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Top 15 Successful Bloggers Who Make US$15.000 Per Day

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Distributing hobbies in creating a personal blog must have been done by Successful Bloggers, and there have been many people who earn an average of millions of dollars a month just by writing on a blog. But it is undeniable that making a blog to be able to make money is not an easy thing as easy as turning your hand.

For how to create a blog and earn up to hundreds of millions, you only need to be consistent in writing and creating a category that you might have planned before, but remember all the articles contained in your posts do not result from copy paste.

You can use a free blog like Blogspot first and you can learn little by little in compiling a blog and also the appearance of the blog according to what you want and if you have understood and mastered you can only use the TLD (Top Domain Level) domain but remember to make TLD domain you have to pay or buy with money and prices depending on the domain provider and the domain you choose.

To start making money from your blog, you have to register your blog to Google Adsense or whatever you want, it aims to display ads on your blog and from each click on the ad that will become your income, but don’t click on your own ads on your blog huh

If everything is neatly arranged and now it’s time to raise your blog visitors, you can share every article that you publish to the social media that you have to get more visitors, and don’t forget to keep writing on your blog a day you must write 2 -3 articles if you are just starting out on a blog or just creating your own blog, now maybe this little explanation can make you more confident in the world of blogs and keep up the spirit.

Top 15 Successful Bloggers Who Make US$15.000 Per Day

Successful Bloggers

BLOGGING is business. Blogs are businesses, can make money, starting from 0.1 dollars per day, up to thousands of dollars per day! The highest Successful Bloggers is the Huffington Post which can reach almost US $ 29,000 per day! Once again … PER DAY! Daily Earns!

Here it is a list of 15 blogs that Make US$15.000 Per Day as posted by Online Income Teacher. Extraordinary! Certainly a motivation for bloggers to “get richer” by blogging.

Actually, in the original post, there were 50 blogs, I just became 15 concisely, so I wouldn’t lie down. Here come the Top 15 Successful Bloggers with the highest income:

Really, huh?

The main source of their income is Google Adsense, Banner Ads, and one of them from membership (Membership Area).

If they can, we should be able too!

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