This Initial Step Beginners to Learn Stock

“I don’t know anything about stocks, I am a beginner wanting to learn the stock, I wanted to study it and started doing a little research on the internet and read some reference.

I am really interested to plunge in the market of capital and shares, But I really don’t know where to start, also never dared do buy or sell stock execution.

I don’t understand the “high-level language” I read in a variety of online sources, they sound so “wow”, I know something that “wow” is something that is too good to be true, but I was determined to learn about capital markets ”

What kind of problems you will encounter:

You do not have an idea to embark on a journey and which determines the initial steps of Your capital market education, all so blur.

You are also in the bombard with so much information on the internet, facebook, and others, as well as everything, is so confusing without understandable.

You know and never heard that so many people wrote a lot making money in stocks, but however, you are overshadowed by fear, because you too have heard horror stories about so many people losing money and everything in the world investment and stocks.

Its good Mission nearest to you is to find people who are competent and experienced in the world of stocks long enough to guide you about the basics of the stock market in the past, and of course with the simple way.

Because you do not want to be too unrealistic, You also don’t want to be lulled by the scheme of the “get rich quickly”.

All you need is a solid system, and gradually, as well as the simple formula will open your way to invest in the right beliefs and skills.

What is the main thing You need at this time:

The main focus is the main thing You learn the BASIC of capital markets,

Just a suggestion:

Don’t start of Fundamental Analysis, because it is so difficult and will make your getting confused even books with these themes may just read a 5-7 home page, then you have to dump the garbage because it’s so difficult discussion. (usually, the newbies have not proceeded again on his way to the capital market, because already presume that they science stock was in such a long-winded)

Believe me, Fundamental Analysis is not an absolute science that you need to make money in the capital markets

To understand the basis of the capital market, you just need to simply to read about the terminology of how the capital markets work, any stocks listed in BEI, and is simple enough look around you …

For example:

  • Toothpaste that you use every morning is the production of Unilever were listed on the stock market with code UNVR
  • The car you drive to the Office is an Astra International exodus decoded.
  • ATMs, where you can withdraw the money, belongs to the BCA code BBCA
  • They all keep it simple

Afterward, You learn about capital market terms, about buying and selling… offer and bid … charts, trend, etc.

You need to underline that outlines all you need is a SIMPLE uncomplicated KNOWLEDGE that is able to generate money for your investment on a consistent basis so that you have the knowledge that serves as a shortcut from the complexity-the complexity of capital market studies …

It is also the ultimate goal of investing is to make money, if there is any way Simple, why should be by way of a complicated and troublesome yourself eventually?

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