Small Business Ideas for Employees

The 17 Best Small Business Ideas for Employees

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Small Business Ideas for Employees is commonplace and is not prohibited by the company. Unfortunately, many employees have not started a side business because of capital reasons.

Many employees also think that they must have large capital to run a side business. Not surprisingly, some of them borrow money from banks as business capital.

Most likely, if not managed properly, the loan will burden his business.

In the end, not the additional income you get, but stress and headaches because you have to pay the loan installments and interest.

The good news is, you can run a side business with little capital. Here are 17 Best Small Business Ideas for Employees.

17 Part-Time Side Businesses To Start

best business to start with little money

Laundry services

Nowadays many people want to be completely practical, including in matters of washing and ironing clothes. This is an opportunity for those of you who want to start a laundry service.

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Selling Internet Packages

Selling internet packages is a promising business idea due to the increasing number of cell phone users.

If you want to do an internet package business, you can choose electrical pulses as an initial step. Apart from not being in the form of a card that needs space, electrical pulses are activated via your cell phone so it is relatively hassle-free.

Sells food for breakfast

Providing food for breakfast is a promising side business idea for you. This is because many employees have the hassle of providing their own breakfast.

Interestingly, you can use your front yard to sell these foods.

Selling photos on the internet

If you like photography, you can make money from the photos you produce. The trick is to sell these photos online.

For a start, try two of the most popular photo selling sites: (15% commission per photo) and (20-30% commission). After that, other sites to try are and

Also, prepare your PayPal account so that you can easily receive commissions earned from these sites.

The capital that you need to prepare for this side business is arguable without capital. The assumption is that you use a digital camera that you have and an internet connection fund is included in your monthly budget.

Create a blog

Whether you realize it or not, blogging has been trending in the last five years. Therefore, blogging can be used as a side job to make additional money.

For example, when I was a private employee first, I did that.

The foundation for making a lot of money blogging is quality posts. You can try it by writing a post according to your current job.

For example, if you work as an electrician, you could blog about electricity. This strategy will make it easier for you to create posts.

Why? It’s simple because you already know and experience what you want to write.

Create an online shop

Like blogging, creating online stores is also trending. One of the reasons is the shopping style of today’s society which has begun to shift to online shopping.

In terms of the items being sold, you can sell your own goods or other people’s things. Physical goods commonly sold by online shop players are clothes, herbal medicines, regional handicrafts, bags, and t-shirts.

Meanwhile, popular digital goods for sale are ebooks, software, music, themes, plugins, and video tutorials.

The capital that you need to prepare to create an online store is not large. For example, your capital could be like the blogging capital above if you are able to design your own online store.

Motorcycle washing services

Do you have a lot of motorbike owners in your neighborhood? If so, why don’t you try making a motorbike washing service?

This type of side business is relatively easy compared to car wash services. In terms of equipment, it is quite simple, you only need to provide a water pump, compressor, washcloth, motor shampoo.

Buying and selling used motorbikes

You can also try buying and selling used motorbikes to start a side business. Besides being hassle-free, this side business has a large supply and demand.

The drawback of this business is that many motorbikes are incomplete with the vehicle documents.

Graphic design services

Are you an employee of a graphic design company or like graphic design? You can make money from these skills.

Some of the sites commonly used by Indonesian graphic designers are, and

Regarding capital, if you use the online design marketplace, you will only have enough money to pay for an internet connection as long as you use the design tools or software that you have.

Moreover, if you regularly spend money on the internet every month, you could say that this online graphic design service is without capital.

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Private tutoring services

Do you have skills in language or music? If so, you can make these skills a side business by setting up private tutoring services.

Not only making money, but these private lessons can also hone your skills so you don’t forget them.

The cost of private lessons that must be charged to participants depends on the economic conditions in your place. If the economic condition of the community is less, set the course price at half the price in the big city.

Otherwise, charge the same price for similar private lessons in a major city. You can get this price by searching the internet or asking your friends who live in big cities.

Selling cheap clothes

Selling cheap clothes you can do to create a side business. Apart from being a primary human need, clothing is also durable.

The disadvantage of this business is that usually many people are in debt, which hinders the circulation of your capital and profits.

Clothing sewing services

Your wife is good at sewing clothes? Why don’t you accommodate these skills by making clothes sewing services?

Apart from maximizing your wife’s day (for example, having a lot of free time because the kids are at school), this business also doesn’t need a special room. You can use the family room to get started.

Even so, your wife should have creative ideas about clothing styles so that your sewing service can compete with your existing sewing services.

Translation services

If you are an employee who is fluent in a language, you can make money by opening a translation service.

This side business is relatively hassle-free because you can do it before or after work. In fact, if you are on vacation, you can optimally run this business.

Translation services are practical without capital if you already have a laptop, a printing machine, and regularly surf the Internet every month.

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of Google Translate if you don’t have a dictionary now to see the meaning of unfamiliar words that you don’t know.

Typing services

Like translation services, you generally don’t need capital to run a typing service. However, you should choose a typing service if you live in a school or campus environment.

It is known that many students are lazy to type their assignments or theses.

Selling various cakes

Does your wife have a hobby of making cakes? You can maximize this hobby to open various cake shops.

How much capital should be spent to start a side business of various cakes? Not too much.

Property broker

Do you have new housing or apartments in your neighborhood? If so, you can become a realtor for the property by offering it to your co-workers.

Of course, you have to work with the marketing of the property first so that you know the limit of profit or bonus you would get if you could sell a unit or more.

To become a property broker, you don’t need capital in the form of money. The capital you need is in the form of trust, either from the owner or prospective property buyer.

In addition, you need to have a little marketing knowledge in order to smoothly offer properties to your co-workers or other people.


Small capital should not be a barrier to you in having a side business because there are many side businesses for employees with small capital.

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So, choose one of the 17 Best Small Business Ideas for Employees.

After that, make a business plan so that you can manage the side business well, without disturbing your work productivity as an employee.

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