Saving Tips for Women

6 Saving Tips for Women That Must be Applied

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Saving tips for women – For lifestyle affairs, a wasteful impression is very attached to the woman. Starting from shopping, makeup, daily necessities and even beauty, women usually do not hesitate to pour money not a few in number.

These extravagant habits often make money and savings thinned so that financial condition also worsened. This is clear.

If you are one of the many women who are extravagant in terms of spending, especially for the lifestyle as mentioned above, then you need to read and apply the following tips for women:

Saving Tips for Women

6 Tips on saving for women that must be applied

1. Start the Notes on Expenditure

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This is mandatory. In order for the flow of expenditure to be easily known, begin to record every expenditure you do. In this way, you can know which things are most influential on your financial downturn.

After knowing what expenditure for the most sucks your savings, slowly you can begin to reduce or even reduce it.

To make it easier to practice, write down your income this month. Write the number at the top.

Then beneath it, sort every expenditure you, from the figures to the details of their needs per day. At the end of the month, you can add up total expenses and deduct by your total income in that month.

Month after month, you will know what expenditure for the most sucks your finances. Start to save ya.

2. Reduce Shopping

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Shopping is fun. This is one of the most fun activities for you women. However, frequent shopping will certainly erode your finances with certainty. Although this activity cannot be completely removed, at least you can reduce it. Remember, your goal is to save money.

3. Take advantage of Discounts

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Connecting the previous section, taking advantage of massive discounts when shopping at least can reduce your total expenses from what you should.

There are many events that you can use to get massive discounts when shopping.

4. Reduce hanging out

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You may not have many snacks when hanging out. But the real problem is not what you buy when hanging out, but the frequency of hanging out activity itself. When hanging out maybe a cup of coffee is not a problem and feels to your finances.

However, at the end of the month, when you recalculate the amount of spending, the cost of buying coffee when hanging out is what really matters to your spending.

For that, no matter how small the cost you spend but you spend it often, still will make you more extravagant in finance.

Lack of hanging outdoors. Alternatively, invite your friends to gather at your house. There you can spend time freely with your friends as much.

5. Use Credit Card With Smart

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In some cases, credit cards are a trap. The ease with which it will be plunged if not smart in using it.

Putting credit card payments for different types of needs can make your bill then swell. Furthermore, you will have trouble closing the bill and your finances will be messed up.

Moreover, many discounts are specifically given to credit card users when shopping, as if to affirm this ‘trap’. When you are complacent with these discounts then you will be encouraged to use credit cards excessively so as to disrupt your finances for having to close the bill.

6. Cook and Eat at Home

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Cook at home and bring supplies to your workplace or campus. Cooking equipment and food ingredients are more affordable and beneficial for the long term than buying food outside.

Although it is a little inconvenient, cooking and eating at home is much more effective in reducing expenditure on business. This way at least you can save up to 40% of your total expenditure each month.


With 6 tips sparingly for women above, if you implement well, you can save the cost of living which then will be useful in managing your finance.

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