Qualities of a Good Employee

20 Qualities of a Good Employee

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Finding the ideal employee is easy. There is a child who wants to work, but when he is given a job, it turns out that he eats his heart: playing with a cell phone while working, inviting his girlfriend to work, etc. This can happen because there are NO CLEAR RULES and EMPLOYEES who don’t know the rules.

Are you going through something like that?

Have you established criteria for the ideal employee?

Or do you want to be the ideal employee that your boss likes?

Human resources are the MOST IMPORTANT ASSET in any company. The back and forth of a company is determined by the people in it.

If the company’s performance is good, this will also increase the company’s credibility.

Here are the 20 Qualities of a Good Employee that you must know, whether as a boss, business owner, or employee:

20 Top Qualities that Determine a Great Employee

characteristics of a good employer


No matter how good the quality of an employee, it will not be perfect without honesty. An employee’s credibility will suffer if you are dishonest. Honesty and transparency are very important.

Not only for employees but transparency will also increase the integrity of a company and make clients happy. Of course, the most important thing is honesty.

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Able to communicate well

A boss would love to hire employees who have good communication skills and express themselves clearly, both when writing and communicating.

A company that is successful in running its business or business certainly has employees who can communicate effectively and efficiently, be it with superiors, colleagues, or clients.

Be Ethical and Understand the Code of Ethics Well

Every company has work rules made to follow. There are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat must be upheld.

Good employees must follow company policies and encourage other colleagues to comply with those rules as well.

Maintaining ethics while in the work environment is very important.


Every boss likes disciplined employees, for example, time discipline. Time discipline is an important thing for a company to be able to achieve the targets that have been set. Isn’t time money?

Employees who do not value time, such as arriving late to the office, taking excessive rest time, delaying or leaving work earlier than normal hours, often asking for permission, then these kinds of things will be detrimental to the company.

Can motivate yourself and others

Good employees never hesitate to take responsibility or positions of more responsibility.

Morale at work will encourage employees to complete various tasks. Self-motivation is also closely related to an employee’s self-confidence.

Besides being able to motivate yourself, it would be nice to be able to motivate other colleagues to be even more enthusiastic.

Great employees always have the stamina to do extraordinary work. He used to determine the pace of work that others could imitate.

If you want to be appreciated by your boss or coworkers, make sure you work optimally in the office. Be the best you can be and you will achieve the best.

Hard worker

Working hard is indeed an important thing. However, that does not mean an employee works continuously.

Working hard is meant for an effective and efficient work system, not working late into the night.

So, an employee must constantly remind himself how much they mean to the company.

Having a hard-working attitude is very important when you are pursuing a career. Have you worked with people who are always negative and find fault with you? Be a person who is always ready to do work.

Hardworking nature at work can make you a trusted person in various important tasks.

Able to work in teams

The next characteristic of a quality employee is being able to work together in a team. Many companies achieve success based on teamwork and entire departments or divisions, not just individual abilities.

Every company needs an effective and efficient team effort. From directors to regular employees, all have an important role in the team.

A good employee wants all of his teammates to be successful and ultimately aim for the success of the company.

Help colleagues

Each employee must have individual duties and team duties. There are times when our individual tasks have been completed but the individual tasks of other colleagues have not been completed.

Someone will appreciate any help at any time. Do not hesitate in helping others, as long as it will not burden you.

This will build friendly relationships with co-workers and keep the company running smoothly.


Situations and conditions are unpredictable and will continue to change. A good employee will not resist change but will adapt as it proves important to the company.

Employees who know how to adjust to a new environment and are willing to learn new things.

The people who can do their best at change are likely to be influential people in any organization.


Being friendly, polite, and polite will be easily approached by other employees. For example, say greetings, ask for help or apologize, invite other colleagues, and so on.

This may seem insignificant, but it can go a long way in building good relationships with anyone in the company.

No gossip

Good employees always remember that they come to the office for work and careers not to talk about other people.

Don’t spread gossip or rumors in the office. Respect coworkers’ privacy. Unproductive things like that will hurt yourself and the company.

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Have knowledge about his job

Knowing and understanding a job well is one of the most important things to be a good employee.

Having extensive knowledge about the industry will affect the company and will make an employee more open to change.

Quality employees are able to understand their roles and responsibilities in a company so that they can carry out their duties properly. He also creates good competitiveness in front of the boss through his work. You just have to find ways to learn and develop yourself to be better.


The next characteristic of good quality employees is creativity. Yes, of course, companies always need a creative person to help find new solutions to any existing problems.

With very tight business competition, companies are now required to innovate. Good employees must also be aware of an upcoming business or industry trends and go the extra mile to implement innovative solutions and techniques.


Optimism can be defined as hopes and beliefs about the future or the successful results of something that has been done now.

Optimists have more morale in the company. Optimists also tend to do more and create an atmosphere of productivity.

To be the ideal employee, requires positive contributions to the organization, taking the initiative, providing advice, or anything else.

A good employee is responsible for everything they do. That’s how great employees work.

Simple and humble

Let other people judge how good you are, how much contribution you make.

A humble and humble employee is someone who will prove their worth through hard work and achievement. A productive workplace shouldn’t have overbearing employees.

Have leadership values

Leadership starts with self-confidence and is strengthened by the successes that have been obtained and positive thinking.

A good employee must be a leader before becoming a leader in a company.

Yours sincerely

Respect can be shown to colleagues in many ways, for example respecting their input and suggestions.

Employees should not only feel comfortable working with people who are different from them but should also respect colleagues or clients if there are any differences.

A good employee should be open-minded, refraining from saying negative things about people or groups.

Think and act positively

Great employees are always responsible for whatever is done, you must also make a positive contribution to the company.

For that, of course, you must always think and act positively. Take the initiative, give lots of advice and be a person who solves various challenges at work.

Productive & Target-oriented

Prioritize work and manage time well. You know when to do a task and not put off work, especially when it involves other people.

You realize that how slow your assignment is will have an effect on other people’s work. Great employees, know how to manage their own time and adapt to their needs.

Work with your personal and company goals in mind. Everyone must contribute to the company’s targets.

You have to learn that getting the best results is through optimal performance. This is one of the characteristics of quality employees.


Whatever you do, give it your best. Take the initiative to make sure things are going well and make sure you focus on the little things that other workers ignore.

Employees with the above characteristics are very valuable assets for a company. For a boss, it will always be a challenge to retain such employees.

If you are an employee, have the characteristics as above then you will be successful anywhere.

So, those are the 20 Qualities of a Good Employee that BBonlinemoney has presented.

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May be useful.

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