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16 Brilliant Ideas With Low Capital To Starting Your Own Business

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Interested in starting your own business but constrained with money? Nowadays, there are lots of businesses that don’t need a lot of capital. You just need to be a little creative in reading opportunities.

If you’re confused about where to start, try these 16 business ideas.

How to Start Your Own Business and Make it Successful

How to Start Your Own Business and Make it Successful

1. Selling used items online

Wanna start your own business with no money? Have lots of unused used items that are still in good condition? Try offering it online through sales sites or make your online store. If you intend to make a secondhand online store, consider also interesting product niches, for example, outdoor goods, hobby needs, or electronics.

2. Selling snacks or food

Businesses selling snacks or food does not require large capital, you can starting your own business from here. Besides, fortunately also a lot can reach 100 percent, especially if you make it yourself. It’s just that it takes more effort if you decide to make your food. Starting from buying ingredients, cooking, to selling. Also, you need some basic equipment for cooking, according to the type of food you want to sell.

3. Services to buy branded goods

Like to go to the mall? Wanna know how to start your own business online?

With a cellphone camera, just take a picture of branded goods there for you to post on social media and offer private services to purchase these items. You can simply quote a few tens of thousands of rupiah to buy and ship the ordered goods to the buyer.

4. Dropshipper

Unlike a reseller, a drop shipper is a way of selling that doesn’t require capital. Do you wish how to start your own business from home? This is the way. You see, here you only act as an intermediary for buyers and suppliers. You don’t even have to bother to stock merchandise.

Simply promote merchandise owned by the supplier through social media at a price above the price you get from the supplier.

5. Selling electrical pulses

Now, who else is not using a cellphone or cell phone? Almost all of us have a SmartPhone and use prepaid cards. If you are looking for a side business that has a low capital as low as a certain sales turnover, selling electric pulses is one way.

6. Selling food for breakfast

How to start a small business at home? This is how you do it to starting your own business. If you have cooking skills, then you can start this small side business. We all know how busy life is as an employee in the morning. Moreover, to provide breakfast, it is impossible. For those of you who have flexible office time or go in later in the afternoon, a side business selling breakfast might be a source of your additional income.

7. Laundry service

Believe it or not, the laundry service is one of the side businesses with relatively low capital and can provide a decent profit. In an age where everyone wants to be practical, the demand for clothes washing and ironing services is increasing. Especially among students and employees.

8. Sell photos on the internet

If you are curious about how to start a business with no money and you like photography then you can also start making it a source of income. You do this by selling photos online. You can register for photo sales websites. Then upload your photo. If there are visitors who want to buy your photos then you will get a commission.

9. Motorcycle/car washing services

If you have a lot of motorcycle or car owners, why not start a motorcycle/car wash business? Many people are willing to wait for hours to queue washing motorcycles or cars. Some people are even willing to leave their vehicle and pick it up when their car or motorcycle has been washed.

10. Graphic design services

how to start a small business at home

Not everyone has this expertise, but if you work in the field of graphic design or have skills in creating graphic design, then you can make more money. The system is the same as freelance workers. You can find clients through several website designs.

11. Become an influencer social media

starting your own business with no money

If you are an active social media user, then starting your own business won’t be hard. The term influencer social media might be something familiar. How many social media influencers have a steady job producing content on their social media channels? Whether it’s videos on YouTube, photos on Instagram or other content. If you want to earn extra income like social media influencers, you can do that too.

12. Private tutoring services

how to start your own small business

Whatever skills you have and can be shared with others can also be a source of income. Whether it’s playing musical instruments or foreign languages can be used as material for private lessons. If you don’t have a place to have private lessons, you can visit your student’s home and teach at their home.

13. Translation services

how to start your own business from home

If you don’t want to teach private lessons in a foreign language, you can still be a translator. What is certain before, you must master other languages smoothly. This way if you have a freelance job for translation, you can charge a fee and receive additional income.

14. Social media manager

how to start your own business online

There are not many opportunities to become a social media manager. But if you want to try this side business, the capital needed is data analysis and time to manage social media. Some small companies or social media influencers need help to manage their social media.

15. Create a blog

how to start a business from scratch

This side business can be said how to start a business from scratch because to require no capital at all. Starting your own business by blogging is the cheapest way for you to get extra pocket money. One weakness only lies in time.

16. Property business

how to start a business plan

Assets that have never been depreciated or decreased in value are property. Be it a house, apartment or shop, all types of property, in general, will have a selling price that increases with time. Therefore the property market is something that will always be warm. Except in a recession where people do not have money to buy the property so demand is low.

So, are you ready to starting your own business?

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