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Quotes for Students from Teachers, Who Must Always Be Remembered in a Career

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Quotes for Students from Teachers, Who Must Always Be Remembered in a Career

Quotes for Students from Teachers…

There is a saying: the teacher is like a candle, burning yourself to light up another person. That is, the teacher is willing to sacrifice himself so that his students have knowledge and success as humans. But, who makes a lot of concern, not a few students who like to oppose the advice of his teacher.

Even though the teacher’s advice to his students was given so that the student could live a life that sometimes made this heartache. The older teacher is certainly more experienced in matters of life.

Believe it or not, a lot of advice from the teacher is useful when the student is older. Even that advice can make the former student achieve success in the career world when practicing it.

Check out the list of teacher’s advice for students who must always be remembered in a career so they can achieve success:

Motivational Quotes for Students Success

1. Discipline

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Have you ever been reprimanded by a teacher because you often come to school late? The reprimand is not without reason. In life, a culture of discipline is very important, especially in the world of work.

As an employee, discipline is needed to climb the career ladder. One factor that influences the smooth running of a career is discipline.

When you always arrive on time, never finish the task, and are good at managing time, it’s not impossible that we will move up quickly.

If you are an entrepreneur, discipline is also important so that income and expenses can be arranged in such a way that money can continue to be played to maintain business continuity. In addition, the discipline of entrepreneurs is also required to be applied in order to be followed by subordinates.

2. Never give up

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Not only subject teachers in class, sports teachers also often give advice. One of them, don’t give up easily!

For a smooth career, this advice is useful for instilling fighting spirit, especially for entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur must be under pressure. This is when the advice to never give up must be remembered so that the spirit doesn’t fade easily.

This advice is also important for employees. For employees, do not ever attack easily in pursuit of promotion.

3. Work together

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Advice on cooperation here certainly does not mean cheating on each other during the exam. But working together in learning groups to get new knowledge and tasks better.

In a career, cooperation is absolutely necessary with colleagues so that work is quickly completed and the results are satisfying. Even in this collaboration, leadership can emerge.

If for entrepreneurs, cooperation with employees is important so that the business runs smoothly and successfully.

4. Respect the older


The teacher asks students to respect an older person does not mean he is crazy. There are special benefits for those who are younger if they respect parents.

When you become an employee, respecting your boss or older co-workers certainly makes us get an award in their eyes because they are considered polite. But remember, respect does not mean to say what they say.

For entrepreneurs, respecting older workers is also good for showing ethics so that other workers are reluctant to us.

5. Honest

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If at school you used to have an honesty canteen and you always pay what you take there, that’s great! The teacher advises us to always be honest even though the consequences are severe, like bad test scores because of not cheating because they want to be honest.

Honest employees are valued by superiors because they don’t like making up excuses when they make mistakes. Recognizing mistakes is better than making excuses that don’t make sense.

For entrepreneurs, honesty is the capital to get trust, for example, to get a business loan from a bank.

6. Care for others

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Teachers often ask their students to sympathize and empathize. When friends are troubled because of illness, for example, the teacher asks students to visit and collect donations.

This is important because, in a career, caring for coworkers and work becomes an important capital for promotion. Because we will be judged to care about the company. It is not impossible that we can be included in the ranks of management because of that concern, besides the achievement factor.

While for entrepreneurs, caring for others can be by hiring people around. Because that means we help them to work.

7. Be diligent

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It seems like there are no teachers who don’t ask their students to be diligent, especially diligently studying. There is even a craft value on report cards. Although the value of the craft does not affect the increase in class, but still if the value of C we get sprayed by parents.

Workers who diligently work are more likely to rise to positions faster than those who are lazy. While the businessman who diligently goes directly to his business is certainly more able to manage his business because he understands what he is doing.

Well, now we know why our teachers take it first. This singularity is important for the future. We are also expected to be able to continue the advice of this teacher to our children.

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