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16 Best Testing Website Jobs and Tips to Make Money Fast From These Company

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Best 16 Companies Testing Website Jobs That Pay Well

Companies Testing Website Jobs That Pay Well

What is it?

This type of job is one of the jobs out there that you can do while you are in the comfort of your home. If you are still wondering what is it, you are about to read a brief description of the job, what you have to do if you are working in this testing website jobs.

Websites and app owners are wanting to ensure that their webs and apps as operable as possible. So, they need to keep testing their websites or apps for bugs and usability. The testing is done since the owners need to maximize the profit of their sites and apps and this will not be achieved if the internet users are not comfortable when opening or using the websites and apps. The last thing owners want is that the users wanting to click the back button when opening their web and app just because the users find it confusing.

The web company may do tests by using their own staff but they also need to throw the websites and apps tests to unfamiliar users to get the real view and assessment from the targeted web and app users. That is the reason why they are doing such online testing done by the users and guess what, if you are willing to test their webs and apps you will get paid.

What to do?

If you think you are going to need some IT degree and a set of types of equipment to do the tests. Nope, you only need your device and an internet connection, as simple as that. The company will ask you to do several tasks and they will record it. They will record your voice, computer screen, your mouse movements and actions, your clicks as you are doing the tasks given. After the recording, you need to tell them what you think and how was the experience of doing the tasks.

Test Websites Online And Get Paid

get paid to test websites

1. Loop11

Provides web testing with a 10-30 minute period of time depending on what you are testing.

2. Uxline

Will let Spanish speakers do the testing because the target users are Spanish speaking people as well.

3. WhatUsersDo

is a company based in the United Kingdom, but the company accepts the testers who come from any country as long as they are fluent in English? The testers must first fill out a questionnaire to join and must submit a video.

4. User Testing

We will first use sample tests to evaluate the new testers this is usually in the form of voice recording.

5. TryMYUI

Will perform tests in the form of video and written assessments for the new testers.after they join the team, the testers will get 10 dollars for every feedback they give for the web testing.

6. uTest

is performing websites and products for other companies. The payment ios depending on the project given.

7. TestingTime

Will make testers to test websites and mobile applications. By performing the tests you can get up to 50 dollars paid via PayPal.

8. Amazon Mechanical Turk

I will give you a list of tasks that a home online worker can do.

9. Analysia

Will make testers perform a test for about 10 or 15 minutes to earn a minimum of 10 dollars of payment.

10. Userlytics

is doing a little bit different from others. This web is using webcam in collecting the feedback provided by the testers. The payment as much as 10 dollars will be given after the company approved the test.

12. StartUpLift

Doing the test around the field of social media. For you who cannot live without social media, this job could be your thing. The future testers must first sign up and can perform tests after they completed the signing up. Every feedback testers give to the website being tested are valued at least 5 dollars.

13. Enroll

I will send the tests through email that is why they will require your email address. The company will also need to know the testing method that you prefer. You will get paid after your project has been done.

14. UserFeel

Will perform the test once you register for their company. You need to wait one week until two months to know if you are accepted as one of their testers.

15. PingPong

to perform the test you must have a webcam with you. You can earn 25 dollars for every 30 minutes test and it will be given through PayPal seven days after you have completed the test.

16. test IO

It will allow you to test websites, applications and also games. You will get as much as 50 dollars every time you find glitch or bug, you can earn even more if your findings are considered important.

Some tips

user testing app

There are many people out there who are also wanting the same opportunity as you. So you need to be patient and read some of the tips below :

  1. Register yourself to as many testing website jobs as possible. This action will increase the opportunity for you to get hired in one or two of the companies. Instead of signing up for one company and wait until you know your fate while doing nothing, it is not a sin if you sign up for several at once. You can always eliminate one when more than one company offers you the job.
  2. Take your opportunity in taking the initial test given by the company. Most companies will only give one or two chances for you to pass the tests.
  3. Give your best and submit your best test results because some companies will allow those who can complete the tests and score high in completing them. So it is more like a competition.
    Testing website jobs may not give you the amount of payment like other jobs, however, this type of job is for you who cannot go anywhere and is a good way to get extra money. While it may not offer you the highest amount of money, you still have to take all the tests seriously since many people are interested as well.

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