9 Best Tips for Choosing What to Wear to an Interview

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Interviewing is not just coming, then answering some of the interviewer’s questions. The reason is, at that time your appearance is also an added value. So make sure you understand the tips on how to dress during the interview properly. There are two types of clothing during the interview, namely formal and casual.

This is of course adjusted to the type of company where the interview is conducted. For example, is the company classified as a rigid corporate, or a relaxed startup company. Even so, the key to both of them is to dress neatly, not dull, or even carelessly.

Even if the company is a relaxed startup company, make sure you give a good impression by choosing a type of clothing such as smart casual or semi-formal. The more complete, here are some Tips for Choosing What to Wear to an Interview that you need to know.

9 Tips to Dressing for a Job Interview

Avoid denim pants

If you are going to a formal interview session, you should avoid wearing denim pants as much as possible.

Denim pants or what is known as jeans are comfortable and fashionable in all situations, except interviews.

For a formal interview, don’t ever come wearing pants like this. Even if you work in the creative or media industry, make sure you give your best appearance.

For men, choose material pants that don’t wrinkle easily. For women, choose a skirt that covers the knees in a subtle color. Avoid giving a bad impression to the interviewer, from the way you dress.

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Put on a shirt

Shirts are formal clothes that can be worn during the interview. There are various choices of shirts. You can choose a shirt made of cotton, chiffon, or even silk.

Unbutton your shirt. This gives a simple, but still formal impression. Avoid wearing shirts that are too tight, and look sexy. The shirt you wear should make you comfortable.

Wear a suit

This fashion item can be a suitable complementary attribute for attending interviews.

When you wear it, the professional impression will be more visible. Avoid patterns or colors of suits and cardigans that are too prominent. Dark colors are a safe choice.

Pay attention to clothing motifs

Avoid clothing motifs that are too festive. Clothing motifs such as flowers, animals, and abstracts can distract the interviewer. So, choose clothes that are simpler, such as stripes or even not patterned at all.

Pay attention to the color of the clothes

what to wear for an interview male

Did you know that there are several colors that you should use when interviewing? Because there is such a thing as color psychology. The following are some of the colors and their indirect impressions.

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  • Blue: Gives the impression of confidence, honesty, loyalty, stability, and credibility.
  • Black: Represents strength and leadership.
  • Gray: Gives a sense of professionalism, is less intimidating than black.
  • Chocolate: Gives the impression of being confident, reliable, and flexible.

Shoe selection

Even though the location is at the bottom, it doesn’t mean that this will go unnoticed by the interviewer. So, try to make sure you pay attention to shoe selection well.

For example, for women, you can wear shoes with closed ends. The toes showing at the end of the shoe will give off an informal impression.

Also, pay attention to hairstyles

The hairstyle is also important when undergoing an interview. Make sure your hair is neat and looks professional. So that you can make sure your hair is neat, and you don’t look dull, try to come earlier than the scheduled interview.

This way, you can screw and comb your hair, or even use pomade for men.

Don’t wear heavy perfume

what to wear for an interview female

It’s natural to wear perfume when going to an interview, just to refresh the body and increase self-confidence. However, you should also pay attention to the type of perfume used.

Avoid using heavy perfumes and have a strong smell, because this can actually disturb the atmosphere of your interview.

On the other hand, the recruiter may have allergies to certain perfumes. So, you should choose the type of perfume that has a soft fragrance.

Keep it simple and comfortable

Tips for Choosing What to Wear to an Interview that you must pay attention to are comfort and simplicity when you wear these clothes.

Because if you are not comfortable, you also won’t be able to concentrate on answering interview questions given by the recruiter.

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So, now you know what are the Tips for Choosing What to Wear to an Interview, right? Make sure you prepare well, yes. Remember, interviews are not just questions and answers with the interviewer, you also need to give a good impression through your appearance.

Good luck!

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