7 Tips for Getting a Job With No Experience

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Finding a job is not an easy thing, especially one that matches your passion. A large number of competitors is the main factor why someone often fails to apply for a company. Especially since the pandemic, the number of job seekers has increased dramatically due to the number of layoffs of employees plus the number of fresh graduates who have graduated in the last two years.

Although difficult, getting a job is not impossible. Come on, apply these Tips for Getting a Job fast!

7 Quick Tips for Finding a New Job

how to get a job immediately

Create an attractive CV

First, you have to make a CV and make sure it’s interesting. In a sense, the description written in the CV is complete. Starting from school history, skills, a list of organizations that have been followed, competition certificates, and others.

CV becomes the main capital that can pass to the next recruitment stage. But remember, what is written in the CV must be based on facts. If caught making up, you are the one who loses.

If you pass the interview stage and you can’t explain what is written in your CV, then your chances of getting into the company are very small.

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Update your profile on the job seekers portal

After creating your CV, it’s time to update your profile on the job seeker portal. Call it LinkedIn, Jobstreet, Kalibrr, Glints, and others. The goal is to make it easier for job seekers to find candidates who match the company’s qualifications.

If your profile is deemed suitable, the company will usually send a message stating their willingness to take part in the recruitment stage.

The same thing when you have been accepted for work later. Make sure you always update the latest profile on job search portals, maybe there are companies that offer better jobs.

Point to the company you are applying for

His name needs a job, you have to work extra to find out information about the company being applied for. Starting from the organizational structure, company sector, history, vision, and mission. Because there are several companies that want to know how much interest the candidate has to work for the company.

Logically, if enthusiasm for the company is high, you will definitely lose the company. You do this by googling the company’s official website or social media.

Hopefully, with this information, your performance when applying is much better. As a result, the company shows an interest in you.

Make sure you meet the qualifications

Each company has its own qualifications for prospective employees. Make sure you meet these qualifications. A small example is the required majors.

If the major is not suitable, then the application file is automatically rejected without having to waste time reading your CV or organizational experience while studying. So, look for companies that open vacancies for your major.

In addition to majors, you also have to pay attention to age restrictions, gender, software mastered, to placement. If everything matches, just drop the application.

Tips for Getting a Job With Psychological test

In the recruitment process, you will undergo several tests. One of them is a psychological test that aims to find out how a candidate works based on his personality. Whether the candidate works quickly, meticulously, or carelessly, it will all show in this test.

Psychological tests are also often used to see candidates’ capabilities in solving problems that occur at work. It’s best to take the time to practice psychological tests even though your CV is still in the review stage. There’s nothing wrong with having an umbrella ready before it rains, right?

If later you have to take this test, at least you already know a quick way to do it. So, all questions in the psychological test can be resolved with maximum results.

Prepare questions before the interview

If the psychological test passes, then you will undergo an interview which is usually divided into several stages. It’s a good idea to prepare some questions about anything related to the company that you want to know, but not explained on the website or job search page.

Questions can be asked during a welcome interview which is usually done near the end of the job interview process. Show your enthusiasm for the company to get more value.

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Try to avoid being nervous when asking questions so that the interview process goes smoothly. Think of it like you’re talking to a friend, so the carrier is more relaxed.

Make sure you are worthy

It’s appropriate here not only to be smart, agile, and attractive, but also to try to show your neat, punctual, and disciplined side when applying for jobs. For example, in terms of clothing. Wear appropriate and neat clothes like you when you want to meet important people.

From the way you dress, the interviewer can judge a bit of your personality. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to smile at the employees you meet at the company.

Even if you don’t pass the selection later, at least you have shown a good side and hospitality to the company. Even when applying to other companies, you are used to doing the same thing.

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The Key to Work: Willing to Strive

The Tips for Getting a Job above are only as a tool to make it easier to find work because the main key is in your business. If you are willing to put in the effort, even sacrifice more to find work, believe that the best results will soon come to you.

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