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Steps and Business Ideas Are Suitable for Single Parents to be able to Make a lot of Money

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Steps business ideas for single parents – As a single parent, the woman should be financially independent. Want to know the business idea are suitable for single parents?

In the article this time, Businessoldnet will expose a number of business opportunities that are suitable for the single parent’s group. Let’s refer to the discussion!

Single Mom Don’t Worry About Financial Problems!

single mom business ideas

As already known, the action of emancipation and gender equality demands increasingly resound around the world.

The fruit of the action can be seen from a large number of women who are pursuing higher education to successfully pursue a career like the men.

Now often also found big companies in the world, led by lady bosses.

Even though it has a lot of the women who worked outside the home, not a few women who choose to take care of children at home and has no personal income. Finally, they hung a financial condition to the husband.

However, when households are forced to come to an end, many housewives who started the trouble to meet the needs of himself/herself.

Being a single mom is not easy. In addition to having to take care of the children, she must also meet the needs of financial.

But now the single moms don’t have to worry, there are many ways to earn income, one of them being a businessman or entrepreneur.

To find out what business idea fit yourself and your condition, let us find out through the following steps:

  • 1 Dig up the potential

Do you have a productive skill? Since antiquity, women are required to be able to Cook, sew, make a craft and accessories.

But in this modern era, the field of women’s skills are increasingly vast and infinite. Not infrequently we find women who are good at photography, even capable of coding that is identical with the men.

By knowing the potential and the skills possessed, a single mom doesn’t have to worry anymore about his future. Because such expertise could be useful and make money.

  • 2 Develop knowledge about current trends

You need to expand your knowledge about current trends, both from the world of fashion, culinary, style makeup or style hair, and anything that can be used as a business opportunity.

This step can be performed by the single moms for inspiration effort will most likely be sold in the market.

You can find all the information on the internet, for example on your personal social media, read the famous blog-website, or see review the YouTuber.

  • 3 looking for business opportunities with small capital

After looking at the current trends and business get the inspiration, you can choose a business opportunity that you can start from home with little capital or even without capital. Thus, you can still make money without leaving children.

The choice of business with minimal capital is very much, one of them being a drop shipper or an online reseller, or buy a franchise business travel who just need a little capital.

8 business ideas that are suitable for Single Moms

Roughly, what business idea is suitable for a single mom living huh? She is 8 business idea could be the choice for you! Yuk listened!

  • 1 Content Writer

business for ladies sitting at home

If you have the skill to write, you could explore the world as a freelance content writer.

As a single mom, may you not bear when you have to leave the children to work full time.

But, with this profession, you don’t have to worry about missing a moment of togetherness with your kids. You could standby at home with flexible working hours. You also freely take care of homework, to monitor the everyday life of children.

Maximize Your relationship so that You have a lot of potential clients who need your services.

Prospective clients will typically see a review of previous clients, or even ask for references. Therefore, wake up your writing with an interesting portfolio.

Even if you don’t work in the Office, You should still be professional in carrying out this work. The more good work, sure the client would entrust a new job for you.

If pursued, working as a content writer is able to generate revenue even more than as an employee of an Office. Freelance work is money this can you collect as business capital.

In addition to the content writer, you too can become an editor, ghostwriter release, or even a writer of books.

If You love writing fiction, you can wait to make novel and offered it to the Publisher. If in accordance with the needs of the market, ready-prepared only royalties flowing Rapids to your account.

  • 2 Photographer

If you are fond of dabbling in the world of photography, you can try to become professional photographers.

To be a photographer, you can start it with enough DSLR camera is simple. If you don’t have a camera, you can rent them at the place of the camera or borrow a loan cameras belonging to relatives.

After your efforts bearing fruit, you can start saving up to buy a camera and other equipment required, such as other types of lenses, flash, as well as a softbox.

To begin this effort, collect in advance of your works and shapes portfolio that can amaze our clients.

If you do not have photo paper, don’t worry. Create Your portfolio just by asking for a friend or family to become a model photo.

The profession of being a photographer is certainly suitable for the single moms who want to earn money without having to work Office.

As a photographer, you can determine your own schedule and need only work when there is a project you take. The fee for a professional photographer nor did little. You can determine the fee per hour, per photo, or per session, depending on his condition.

  • 3 Personal Shopper

Have you heard about the profession of personal shopper?

The personal shopper is a profession in which a person helping others to shop according to what they want. Professions which are also known as service providers say this stuff are the trends in social media.

Goods bought can be diverse, ranging from clothing such as shirts, shirts, pants, dresses or other fashion products such as handbags and shoes. There is also a personal shopper who bought other stuff outside of fashion products.

It must be specified before you decide to become a personal shopper. Purchase anything that you will serve, whether whole or just a product of a specific brand, what price a maximum of items that you can buy.

