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10 Tips for starting a business Food Truck, fortunately Many

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Starting a Business Food Truck In many countries, especially in the big cities, the food business is indeed never existed before the demise. Moreover, food is also a staple of every human being, so do not wonder if this business never runs out of customers.

So that they cannot compete, the culinary businessman keeps innovating. One of the innovations they do is sell food using vehicles with attractive design. The food business is customarily referred to like the food truck.

Starting a business food truck has its own concept of selling food through a large-sized car, which contained a small kitchen to prepare meals. In Western countries such as the USA, the food truck was already very common. Uniquely, because in a car, a food truck can also be moved to the location.

10 Tips for starting a business Food Truck, fortunately, Many

Starting a Business Food Truck

1. Food or drink what you want to sell

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In selling food, whether it’s a food truck, restaurant, or other business models, product or food and drink is the most major thing you should pay attention to. For a food truck, generally more into fast food or easy to be processed, given its place is limited.

2. Design the specifications of his food truck

Mainly the kitchen utensils that you need. For example, if you are selling fried rice, it certainly requires a large frying pan. However, if you selling hotdogs, you hardly need a wok but a small grill place for meat. If fries, then you need to provide a deep fryer and others.

3. see inspiration design food truck

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You can easily browse the internet to see a variety of design food truck. But remember, do not cheat other people’s work, any food truck Designs range from simple, cool to vintage. Customize with your bread type.

4. find an expert and experienced trusted food truck design

Not many places provide services for making a food truck. So, try a search for those who are already experienced with food trucks. Better to pull out their money rather expensive early, rather than make it random and eventually you have to make a new beginning again with costs more expensive.

5. A place where you want to sell with a food truck

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Everywhere if you want to sell, the place also affect the smooth running of yourselves. If the place crowded, at least the more customer opportunities that you can be.

6. obtaining permissions from that place or lease procedure

In many countries, licensing of food truck still not too clear. So before stopping to selling in a venue, make sure it is allowed and you can’t get in trouble.

7. Find out the trusted supplier to supply raw materials

You will be selling food, where earlier you need to look for who will be the supplier or provider to whom you sell the ingredients in a food truck. Since you could not possibly do it all alone. Look for suppliers with quality ingredients at once the price is affordable.

8. Promote your business via social media

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Admittedly, social media will play a role so great for starting a business food truck. Moreover, now the people in Indonesia are indeed could not be separated from social media. So, you also cannot forget social media promotion. In addition to easy, also free!

9. Join the community of sellers of food truck

There is already a community of food trucks in many cities in different countries. Through this community, you can get the news-the latest news surrounding the food truck, the festival is in progress, as well as selling together which is certainly more fun and enjoyable.

10. make sure it’s storage and processing summary

Because of the limited place, it is not recommended to make an elaborate meal at once takes a long time for the presentation. Because this will complicate thyself altogether will not be profitable. Adjust capacity in a food truck, and select the food simple but well-liked by many people.

This food truck business capital is not too large and is perfect for you who are looking for inspiration. His preparation is also very easy and not hard, right?

In addition, here I give a video about what food could you sell at the food truck was later:

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