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Success Story Gina Trapani, Blogger Richest Woman In The World

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Success Story Gina Trapani – You can succeed in your own way. That’s what you have to believe. If you have a passion for the writing world, why not become a blogger?

Unlike being a businessman where you might be dealing with easy investments or other, being a blogger can indeed give you something more. It could be, a blogger is also an investment step because a blogger can also produce. You can read the story of Gina Trapani, a woman, and a very successful blogger.

Success Story Gina Trapani, Blogger Richest Woman In The World

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Know The Story of Gina Trapani & Lifehacker

If you are looking for bloggers who have the highest income, then Gina Trapani is one of them. However, he is the only female blogger of the 10 most successful bloggers in the world. Gina is the CEO and founder of a blog called Lifehacker. This blog is already very popular. Now, he is also a part of Gizmodo and Gawker Blog Empire namely two social media that is currently growing rapidly.

Actually, Lifehacker itself is a simple blog. The focus of this blog is also about everyday affairs. It’s just that the interesting reviews, as well as the simple ways that visitors can do about the various things of daily affairs, make this blog very interesting.

Visitors are also given a place to write so that not only read but can write.

Currently, Gina’s income from her own blog reaches $ 110,000 or about Rp 1.4 billion. This number is not a small amount. The source of income is from reviews and independent ads. Of course, you can also imitate success by working hard and wrestling with your own blog.

Obviously, the content or content of a quality blog will automatically make more and more visitors and it means the opportunity to earn money is also more and more.

A Brief History of Lifehacker

The blog named Lifehacker was made in 2006. He still manages the blog to this day. He is also the CEO. This New York-born woman has become a successful woman with intelligence, intelligence, and creativity in writing. Writing and loving creativity can be a source of inspiration and income when then packaged interesting so that many people are interested.

From the name alone, Lifehacker comes from the word Life means daily life and Hack which means to break or hack. So it can be described as breaking the problems in everyday life in a way that is easier for you to do.

Therefore, the content of this blog is very useful for many visitors. Gina makes excellent tips and tutorials for all visitors. Good content and quality are what makes this blog popular then.

Furthermore, Gina not only runs the Lifehacker site but also begins to write a book that tells of success as well as Lifehacker itself. Gina also said that the success of Lifehacker cannot be separated from the influence of social media.

This is because Gina Trapani is also very active in cyberspace or social media. In addition, of course, what is provided by Lifehacker is useful and help many people that then provide high traffic for the site.

From here, you can judge that making something beneficial to many people besides fun also will give you satisfaction. In addition, visitors will certainly increase. The number of visitors means the opportunity to earn more money.

That’s what Gina did to make many people feel helped by the tutorial or tips it gives to everyone. Gina can you imitate to succeed with your blog.

You can also start your success and have an easy investment by becoming a blogger. Create blogs that contain interesting content or content and help many people. When many people are in need, more and more visitors are coming.

Your creativity will really be tested so everyone will be interested in what you do. This is the importance of making content useful for many people. The more people who feel helped, the more popular the blog will be.

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