Personal shopper services are much needed by the people who are busy and don’t have time to go shopping by themselves. In addition, usually, someone to hire a personal shopper to buy goods not available in the region.

For the pay is also very flexible. You can with the paid per item or per shopping session. Personal shopper service fee is very diverse, ranging from 50 thousand dollars to millions of dollars per item.

This profession requires a very minimal cost. You just need to prepare two things; cost and energy to shop. Certainly, this profession is very easy to do. Because who the hell is women who don’t like to shop?

  • 4 Online Sale

As already described above, you can make money by trying to sell online opportunities.

Do you need to find the most profitable venture, how? By looking at the needs of the market. No doubt, all the way, just look at the needs of those around you.

There are many options for selling online. One of them sell products that You created yourself, e.g. a shirt or shoes. Does require a bit of capital to produce goods that you will sell. But a benefit is also quite large.

If you have no capital, you can become a drop shipper or reseller from an already large online shop.

In addition to the two options above, you can also buy a franchise business online. For example, the online travel business franchises are much sought after by new businesses.

For the mechanism, you only have to pay some money to sign up for membership and purchase the franchise from major travel agencies.

You can choose the package you are interested in. Do you want to do business travel in the areas of ticketing, tour packages, or hotel voucher, back again on your preferences?

  • 5 Social Media Influencers

business for ladies with low investment

Now social media not only serve as channels of communication and information but also as a means of sustenance for some fields.

As you already know, YouTube and Instagram now become a platform that gave birth to many social media influencers.

If the Instagram we know as influencers celebrity Instagram, at YouTube, we knew him as a YouTuber.

How do they get the money? They get paid to paste the ad products in their day-to-day activities. Therefore, one of the conditions for becoming a social media influencers is known to many people who could be gauged from the number of followers or subscribers.

If you want to be a social media influencers, you need to find one area which became the focus of your content.

The social media influencers typically have an interest and expertise in the field. There are people who are notable for the hobby of photography, it is famous for his makeup skills. There is also notable for being good at singing and playing musical instruments.

So, what area you want to focus on? Traveling? Cooking? Parenting? Look for a unique focus, which still has not touched the social media influencers.

The key to being a successful social media influencers is consistently producing content that is informative. Create content that can attract a lot of followers/subscribers. The greater the number of followers/subscribers an influencer, the higher the pay, too.

This job can be done anywhere as long as there is the internet connection.

  • 6 Selling Cakes

The single moms who love to cook and bake, You can make your hobby as a source of earnings.

Try to create cakes that are the trend in the market, for example, a typical hawker Japan Tokyo banana, cheesecake, durian pancakes, melted layer crepe cake, macaroon, and various other types.

This business does not require a big capital but requires persistence. You also have to repeatedly do the marketing. Know the digital marketing strategies that you should be conquered in the year 2018!

  • 7 Tailor

If you have a reliable sewing ability, you can open a business sewing clothes.

This venture very profitable, its capital is perseverance and want to learn.

If your sewing ability is still not so perfect, the first step before opening a sewing business at home is seriously following the sewing training programme and continue to develop the ability to be more varied.

You must also specify a sewing service, what would you serve. The reasoning is the time the work and energy required. If you choose to serve, kebaya dress, sewing, and batik, certainly required work time longer. However, certainly, the pay will also be larger.

If you’ve decided the type of stitches where you would do, the next step is preparing the equipment required for the initial capital.

Apparatus for opening a sewing at home of course sewing machine along with a supporting device. Assign any tools that you already have, with so will facilitate the purchase of other tools are still needed.

  • 8 Makeup Artist

successful home based businesses

Become a makeup artist (MUA) is a career choice that is suitable for the single moms whose hobby is “toying” with makeup.

The development of technology and the current makeup trends can be easily accessed via Youtube, Instagram, and other social media. Certainly, this opens up opportunities for those of you who want to get an infusion of makeup.

Indeed be MUA requires considerable capital. If you are not too advanced, you need to follow the training of make-up in advance that the cost could reach millions.

Then, the next step you must also invest in the products and tools make up.

To determine the right makeup products for the MUA, you can do the research in a way that is fun, i.e. watching YouTube. Make a video on YouTube as Your everyday meals.

Carefully Set The Spending

How? Are you interested in starting a business is one of the 8 on top?

If you have already started to get an infusion of business above, don’t forget the most important thing, that is meticulously set up expenses.

Although Your single mom who has a business, remember that at this time only you alone who are working to meet all the needs of the family. There are no other income streams to help your family’s economy. Unlike the past, when the income is still sourced from two people.

Preferably, you meticulously arrange expenditures to allocate money for savings. Because there are still many needs of children in the future, the needs of education, health, not to mention if there is an emergency that forces you to spend money in large quantities.

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