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4 Steps Start Selling Online To Successfully Getting Buyers

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Selling Online – The thought of selling online is both interesting and creepy. On the one hand, we see there are approximately 1 billion internet users in the world, there is a big market here.

But on the other hand, it seems like a complicated start.

Dealing with technology, who feel gammed is desperate before it begins.

Whereas if there is a step by step that can be followed as folding origami primary school time first … definitely, a lot of offline sellers who come online.

… Here’s the guide.

Selling Online

After reading this article, you will know what you can do right now to start selling online.

Even for the first time to access the internet.

One big mistake (which still does)

how to sell a product online for free

Actually selling online now is very easy, since there is a marketplace (online market).

Examples such as eBay, Aliexpress, and so forth.

In 5 minutes from now also you can start selling and get buyers. Delicious right?

Or in social media … Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Even some sellers really only rely on the marketplace or social media to sell, without creating their own website.

It can …

But there is a big weakness behind it.

First, the places of selling are not your own. Supposing you are riding in other people’s home.

As a result, you can be closed at any time …

In addition, you also look so no different from other sellers. This is not good for the long term, because you will not be known.

Second, it is difficult to develop.

I often see people who are 100% relying on social media to sell. The business is stable … it does not run out of buyers, but it’s always been so-so.

The solution?

Use both.

Raising your own website takes time, you can take advantage of a marketplace and social media to introduce them to your own website.

Step # 0 – Do not know what to sell?

best selling online products

It’s the biggest problem of people who want to do business.

(If you already know what to sell, go to step # 1)

The best choice for a little more troublesome is actually making your own product. Digital products are not difficult to make as long as you already know what your ability that can be used as a product.

Or it could also sell services.

Another option, be a reseller or drop shipper.

What is clear, this problem you have to solve yourself … because you are the most know what you want to sell for long-term business.

Step # 1 – Build the foundation of a sales website

popular products to sell online

As mentioned earlier, staying in the “house” of others is not enough. In the short term may be … but not for the long term.

You have to have your own website.

It costs … for hosting and domains.

But this cost is nothing compared to the revenue you will get from the sale.

If you really start without capital, 0 Rupiah, no need to directly create a website. Sell your first product/service first use its money to build a website.


The cost of hosting per month is only about 1 to 3 dollars and the domain price is about 10 $ per year.

In other words, if for example your profit 10 $ from 1 product, means sold 2-4 a month also have “back capital”.

Create an online store or direct selling?

Talk about selling online, usually related to an online store or e-commerce.

Though you may not need an online store.

Most people usually only sell 1-5 products online. If you also like this, do not create an online store that has a variety of features.

Precisely troublesome …

Your time is wasted in these settings. And if the type of goods just a little, eventually the website will look empty.

The solution: create 1 page for 1 type of goods.

So you create one individual sales page for each product. On one page it contains titles, pictures/videos, explanations, and how to buy.

But if you have dozens of products, the e-commerce system will be easier.

Step # 2 – Build a social media foundation

products to sell online from home

As a seller, of course, we have to invite buyers to come … for that we will go to a place that many people, social media.

But remember:

Social media is a means of marketing and communication with customers, NOT as your main selling place.

Invite them to your website to buy.

Keep in mind also that not all products/services can be successfully marketed with social media. Look back at your target market.

Some social media are commonly used as a marketing tool:

Not necessarily all …

It’s a little better because you can be more focused.

So make sure at the beginning, your target market is most active where. Then you will also be active in the same social media.

2a. Facebook

The first thing you should do:

  • Create a page for your business
  • Use great photos and covers
  • Complete all business descriptions
  • Include a link to the website page

Social networking on this one seems easy, but it is actually the most difficult.

Therefore do not be careless.

Facebook has an incredibly strict spam filter … worse yet you will not be told if you’ve been labeled a spammer.

So many people who just be a waste of time on Facebook.

2b. Instagram

This is why Instagram is so popular with businesses:

On the Facebook engagement rate, each post is only about 0.05-1%, while on Instagram reaches 4.21%. This means your photos will get more interaction (in the form of comments / like).

So in Indonesia (even the world), many businesses are active on Instagram.

