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The Roles of Business Ethics for a Company Success

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Of so many factors in the success of a company, the business ethics is one of the most crucial parts of it. With the strong business ethics applied in the corporation and office, a company will have a healthy atmosphere for both the management and the employees. It is truly important that all of the elements of a company know and understand the business ethic that keeps their management in peace.

Business ethics or corporate ethics is a form of ethical principles that relate to moral values that should be applied in a business environment. Therefore, it does not only applicable to a company but in the way the corporation interact with their clients, partners, investors, and even competitors. The ethics are relevant to the conduct of the individual worker and the entire organizations. With a thick understanding of corporate ethics, companies will be able to create a comfortable ambiance in the office and management.

It is true that business ethics is influenced by so many factors including the culture where the companies are based. Besides, it is also determined by the products and other factors like economic conditions. Therefore, the business ethics in one country might be different to another. Even, in some cases, the business ethics of a certain company that is based on the certain country will apply different ethics though they open a branch in other countries. For instance, a Japanese company that opens an office in Indonesia will have a different business ethics compared to local companies.

The Roles of Business Ethics for a Company Success

Business Ethics among Colleagues


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In most countries, the general rules of giving respects to senior employees with higher positions are applied. However, in specific countries such as South Korea and Japan, this corporate ethics is way more intense. Workers have to pay a keen attention to what their seniors order.

  1. SeniorityBesides, they have to work harder and usually have to handle many jobs because of the lower positions. Sometimes, this sounds unfair but that is the reality. Those who have seniors have to give respects by working harder. However, the performance of the junior workers will be noted as part of their good score for a promotion. Also, it is important to address the senior with the honorific name such as Sunbae in Korean or Senpai in Japanese in order to give more respect.
  2. Talking Sensitive IssuesIn a corporation, the common rules in social life apply. For instance, it is better not to talk about sensitive issues like religions and beliefs. Besides, domestic cases and other private information might not be a topic in a colleague talk.
  3. Right OutfitBesides, it is important to mind the ethics of wearing working attire. It is forbidden to wear clothes that are too casual. Though formal attire is no longer an obligatory, modest wear is recommended as workers want to dress more casually. Business casual guidelines are available for giving a clearer rule.

Business Ethics in Corporate Policies

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Corporate policies for employees and business plans have to also stick to business ethics. For instance, companies have to give their employees sufficient time for a holiday. Besides, there should be a sufficient time for taking a rest in case of some illness. For a pregnancy off, companies should give a thoughtful policy.

  1. Business ethics among workers next important ethics relate to corporate governance. It deals with the way a company rules the management. A corporation is a giant family of so many people with different tasks. All of the components have the same purpose of leading the corporation to each success. Therefore, the governance should really apply the business ethics. For instance, companies should not disrespect workers that are in lower positions. Employees should be equal and deserve to get the same treatments.
  2. Discrimination is forbidden after that, business ethics should regard employees with all background of ethnicities as equal. Discrimination is one essential point to avoid in a corporate governance. In addition, corporate social responsibilities should be included in the business ethics of all corporations. When dealing with connections, sponsorship, or partnership, bribery is the forbidden aspect of business ethics. Therefore, corporations have to avoid it.
  3. Healthy CompetitionAs companies apply proper business ethics, the atmosphere in the companies will be so much better. Corporations will be able to create a comfortable place for their employees to work. Besides, a company will get a sustainable condition that can support their business goals.

In business, the hard work of an employee can determine the conducive ambiance of the entire corporation. Besides, when the employees and corporate governance apply the business ethics, the corporation will keep on track in which it makes the company avoid various problems.

A good and maintained business ethics will give a positive impact on the sales. Besides, it will protect the company’s brands. It is thus necessary for some corporations to hire a service to evaluate the business ethics applications in a company. A company’s inability to resolve the ethical problems might cause a harmful effect on the brands. By making the observation thoroughly in company management and employees attitudes, corporations will be able to fix their image branding.

The Benefits of Sustainable Business Ethics

benefits of business ethics


Business ethics includes the social responsibility of a company. Many experts say that it is a good way to promote the company reliability and credibility.

  1. Good impact on the corporation’s image companies will encounter their clients and customers within a warm relationship. Besides, it can give companies a wonderful way to communicate with the societies. As a company completes the ethics, societies will pay a high respect to that kind of corporation.
  2. Better performance of the workers in addition, the positive ethics will make workers feel secured. Employees will not feel burdened as they have to work hard for their companies. Besides a comfortable atmosphere, companies will increase shareholders confidence in a maintained business ethics.

Also, it will enhance productivity. A quality workforce that will improve the solid teamwork will improve as well. With a good business ethics, corporations can protect customer trust. The management will be more efficient as well. In conclusion, business ethics is the crucial element of a business success. It is even the key to reach a massive success.

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