The Best Investments That Make You Rich

The Best Investments That Make You Rich

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Many people ask, what is The Best Investments That Make You Rich? If you search on Google, millions of people ask about this.

Some people say invest in Bitcoin, gold, land, stocks, very expensive watches, or other things.

The answer above is not wrong, however, you are only thinking for the short term.

So, what is The Best Investments That Make You Rich?

Maybe my answer is not satisfactory for the readers. However, I will give you 2 of the best investments you will make in your life.

2 Types of Investments to Grow Your Money

where to invest money to get good returns

  • Skill/ Yourself
  • Business


Many people will stop when they read this because the list I have provided is just a fantasy.

There may also be those who say, I have no money, still, work for other people, or are still a student. How do I get this?

The answer is the internet.

Skills or skills, expertise, habits are needed for today.

More precisely, high-income skills, skills that can earn you tens to millions of dollars.

You heard right, yes, millions of dollars. Why am I so sure? because all the rich people listed in Forbes or Fortune 500 have the same traits.

At least, you can achieve financial freedom and not depend on anyone to make money.

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High-income skills that need to be needed for 2021 – 2030:

good investments for beginners

  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Facebook/ Instagram Ads
  • Public Speaking
  • Programming

The list above is randomized, so number one is not the highest salary.


Copywriting is the process of writing material to promote an item. People who write copywriting are called copywriters. He is responsible for the writing or text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, Facebook ads, or Emails.

Unlike news or blog posts, copywriting MUST make the reader interested in the goods or services being sold. Good copywriting is the text that can make you buy when you’re done reading.

That is why a copywriter is often called a salesman.

Who is already rich with this skill? Dan Lok. You can read or watch how he made tens of millions of dollars in a few years.

Digital Marketing

Everyone knows what marketing is. Digital marketing is any form of product or marketing that requires/involves electronic devices, NOT the internet.

Like sponsorship on TV is digital marketing.

A few years ago, digital marketing was only done by big companies. Now, everyone can do digital marketing.

Why? Internet

I mention the internet as a wonder of the world because everyone can make money from the internet.

How big is the digital marketing market? $196 billion worldwide. In fact, analysts predict an increase of $20 billion-$30 billion in the next 3 years.

With the advent of social media, the “game” in the digital marketing world has changed. Everyone can become a digital marketer.

Facebook/Instagram Ads (Sponsored)

One of the categories of Digital Marketing. Since this is important, I will explain it here.

As I already said. Social media is changing the digital marketing business. Why? Don’t I still see ads on TV?

You still see ads, however, less than 10 years ago. Why?

Because millennials and Generation Z use social media more than watching TV.

Due to the larger audience, social media is the fastest growing business among other sectors.

All businesses, from small to large, advertise through Facebook ads because social media can target segments and are very specific.

Until 2019, there are still many people who can’t use Facebook ADS.

Many companies are looking for employees who can optimize ads on Facebook.

If you look at Upwork, a website for freelancers, you can see that there is a lot of demand and very high prices, some $30 to $1,000.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a skill that not many people have. Acting is one of the categories of public speaking.

Speaking in front of the masses is an unexpected thing. I myself am learning this skill because learning to increase your intelligence is the best investment.

If you can public speaking, you will have wider job opportunities. Especially, on social media.

Oprah is paid $200,000 for one corporate talk.


These are skills you must have in 2020 and beyond.

And I’m sure that programming will be used even more in the ages to come.

Dependence on the internet, laptops, and smartphones is undeniable.

Unicorn companies need employees to be able to do a little coding (programming).

I myself understand a little about coding, what I recommend is to learn C, C++, and javascript. Learn Javascript for beginners because learning C is very difficult without a teacher.

If you can develop your own product, who knows you could become the next Mark Zuckerberg?

If you are an employee, you can set aside your money to learn these skills. Choose one of the skills and you should be able to fully, master the skill.

If you are still a student and there is no money, you can learn from the internet. Nowadays it’s easy to learn from Google.

You may find it a shame to spend money to learn such things. I don’t blame you, in fact, 90 percent of people prefer to spend to buy things that are not important such as branded clothes, buying expensive cars, or changing cell phones.

Nothing wrong, however, it is better to spend money for future success. Just count this investment.

Skills will change your life at any stage, whether you are unemployed, working, or already rich. Learning will never stop while you are alive.

There are also people who say, buy gold, buy land because the price will go up and it will be easy to sell.


Gold prices are very stable, unlikely to rise high in the near future. So, gold is declared a safe haven, a place to protect money from inflation.

Few people invest gold to get ROI (Return of Investment) because of its stable nature.


Buying land is stupid if you don’t buy or sell or use the land. Good, if you are sure to sell the land in 10 years.

With today’s economy, many people are selling land, but no one is buying it.

If the land price is $100,000, can you get 10 times the ROI (Return of Investment)?

It’s better if you buy a shophouse because the shop can be rented out and gives you money every month. (Active Investment).

If you think long term (20 years-50 years), the land is a good investment, however, there are other things that are BETTER.


This is the best investment for yourself. The best business is your own business.

If you are a person with money, investing in start-ups is a good thing. Many people suddenly get rich because of investing in start-ups.

Examples are Warren Buffet, Jack Ma, and many more.

Why is investing in a business a good thing?

I’ll give you two simple questions?

  • Are you going to sabotage your business?
  • Do you want to be successful?

I am 99% sure that you will answer no (1) and yes (2).

Your business is very valuable, no matter how small it is. A small business will bring a large Return Of Investment (ROI), then a ready-made business.

Of course, you must have sufficient skills.

Here you say, what I need is money. If you say this, you don’t have enough skill-set. Small businesses do not really need capital, medium-high businesses really need capital. That’s why there is an IPO.

However, your business must be scalable (can grow). I won’t say what business is scalable because everyone has a different perspective.

Of course, where you do business there will be advantages and disadvantages.

Because I just started the business and the return from the business is quite (not rich). I have some important questions before starting your business.

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All businesses need time to grow, how much time can you set aside per day? Small businesses need time rather than capital to grow.

How long can you wait before you become rich?

If you already have a job, a busy life, don’t want to “sacrifice” your leisure time, the best investment is to become a silent partner in a start-up or a friend’s business that is just starting.

The bad thing about being a silent partner is that you can’t control the business and you only get a small profit. And, there is no guarantee that the business will succeed.

However, if you invest in your own business, the chances of success are greater.

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