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Top 21 Small Business Ideas that Will Grow in 2022

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Opening a business is something easier said than done, however, it is not impossible. Not every entrepreneur starts with big capital or solid ideas about what kind of business they are going to build. However, with persistence, experience, and the willingness to continue learning, you can become a successful entrepreneur. If you want to start a business, here are some small business ideas you can try.

Small Business Ideas that Don’t Require Too Much Capital

Small Business Ideas

Industrial and technological developments have made changes to business strategy to a wider scale in the coming year.

With the rapid development of industry and technology it certainly makes a lot of business opportunities that you can use.

To help you choose the best towns for small businesses that will develop in 2021, I will try to provide some business opportunities in 2021.

The following are Small Business Ideas that Will Grow in 2022:

1. Event Planner

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Preparing for a big event can be time-consuming and stressful, the more reasons why many people are turning to event planner to help them plan their important events. This job requires strong organizational and communication skills. If you have these requirements, you can start your business as an event planner.

2. Courier

This small business ideas is quite simple. You are basically providing services that deliver messages or small package from one person to another. In this business, you don’t need much facilities or equipment to get started. Simply by having a means of communication and a vehicle and you are ready to start your business.

3. Accountant

If you have a background education in accounting, you can start your own business as an accountant. Set up your own web page to attract customers, be it business or individual customers. With hard work, persistence, and patience, you will be able to build up your own business base.

4. Flea Market Vendor

Some people love selling goods and maybe you are one of them. Flea markets can be a good idea to start where you sell secondhand goods. You can start by selling your own used goods. From there, you can grow your shops by receiving goods from others and then selling them in your vendors.

5. Web Designer

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This small business idea is great for you who have experienced in web design. This field has become trending in the past few years and seems to keep growing. There is indeed a lot of similar business out there in the market. Therefore, to establish a similar business, make sure that you have learned about other similar business and try to do better than them.

6. Content Writer

A content writer seems to remain hot new business ideas. With a high demand for content writing, this business can be a good opportunity for you to try. If you have excellent writing skills, you can start your own content writing business by offering your services to other business who usually need articles for their websites.

7. House Painter

Although this day and era everything seems to be high-tech and digital, it doesn’t mean that you should approach a similar business field. Establishing a business as a housepainter for your local area can be a great opportunity too.

8. Personal Trainer

If you love physical activity and experience in physical fitness, try working as a personal trainer. You can start by working at the gym and then build up your own client base as a personal trainer at your customer’s home gym or even cooperate with a commercial gym.

9. Interior Decorator

Interior decorator is one of the creative business ideas that gain a lot of interest. It doesn’t really need a lot of expensive equipment or advanced business knowledge. As long as you have the knowledge and experience in decorating an interior, you should be able to start this business. Make sure to educate yourself frequently about the new materials and decorating trends to keep you updated.

10. Furniture Maker

This business requires your creative skills and imagination. You don’t have to make furniture from scratch. Try re-purposing old furniture and then sell them at art fairs, local furniture shops, or even sell them yourself via an online marketplace. A unique and functional craft will certainly attract a lot of customers.

11. Clothing Alterations Service

The next small business ideas worth to try is a clothing alterations service. This business is perfect for you who love sewing and skilled with a needle and thread. This service doesn’t require too many expensive equipment nor specific business knowledge. Not all people love and able to sew, so, your business will be needed by many people who love their clothes but needed some alteration to make the clothes fit them better.

12. Baker

This one business might not that simple, especially for a beginner. However, if you do enjoy baking and experienced enough to make home-made bakeries, cookies, or biscuits, then why don’t you turn your hobby into a lucrative business? You can start by making specific items only before starting to provide more variants. You can also start by baking some cookies or bread for your local events.

13. Home Cleaning Service

Another simple small business ideas to try is home cleaning services. Cleaning is a hard and annoying chore for some people. It is time-consuming and people would love help from a home cleaning service. So, why don’t you try to open your own home cleaning service business? Just like other business on this list, it doesn’t require much equipment.

14. Child Care Service

If you love little kid and enjoy spending time and taking care of them, then a child care business may be the one for you. You can open a child care business out of your home for those working parents, or offering babysitting services in your customer’s home.

15. Lawn Care Specialist

Taking care of garden or lawn is other chores that many people hate. This can be a good opportunity for you to help them by offering your service as a lawn care specialist. For this business, you will need some lawn equipment, a means of transportation, and also knowledge about gardening.

16. Social media management

In today’s digital era, social media is one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools.

Even today many large companies are utilizing social media as a marketing media and branding tool.

But sometimes many business people don’t have a lot of time and knowledge to manage their social media well.

The importance of social media as an important aspect of marketing, of course, they will look for someone who will manage their social media.

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Many companies are willing to spend large amounts of money to manage their social media and help to improve prospects and sales through their social networks.

For those of you who have capabilities in the field of social media, you can use this as a profitable Small Business Ideas, especially if you are able to increase client sales.

17. Repair the gadget

If you have the ability to repair gadgets then running a gadget repair business is the right choice.

Although the level of competition for gadget repair is quite high, the demand for these services is very high.

To be able to compete with competitors, you can compete in the field of price and quality.

Of course, this can make consumers consider your efforts to repair your damaged gadget.

This is because at present almost everyone has gadget devices such as mobile phones or gadgets.

The thing that you must prepare to run a gadget repair business is gadget expertise and service tools.

18. Online education courses

One high demand business ideas that will develop in 2019 is an education or online learning course.

The development of internet technology today makes many people learn or improve their skills online.

If you are an expert in one field, then you can try this one home based business ideas.

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You can provide online education courses by giving them good teaching materials and support for the program.

To sell your course, you can use various platforms available on the internet and make the right promotions.

19. Web development and SEO (search engine optimization)

The development of internet technology has changed the business strategy where online marketing has become the most important part of marketing.

Site development and the world of SEO have become a necessity for businesses to grow their business.

Search engines are still the main choice for buyers to look for items they want to buy.

Based on a study stated that almost 75% of large companies use search engines to optimize their web pages.

But there are still many people who consider web development and SEP to be difficult because many variables can endanger their marketing.

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For those of you who have expertise in web development and SEO, you can use it as a promising unique small business ideas.

20. Working space

The development of the digital world makes many business sectors, especially startups, require a working space.

Plus more and more startup companies are just starting out but don’t have office space, of course, this is an obstacle for them.

As an alternative choice to meet the needs of this pilot company, there are now many office space providers and facilities.

Based on this, of course, working space profitable small business ideas are still very promising and will develop in 2019.

21. Furniture business

Now the furniture or furniture business is still very promising in 2019 because of the ever-increasing population growth.

With a population that continues to increase, housing needs are increasing, making a demand for furniture also increasing.

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In addition to increasing population growth, this best small business to start is still wide open because there are also many requests from restaurants, inns and there are also requests from abroad.


These small business ideas list does not really require much capital. If you have the skills, you can start some of these small business ideas immediately. While it might be hard at the beginning, with patience and persistence, you should be able to establish your own business ideas from home.

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