7 Time Management Tips to Boost Your Productivity

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Have you ever felt that there is not enough time in the day? We and other people both have 24 hours, but how come it seems that people can be very productive, right? Apart from having a large workload, poor time management can also be the cause.

Actually, we can not manage the time. In a day there will always be 24 hours, all we can control is ourselves and how we use the time we have.

Then, how can we make our time management better? Let’s take a look at the following 7 time management tips!

What is time management?

Time management is how we divide and manage the time we have for various activities in order to maximize productivity to achieve the goals that have been set. Good time management skills allow us to be able to complete many activities every day. This ability is one of the soft skills that are very useful in the world of work and is also favored by recruiters.

With good time management skills, you can complete various activities or jobs in a shorter time. This will get you used to being focused at work and disciplined with the time you have set for each task.

Time management benefits

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The ability to manage time well is very important. It can increase productivity, reduce stress, and more success in life. Here are some of the benefits that you can get with effective and efficient time management:

Reduce stress levels

Having a task plan can reduce stress and anxiety. Every day, you know what you have to do and get it done. When you successfully check a to-do list, you can see clear progress. This will reduce stress and worry about not being able to get things done.

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Have more free time

With good time management, you can complete various activities on time. Time management will make you have extra time to do other activities such as hobbies, going to the gym, resting, quality time with family, and having a quiet weekend.

Increase productivity

Good time management will make you try to focus and be disciplined so that work can be completed on time or faster. That way, you can immediately complete other tasks or do other productive activities and not stress about deadlines.

Build a positive image

If you always finish work on time, then your image in the eyes of bosses, clients, and coworkers will be positive. You will be known as a person who does not like to procrastinate and is reliable. A positive image can increase your chances of future career advancement.

Easy time-management tips

Just like learning other skills, learning to manage time efficiently also takes time and process. Here are 7 tips to make your time management more effective!

Create a to-do list

Have you ever woken up confused about what to do? To overcome this, you can make a to-do list at night before going to bed. This to-do list contains a list of tasks that you must complete the next day. Why do you do it at night? So that when you wake up you are not confused anymore and already know what to do. The process does not take long, really. You can create to-do lists in notebooks, sticky notes, or apps like Notion, Trello, Any do, and others. Choose the method that is most comfortable and that you like. The to-do list or planning that you make may not go smoothly, but at least you have a reference every day.

Complete work according to priority

After making a to-do list, maybe you are still confused about which work needs to be done first. Ever heard of the Eisenhower Matrix or the Essential Matrix? This matrix helps you divide the tasks that must be completed from the most important to the least important. The matrix divides the tasks into 4 quadrants as follows:

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Set a time limit to complete each task

So that you can work with more focus and discipline, learn to set time limits for each task. You can try time boxing, a time management technique that can make us more disciplined and focused on getting work done.

What is meant by time boxing? Time boxing is limiting how much time it takes to get a job done. For example, you limit the time to complete a report from 9-10 am. Then you should try to complete the task during that time span.

Time boxing is divided into 2, namely: soft time boxes and hard time boxes. A soft time box means that you give tolerance or additional time if it turns out that your task has not been completed by the time the deadline is complete. While the hard time box, when the time limit is over, you will stop and take a break from the previous work.

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Take a break

Working too long without a break makes you feel tired and hard to focus. Therefore, don’t forget to take a break, OK? Rest is important so that your brain and eyes don’t get tired.

For those of you who often work in front of a laptop or computer, try using the 20-20-20 rule to overcome tired eyes. This rule is useful for preventing computer vision syndrome (CVS), a collection of symptoms in the eyes and neck due to excessive activity in front of a laptop, cell phone, or electronic device for a long time. Symptoms include tired eyes, headache, neck and shoulder pain, blurred or double vision, and others.

How to apply this rule is also easy. After staring at a computer or mobile screen for 20 seconds, take a break to look at an object 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds.

Avoid multitasking

Some of us may think that multitasking, the more work we can complete simultaneously. However, as reported by startuptalky.com, it turns out that multitasking can reduce productivity by as much as 40%. When multitasking, we tend to change tasks frequently to get everything done. This makes the task not completed optimally and makes us tired more easily. Our brains will be more focused when completing one task at a time. So, multitasking is not always good, try to focus on completing your work one by one with discipline so that the results are maximum.

Limit distractions

At work, there are many things that can distract or distract you. For example, push notifications, email, chat in WhatsApp groups, and more. According to the Harvard Business Review, the average worker gets interrupted 50-60 times a day, and 80% of those interruptions are unimportant.

Constant distractions not only reduce productivity but can also increase stress. Lack of control over a job is one of the causes of stress in the workplace. To avoid distraction, you can do the following:

  • Turn off push notifications.
  • Don’t check things too often outside of work such as social media, WhatsApp chat, or work email. Take some special time to check everything at once periodically.
  • Turn on airplane mode or do not disturb when you need high focus.
  • Do other activities during breaks.

Use time management tools

Currently, there are many tools or applications that you can use for project and time management. You can try some of the time management applications below:

  • Any do and Todoist: to create lists of daily tasks or activities and reminders.
  • Trello and Notion: to manage project management and daily activity tracking.
  • Time planner: to organize and schedule and analyze daily productivity.
  • Google Calendar: for time blocking or time boxing so you can see the daily schedule in detail until it’s time to complete it.
  • Remember the Milk, Slack, TickTick, and other time management apps.

With the help of the various tools above, you can build the habit of becoming a person who is focused and disciplined with time.

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That’s the discussion about Time Management Tips from understanding, and benefits, to tips for managing time better. To be able to manage time well, you must be patient, consistent, and disciplined. It’s not easy at first, but you can do it!

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