10 Successful Online Business Ideas For Students That You Can Start Today

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Finding business opportunities, especially those based online for students, is actually not too difficult as long as they are willing and committed to running them. Moreover, awareness of investment and business is growing among millennials, especially the choice of digital-based businesses.

One of the factors why young people tend to like online businesses compared to conventional ones is because digital-based businesses can be done from home, without being bound by time, and also look more modern.

The choices are also varied. Well, here are 10 Successful Online Business Ideas For Students That You Can Start Today.

Best Online Business for Students

Translation Services

online business for students from home

This is arguably an easy business that never ends because since the internet has not been as lively as it is now until everything is connected to the internet, the translation service business still exists. The difference is, you can now reach a wider market because you can offer your translation services to more people out there who have never even met face to face.

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Article Writing Services

The next Successful Online Business Ideas For Students is to open an article writing service. You can run this business alone or do it with friends. Form a team of several people, create a business name, then offer your writing services through forums, Facebook groups, blogs, and also the media.


Being a dropshipper is not a bad choice for students, because your job is only to offer products from online or offline suppliers. After there is a new sale, you forward the payment to the supplier and the supplier will send the goods to the buyer.

That is, you relatively do not have to spend capital at the beginning to stock the product. You just need consistency and creativity in marketing.


In addition to dropshipping, you can also follow an online-based affiliate business to several e-commerce sites.

The affiliate concept is actually simple, but because this program involves software, the process is a little longer. But worth trying.


Bad impression huh? Not always. Buzzers are not always synonymous with hoaxes and spread the ugliness of the opponent. There is also a buzzer whose job is to spread positive messages and of course, certain interests are embedded.

To become a buzzer, you really need a follower base, so to run this online business opportunity, you have to start early by increasing your followers first.

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YouTube Content Creator

online business for students philippines

It seems that this business is very close among students, many want and want it but not many are able to make it happen. To be a Content Creator, you need to have the ability to speak.

But if that’s not possible, you can work on certain topics that don’t require your physical appearance, face, or voice. For example, making a video slideshow that is dominant using photos and text.

Selling on Social Media

There are many types of products that can be sold in cyberspace, but of course, you need to do research first about which products are saturated and which products are still worth selling.

The business opportunity for selling on social media is still wide open, especially now that there are platforms that are designed to facilitate online promotion. Call it Facebook groups, Facebook marketplace and there is also Instagram Shopping and so on.

Selling Internet Packages Online

The concept is relatively young but the potential is quite large. Previously, credit could only be purchased at the counter, now everyone who is connected to the internet has easy access when they need an internet package.

You can get into this business with the concept above. In addition to close friends, you can also offer credit to forums or create an auto top-up site so that people can easily make purchases.

Web Developer

If you have web design skills, developers, or the like, you can open a website and application creation service. Invite some colleagues who have complementary backgrounds for your skills, then offer your services to social media, Facebook groups, and also online forums.

The demand for website and application creation services has recently continued to increase along with the growth of the internet and changes in the way people interact. For example, schools and educational institutions are starting to think about how to have their own online learning sites and applications.

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Instagram Celebrities

Usually, Instagram celebrities get money from product endorsements or paid promotions.

Endorse is just one of several monetization alternatives for Instagram Celebrities. There are several other income opportunities that can be optimized. This is also suitable for students who are in need of digital business, especially if you have an attractive appearance or are able to create unique content.

Start using Instagram to produce content, increase followers, and eventually, you will arrive at the phase where you are ready to monetize.

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