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Five Startup Business Ideas in 2019

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Five Startup Business Ideas in 2019

Startup Business Ideas – By the end of 2018, many new businesses were presently utilizing technology. Entering 2019 in the future there are still some opportunities that evolve from changes and habits that are common throughout 2018.

The following article will explore 5 business ideas that can be developed and have opportunities that are promising and relevant to the world market share.

Best Business Ideas to Make Money

Video and photography business

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Today when social media has become a platform, many influencers and brands promote their products and services, creating a new job for those who like photography and video editing. In 2018 many influencers are still working on all the processes themselves, but as time goes by and the number of followers is increasing, many of them need a professional photographer and video editor.

This also applies to startups and corporations, who began developing video divisions for promotional activities. On the other hand, the photos you have can also be sold to platforms such as Getty Images to Shutterstock.

Culinary business

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Although there are not many startups that target the culinary business to survive, it does not cover the enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs to attend and present the latest services in the culinary field. In 2019 it is estimated that all businesses targeting the culinary world will increase in number. Not only as a restaurant marketplace but also provides new options for culinary lovers and restaurant owners.


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Technology has facilitated the teaching-learning process to be more seamless. This has been proven by startups targeting the edutech sector, such as HarukaEdu, Kelase and many more. Not only for startups who have a comprehensive business model, consultants or experts who have more experience and insight can also use the platform in the form of videos to text digitally to people in need.

Courier (Logistics)

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The extent of the territory of a country is still an obstacle for online business owners to e-commerce services to deliver products. This can then be used as an opportunity by new entrepreneurs who want to have a business utilizing technology. Create new innovations and provide the best solutions to outsmart the current logistical constraints.

Buy and sell used goods online

Not only buying new items online, nowadays the habits or trends to sell used goods are also increasingly widespread by many people. Utilizing e-commerce services to marketplaces, buying and selling used goods is an option for many people. This can then be used by entrepreneurs in the future, utilizing demand and trends from today’s society who need a complete platform to sell and buy used goods.

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