7 Small New Business Ideas From Home With Low Investment

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Do you have a lot of free time or want to increase your income for daily needs at home? There’s nothing wrong with trying this Small New Business Ideas because it doesn’t require large capital and can be done simply.

There are lots of business opportunities that have sprung up due to certain conditions.

These business ideas can be explored if you carefully look at the conditions around you and what needs are currently being needed.

A business idea is a response to solve an identified problem or to meet a need in a community.

Well, this business idea usually arises because of a creative process or the result of chatting with friends.

This happened to Uber when developing online transportation applications to facilitate community activities.

Well, for those of you who want to do business to increase your income at home, there’s nothing wrong with trying these simple business ideas.

After all, not doing business completely must require a large capital.

Let’s look at a Small New Business Ideas to increase income at home.

7 Low-Investment Business Ideas

Home Medical Supplies Business Ideas

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone definitely needs medical equipment to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Well, this can be a profitable business opportunity for those of you who want to start a simple business.

You can sell medical equipment to prevent Covid-19.

For example, soap, hand sanitizer, masks, temperature measuring devices, symptomatic drugs, to vitamins.

You can sell this equipment with several bundles that consumers can choose from at affordable prices.

Healthy Food Catering Business Ideas

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Have any cooking skills?

There’s nothing wrong with channeling your cooking hobby as a simple business to add to your pocket.

You can try offering healthy foods that are marketed online.

Healthy food catering also does not require large capital, really.

You can also market online by offering it to your local environment first.

Interested in trying it?

Home Cleaning Service Business Ideas

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Just graduated from college and have free time at home?

While waiting for a job interview call, it’s a good idea to open a home cleaning service.

This can be used as a simple business that does not require a large capital.

Moreover, in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak where everyone wants to live in a clean and healthy home.

You can open a small-scale house cleaning service around your house.

That way, the contents of your pockets will increase for your daily needs.

Cat or Dog Care Services Business Ideas

For you animal lovers, there’s nothing wrong with trying to open a cat or dog care service.

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This can be done following the return of office activities after previously working from home.

As a result, those who have pets will find it difficult to take care of them.

Well, this business also doesn’t require a lot of capital.

You only need to buy a few cages to accommodate these animals.

This one business idea is also a stress reliever at home.

You can also provide economical and professional rates so that you dare to compete with pet shops.

Online Market

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Opening an online market can be a simple business to add to your pocket.

You can sell groceries that are definitely needed at any time.

However, do innovations by selling them online and delivered directly to a destination address near your home.

As a result, you don’t need to renovate your house to become a shop because it is sold online.

Ornamental Plant Care Business

unique business ideas

Another simple business idea is ornamental plant care.

Not a few housewives have ornamental plants but do not have time to care for them because they have to work.

Now, this could be a very lucrative new business.

Offer your expertise in caring for ornamental plants such as monstera, dollar plants, taro, to other types of plants.

The trend of ornamental plants has never been dim all the time, especially when it is currently on the rise following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Repair and Shoe Washing Business

The rising trend of local shoes can be a business opportunity for you to do a shoe repair and washing business.

This fairly simple business does not require large capital and difficult skills.

You can learn how to repair and wash shoes properly on Youtube.

In addition, you can also pick up customers to make transactions easier for them.

Interested in getting into this one business?


That’s a Small New Business Ideas to increase your income at home.

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I hope this article is useful!

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