a room that can be used for a studio, camera, and computer for editing purposes.

Opening Feedback Services for New Websites

This kind of business is certainly no stranger to freelancers.

With an internet connection capital, you can do this business at home.

Today, the reputation of a product is determined by the feedback given by buyers.

Therefore, you can try this effort to make as much profit as possible.

The amount of payment for this job depends on how many accounts can be used to provide feedback on the website of the company that employs you.

Opening a coffee shop, a potential business in front of the house

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks.

With a terrace and a coffee machine, you can open your own shop.

However, keep in mind also that you need a little practice to process coffee well.

If managed properly, it is not impossible that this home business can develop into a promising business in the future.

Ornamental Fish Cultivation

If you really like fish and are interested in making it a money field, you can try an ornamental fish cultivation business.

This business must be done seriously because you will be investing a lot of money here.

Some tips for success in running an ornamental fish business are as follows:

  • Looking for ornamental fish species that are highly valued
  • Study the ornamental fish market system
  • Learn how to breed ornamental fish so that this business can last a long time
  • Join ornamental fish forums and communities to enlarge the business circle
  • Promote business with the right strategy.

Opening Graphic Design Services

successful home business

This home-based graphic design business is indeed familiar.

The speed of this business is supported by increasingly modern technological developments.

In addition, people who like practical things will of course look for services that can facilitate their work.

Some types of graphic design businesses that you can try at home include the following:

  • T-shirt image design
  • Web or blog design
  • 3D animation design
  • Design logos, business cards, and advertising banners

Opening Electronic Goods Services

This business does sound out of date.

However, make no mistake!

Lots of people still need this service.

Along with technological advances, of course, a lot of electronic goods are being produced.

If you like the electrical field or are a graduate of a similar major, you can try this one business at home.

Opening Vehicle Refueling in Front of House

This business is perfect for those of you who have a house on the side of a road that is busy with vehicles.

With a more attractive appearance, of course, this business has more selling value than its competitors.

Become a PPOB Agent

Almost the same as the electric pulse business, this home business is quite promising.

PPOB or Payment Point Online Banking is an official payment agent business.

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Opening Refill Drinking Water Services

As one of the businesses that make life easier, this business is very promising because people love practical things.

Before starting this business, you need to make a research first so that the investment spent is not in vain.

After accumulating capital, money, and knowledge, you can start this business without any doubts.

Become a YouTube content creator

To become a YouTube content creator, you must have high creativity and the ability to edit videos to produce quality content.

If you have all the abilities above, this home business can be an option.

The reason is, if you can be consistent in presenting quality content, the income you get from this business is arguably not small.

Opens a Cooking Class

This is a home business in town that is not to be missed.

Of course, there are lots of people who are eager to learn to cook but don’t know how to start.

If you have a knack for mixing seasonings for food, don’t waste this opportunity.

You don’t need a lot of capital, you only need to prepare kitchen utensils and cooking ingredients!

Some of the courses that you can open include baking cakes, making various snacks, cooking regional specialties, and much more.

SEO consultant

home business ideas with low startup costs

Along with the development of technology, there are also various kinds of new jobs, one of which is SEO services.

This service is really needed by those who need traffic from search engines.

This job itself can be called a home business because you can do it at home.

If you have experience in the world of SEO, don’t miss this golden opportunity, huh!

Insect Livestock

Who would have thought that insect farming could be a profitable small business at home?

Insect eggs in the wild are now very difficult to find.

In fact, the demand in the market continues to increase.

With a very small capital, you can do this business in the yard of your house!

Haircut Services

Even though it seems simple, this small business should not be underestimated because the turnover can be very large.

The reason is, the initial capital that you spend can be used many times.

Meanwhile, this business has a higher success rate if it is opened in an environment where haircuts are not available.


Those are some Profitable Home Business that you can try from now on.

Hopefully, this article helps your finances.

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