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Know Social Entrepreneurs Helpful for the Community

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Getting to know Social Entrepreneurs Helpful to People – As an entrepreneur, they often just make themselves richer and personal well-being increasing.

But that is not the real purpose of a business because the wealth gained is just a bonus. The nature and characteristics of entrepreneurs are different and there is a form of social entrepreneurship.

Before stepping into an entrepreneur, it would be better if you know social entrepreneurship that has the understanding of identifying or looking at various problems obtained in business as an opportunity to form a new business type and used for the empowerment of communities around the business location.

social entrepreneurship definition

Because nature is social, then the main purpose of this business is not to seek maximum profit and maximize.

In addition, the goal is also not to obtain customer satisfaction but rather lead to the results of ideas made by the company whether it can have a positive impact on society.

Can be likened to the public as people who save for the long term because the effort made takes time and a long process if you want to see the results.

Of course, this type of social entrepreneur becomes an interesting phenomenon as well as different from conventional entrepreneurs who only focus on maximizing profits and also satisfy customers to run the better business and can survive long in the midst of the same business competition.

In basic practice, to build a social entrepreneurship is required of various science to develop its business as well as monitor business practices in the field.

Know Social Entrepreneurs Helpful for the Community

social entrepreneurship ideas

Various ideas will be developed into a business that is beneficial to many people who need it.

Lots of learning about social entrepreneurship as well as the characteristics owned by the entrepreneurs themselves.

It can be seen through research conducted in social entrepreneurship and divided into several social groups based on their respective characteristics.

Many experts are telling their various opinions about social entrepreneurs such as Austin Stevenson and Wei Skillern who say if the social and conventional entrepreneurs differ from both the method, the opportunities, and the situation.

The main purpose is to serve many needs of the community but traditional entrepreneurs have a goal to reach an increasingly bigger market as well as to gain profits with a minimum level of process for the benefit of society.

Slightly different from Austin and Wei, Paul C Light looks at the different definitions of social entrepreneurs, assuming that social entrepreneurs are individuals, organizations, groups, networks or alliances.

They have an ongoing effort to provide ideas that are quite varied to overcome problems that are also different but have something to do with social things as well.

Here the role of leader or business owner is at stake and in control quickly and at the same time aware of the name of the obligation to solve the problem.

It takes a keen vision to see something positive but skills alone are not enough for someone to be called a social entrepreneur. It takes a lot of things for social entrepreneurs to grow their business.

It takes innovation, tolerance, social opportunities, recognition, and the intersection of virtuousness for the sustainable social endeavor.

Although the concept of this social entrepreneur has been running for a long time and not a new idea many still do not know it because it is very rare to find a business that still uses this concept and not just business profits.

The qibla of current business development is to use a capitalist system that is encouraged by the presence of financial institutions that are more likely to be exploitative in humans as well as the environment as they focus more on the doubling of capital or capital.

This also affects the education where the next generation to get the learning to continue to increase profits when going to run a business.

Therefore, whether consciously or unconsciously, education today produces the next generation that fully supports the quo economic system so that neither social nor wisdom from past history has ever existed.

Once you are familiar with social entrepreneurship, only you can decide whether you want to choose or move in a conventional or social business that is much more beneficial to the community so you will feel the satisfaction of the business that you have run.

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