This is the first time you do on Instagram:

  • Create an account (must be from iOS / Android)
  • Complete bio with contacts to contact
  • Put a website link in profile

Tips every time you send photos to Instagram:

  • Photos should be beautiful (if not able to provide good photos, better do not use Instagram)
  • Use the relevant 5-10 #hashtag
  • The number of post optimum 1-2 times a day (can be more if the photo of you interesting)
  • For product, photos include also a description, price, and how to buy
  • Do not comment spam to unrelated photos of others

Step # 3 – Getting the first sale

online selling business

Creating a website and social media foundations is easy … the real challenge is getting your first buyer.

Not being able to sell means your business will fail.

There are several obvious determinants of sales success. For example, the price is competitive, the quality is good, the service is friendly.

Let’s assume you’re the best of those 3 things.

Not necessarily also can get buyers …


Because of 90% on the market with you. The price of the A and the B is not much different, the quality is equally superior. Well then, those three things are no longer relevant … are they?

Low price, high quality, friendly service … this is not enough.

So more important is how you can appear in front of their faces, and convince them to buy from you.

In this step, we will discuss how to get buyers for those who just started selling online.

One more thing:

Do not (just) rely on SEO.

It takes you months to reach the first page. Plus if you just depend on SEO, chances are you will never succeed.

Results from SEO later will come by itself …

Step # 4 – From merely selling into a business

Successfully selling does not mean doing business successfully. Success selling to a few hundred people just does not mean you already have a business.

There is a big difference.

If you only sell, then most likely a few years or months to the next stream of income you stop.

While our target is to build a business with a long term.

Even until you retire age later.

Then what’s the difference selling by doing business?

Image by:

The picture above is called a marketing funnel, or a customer’s journey from unknown until decided to buy.

The explanation is as follows:

  • Awareness: be aware of your existence
  • Interest: interested and want to learn more
  • Consideration: decide to try
  • Purchase: buy
  • Retention: keep using your service, loyal
  • Advocacy: recommending you to others

If you only sell, the process stops at purchase.

A seller does not think of the next stage of retention and advocacy that is the main thing in business continuity … customer satisfaction.

Consequently, there are 2:

  • Sales are not growing
  • Eventually, his efforts will die

Retention and advocacy are not only obtained from product quality alone.

Because the quality (and price) is so basic spec … people will not buy if it does not meet both. So everything on the market must be competing.

So the determinant of satisfaction is not just that.

4a. Do content marketing

best products to sell online to make money

Content marketing is the biggest role holder in the funnel marketing cycle.

For example, as described earlier, so that others can get to know you then you should provide useful content.

… that’s the stage of awareness.

What about ads? Is not it more effective to bring in more visitors?


But not all businesses can rely on advertising to directly get sales. It’s more effective if we get them interested first … while building trust.

That is, even if your ad needs content.

To build awareness, the best type of content is to educate and provide benefits.

4b. Do list building and email marketing

how to sell products online successfully

List building means the process of collecting emails from prospective customers.

While email marketing is a marketing process with email as the medium.

What’s great about email?

  • Email marketing provides an ROI of 4,300%
  • 66% of customers decided to buy on the results of email marketing

The above statistics are quoted from the Direct Marketing Association, 2013.

This is because email is always a part of our habits. Even as email is already integrated with smartphones, email can (and will) be more effective than SMS.

So the email feels more personal than the content found on the blog for example.

The plot looks like this:

  • Visitors come to the website for content marketing efforts
  • Interested in content, then they register the email
  • You are submitting useful content via email
  • Lastly, make a sale via email

When viewed in the marketing funnel before, email marketing is the right method to optimize your marketing efforts in the consideration.

That’s why the ROI of email is very high.

So by combining content marketing and email marketing, positive relationships with buyers will also remain intertwined.

So that your business now has touched the six points in the marketing funnel.

Not only that…

Your business becomes an endless cycle. You now have a system to bring in visitors and sell them automatically.

That’s it! Time to start selling …

That’s all the steps you need to know to start selling.

Not difficult right?

All the above steps do not require any skill to start, you can learn as you go.

But I’m sure there are still some who will think this is hard …

(Mainly because of the length)

Therefore, to know whether this is difficult or not … prove yourself by directly trying.

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