8 Highly Effective Ways to Promote a Product

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As a business person, of course, you want the products you offer to sell and be in demand in the market. For that, you need to promote the product. Product promotion is the process of marketing a product in the form of goods or services to consumers. Promoting products is very important in business to increase sales and revenue.

Product promotion makes consumers more interested in knowing and trying the products you offer than competitors or competitors. For those of you who are still confused about how to promote a product, let’s look at the following 8 ways or tips!

How to promote a product

How do I promote my product to sell?

Here are 8 tips or ways to promote products that you can try!

Give an attractive discount

Discounts are one way to attract customers that are widely used by various businesses and businesses. In buying a product, price is also one of the things that consumers consider. Therefore, giving discounts can make consumers more interested in making purchases.

You can apply discounts both in online stores and offline stores. In online stores, for example, you can apply flash sales. A Flash sale is a product offering at a lower price within a predetermined period of time. This discount can give consumers a sense of urgency to buy the product before the offer ends.

Some other discounts that you can apply include:

  • Buy one get one free. So, for every purchase of one product, consumers will get one more product for free. You can apply this discount to spend stock faster.
  • Free postage. You can also offer free shipping if the product needs to be sent using an expedition or delivery service so that consumers are more interested in buying.
  • Price reduction. You can provide a reduced price for certain purchases.
  • Bundling, selling several products in one package or bundle at a more affordable price. This discount makes consumers more interested because they will get more products at a more affordable price.
  • Discounts use percentages. This is the kind of discount we see everywhere. For example, 50% discount, 70% discount or 40%+20% discount, and more.

You can also apply discounts on certain days. For example, a payday promo where most people are already paid and want to buy some things. On twin dates like 8.8, store anniversary, Christmas, and other seasonal discounts.

Use email marketing

You may have received an email marketing from one of the products you have purchased. Usually, in the email, there is information on discounts or attractive offers. For example, offering product discount vouchers, free shipping promos, or offering other information.

Email marketing can also invite consumers to visit the product’s web for more information. In addition, the email also feels more personal to consumers, this can maintain good relations between consumers and brands and can increase consumer loyalty.

Promote via blog

Blogs allow you to carry out soft promotions (soft selling) about products while providing valuable information and adding value to products or brands. Long and detailed content about the products you write on your blog can be a credible source of information for consumers or potential buyers.

In a blog, you can add a product photo, or a CTA that leads to a sales website or product details, embed a video or insert a product link.

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Collect reviews from consumers

Reviews can help consumers to get an idea of ​​the quality or taste of the product you are selling. Many customers use reviews to evaluate and research products before making a purchase. Positive reviews can be a trusted source for other consumers. Positive reviews can effectively help product promotion from consumer to consumer. In addition, reviews from consumers can also be used as material for evaluating and developing the quality of the services and products you have.

You can ask consumers who have made purchases to provide product reviews. It can be via email, chat in e-commerce, or ask directly. You can also give discount vouchers to consumers who are willing to give a review to make it more interesting.

Work with influencers

To increase visibility, you can work with influencers. It doesn’t have to be a direct mega influencer, starting from nano or micro-influencers too. Micro-influencers also have good engagement with their followers, besides that the costs you have to spend are also more affordable.

Positive reviews from influencers can help in product promotion, especially if your brand doesn’t have many followers on social media or is unknown to many people. Working with influencers can expand your audience.

When choosing influencers, make sure they match or match your product. If you sell food, then you can choose influencers who often review food, can cook, and others. Can send products for them to review.

Provide free sample

The next way to promote products is to provide free product samples to consumers. Especially if your product is a food or beverage, it is possible to provide samples so that consumers can know the taste.

You can give free samples to consumers at trade shows held in shopping centers or certain events.

If you want to apply this method, then you have to decide how many samples to give to consumers. If the product provided is too much at an expensive price, of course, it will cost a lot. Don’t forget to provide a logo or contact person who can be contacted if consumers want to place an order or purchase.

Social media marketing

Some of the benefits of promoting on social media, among others, are that brands can be recognized more quickly, build interactions with customers, show brand characteristics, and can reach more people.

In addition to promoting products by uploading various interesting content, you can also carry out other activities such as, live or hold Q&A sessions related to products with the audience.

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Holding a giveaway

Apart from discounts, customers also love free gifts. Therefore, you can use giveaways or give away free gifts to consumers to promote products. Customers will certainly feel happy to be able to get a new product or product that you offer without spending money or for free.

In addition to promoting products, by holding a giveaway you can also increase the number of followers, build engagement on social media, and make the product or brand better known quickly and save time.

Tips to make product promotion more effective:

What are the 5 methods of promotion?

Use some techniques

To increase the success of promotions, often a business applies more than one promotion strategy or technique. Promoting products in different ways can reach different groups of consumers and reach a wider audience.

Get to know your target audience

Before you develop a promotional strategy, it’s important to research your target audience. This can help you decide how to better promote your product, such as media selection, content, and more. For example, if the product you are selling is targeted at young people, then you can promote it through social media or collaborate with influencers instead of conventional methods.

That’s a discussion about how to promote a product, I hope it’s useful and helpful, yes! With the right promotional strategy, customers will be more familiar with and interested in trying the products you offer. If the quality of the product is satisfactory, it can certainly turn buyers into loyal customers.

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