10-Step Career Planning so that Future Success

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Step Success in career synonymous with prosperity. It takes knowledge and a proper career planning in the future so that we can achieve the dream as we want. This is something that is important to employees. In the world of work, there are companies that are happy to think of career employees and there are also companies which are just draining employees without thinking about their future.

As an employee, must be observant in selecting companies and if already entered into the company, then it can further analyze whether remaining in the same company or move if it could not meet your career dreams. If move also there are two options, want to move to another company or start their own business. Both have consequences each and we should be able to get through it with good planning.

Not all people know how to plan a good career. They know to want a successful career but do not understand how to grab it. To facilitate career planning, the following review of 10 steps that can help you make a career planning and can be used as a guide.

The future is a picture of what we have planned and will do later. Therefore, do not expect a bright future if this time does not do good planning. The following 10 practical steps that could help craft a bright future:

1. Draw up a vision from now can Dream of

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If the company had a vision and mission, then the employee must also have vision. This vision can be derived from a dream that likes to attain. Refer to reviews of Cambridge Dictionary, the vision is a view of the future. So if you want to create a vision then it should be able to imagine themselves in the future, 5 to 10 years into the future.

If you’re still confused, try to follow the vision of making the following ways:

  • Ask yourself what you really want in the future.
  • Imagine Your self would be what the next few years.
  • If it is still hard to imagine up to 5 years or 10 years, begin with the vision of 2 to 3 years.

The vision is a guide where have to step forward. You have to be clever in making the vision.

The vision must be specific and need to test it if it’s indeed really that you want in the future.

Vision can be changed but not too often cause no focus or even failed to grab it.

2. Begin to recognize themselves, don’t focus on the Weaknesses, the spirit continues on the power that you have

See strengths and weaknesses is not easy. Sometimes other people are more savvy about us due to our ego against the wishes that are not in the areas where we are talented. To get to know the advantages and disadvantages that owned however objectively could ask for the opinions of a few close friends. Write down the things that they said about the strengths and weaknesses of your self.

Although opinions you sought input does not match with confidence, the capacity of just everything. You have to take the role of a lot more to get to know the strengths and weaknesses because you should be is the one who most understands themselves.

3. Review the accomplishments of the past, the Runway area that is already Successful, don’t focus on Failure

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In the work or activities, make the success for the sake of success as a habit of boasting. Every failure, evaluation for a moment and soon forget, but if you got the success, a thorough evaluation in order to repeat it again in the future with more resounding again.

It is worth noting every award or accomplishment ever obtained while working. Aja notes the achievements of this useful when looking for a job or a new career. In addition to creating a resume or CV more attractive, the record of achievements is also useful for future career planning.

4. focus and improve continuously the skills Mastered

Skills are usually in line with interest. It’s worth noting the skills you mastered to plan the future with better. Doesn’t take much skill, an important expert in one area of interest, for example, the skills of writing for the work of the reporter, in addition, the ability of observation, interview, investigation, writing, editing, and so on.

With records and knowing the skills mastered, we can customize a type of work-related skills. Career planning is also easier to do because it is not limited to one type of work only.

5. follow the Passion because the Passion will Support Skills so they can become a professional in working

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Working with passion will make increasingly productive because with passion You will willingly sacrifice just about anything including money, time and effort. Passion will give you satisfaction and a sense of happiness that can’t be paid for with anything.

Examples of passion are your example is an employee at IT companies and very interested in said computer technology and gadgets, if you’ve got passion on the field, then you will be willing to develop an interest in the field of it after work. It could be that you will find the new sciences in the field of computer technology.

This contrast also if the position you are working on a field that is not favored. Rather than a useless waste of time, it’s good to find a job that suits your passion in order to make the work also optimally.

6. Carefully read the trends and career opportunities in the future

Rapid technological developments like the moment realized or not has been shut down several jobs at the same time opening up career opportunities in other fields. For example, just a job or field related correspondence, photographs and the like. Instead, the opportunity of working in the field of android applications and transaction-based online is wide open.

We need to be observant of reading the future trend. Do not let us cultivate the field that turned out to be the fore no longer exist due to crushed to technological advances. If we are unable to predict future trends, we can at least fast adaptation and adjust the skills that we have with the current conditions.

7. Create Career paths that are Measured by the method of “SMART”

The SMART method that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound widely used in career planning because it is more specific, achievable, realistic and has a deadline in the achievement of the goals.

You can start the method by specifying what to do in the next few years. Can be started by planning each year, every 6 months and even goals each month. Don’t forget to do the evaluation discipline, at least an evaluation of the attainment of every month or every 6 months to achieve the career You always wanted.

8. run a Career Plan was made with disciplined and Responsible

A lot of people failed because did not discipline in carrying out a plan that is already made. A careful planning and detail will not mean anything without an execution. The SMART method will be much help provides a guide on how to make a proper career planning.

9. For the sake of supporting the goals Achieved, increase the Level of skills and Education Continues

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No career plans rarely want to attain sufficient skills needs and also the level of education that is equivalent. Inevitably you will have to do this. Improve skills and education can also be so our media to expand your insight, connections and career opportunities or a better business again in the future.

10. Do the evaluation of career planning at regular intervals, can be quarterly, Semester or annual

Regular evaluation is an essential part of planning. This evaluation activity aiming to control and correct the things that have been done to fit in the path planning career or distorted. On the other hand, the evaluation routine planning careers can also serve as an effective method to achieve career goals periodically.

Understand the potential and Periodic Evaluations As the key to a brighter future

The future is like what we have planned. In planning a career, often need to take the time to get to know yourself, and see the opportunities outside the US. Early in planning your career will be better, they have to act according to plan and evaluate on a regular basis.

If necessary, consult with the personnel section in order for the better career planning. The above steps can help make the “career path” to him.

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