Starbucks Coffee Sizes

There Are Reasons Why Starbucks Coffee Sizes Are Not “Small, Medium, and Large”

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Starbucks Coffee Sizes – This puzzle is finally answered.

O you guys who like coffee, surely you all often come to various coffee shops. In general, the size offered is small, medium, or large. Yes, right? Now, something different will be found when you order coffee at Starbucks. You won’t be offered a small, medium, or large size coffee, because they don’t use that term. Starbucks uses the terms tall, grande, and venti.

Starbucks Coffee Sizes

Many are curious, why does Starbucks use that term? Is there meaning and purpose? Of course, there is. In 1983, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz traveled to Italy. There he fell in love with the coffee shop. Then, he wanted to make a similar coffee shop in America. Long story short, Schultz opened his first coffee shop called Il Giornale. Schultz wants to offer a different coffee shop, which is more exotic and not just coffee brewed in a glass.

Because the coffee shop was designed in the style of an Italian coffee shop, finally Schultz wanted a different term for the drinks served. He wants to respect and continue to incorporate elements of Italian culture. Finally, a few words were chosen for the menu in Schultz’s coffee shop. After winning, Il Giornale was expanded and is now known as Starbucks.

In the 90s, there were actually three drinks, namely short, tall, and grande. Short is the same as Small, Tall is the same as Medium, while Grande is Large. Then, Starbucks introduced the venti size. Finally, the short menu is removed so that it actually becomes the smallest size at Starbucks. FYI, the short menu actually still exists in a number of outlets. If you want to order it, you have to ask the barista first, remembering that not all places provide short sizes.

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