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11 Newest Tools and Applications for Social Media Marketing You Need to Try!

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Tools and Applications for Social Media Marketing – The latest tools and apps for social media marketing in 2018 are more and more emerging.

Some may already be known and even used by social media marketers.

But there are the latest tools and apps for social media marketing that are not yet known or can not be reached.

Well, guess, what are the new tools and apps that will be discussed in this article?

Just info and special for your social media marketer, tools and latest applications for social media marketing is recommended by Michael Stelzner, founder, and CEO of Social Media Examiner recently.

Curious? Let’s start the discussion!

Tools and Applications Latest for Social Media Marketing in 2018

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Here are the latest tools and apps for social media marketing that are packaged specifically for you.


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Narro is an application that converts the article text into the audio form.

So suppose you do not have time to read an article, by converting to this audio form, you can listen to what is discussed in the article while running your other activities.

To convert an article text to audio, you can use Narro bookmarklet, Google Chrome extension or iOs and Android app.

In Narro, in addition, you can change the article text to audio, you can choose the sound that will be used to read the article. Choice of voice there is men and women.

Oh, yes! You can also adjust the speed of reading to make it sound more natural.

Narro will scan your selected articles and instantly convert them into audio form. Remember to put the audio file into your personal feed.

If you subscribe a feed like Overcast, the audio will appear after a few minutes after it has been scanned.

What is the price to use Narro?

Narro offers free versions of unlimited aliases up to the $ 50 / hour premium version.

2. Workfrom

Usually, marketers who go out of town like to worry if they can not concentrate if they have to work other than in the office due to limited internet access.

That’s why there is a Workfrom. You can find a place to work even if you are not in the office.

In addition, you will also connect with the people who use it.

Can be installed on website or iOs as well as Android.

You can check which locations are roughly suitable and support you to work.

Later in Work-from, you can check whether the WiFi used for private or public, internet speed, information about the cost of WiFi, whether there is food or drink there, etc.

Wow! Practical yes!

Work-from is one of the latest tools and applications for social media marketing that has spread over 12,500 cities around the world.

In addition, they have a community of about 250,000 members and to this day is still growing.

Tools are Free! But there is also a paid version. Starting from $ 5 / month to $ 50 / year.

3. Newsfeed Burner

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His name is also a marketer in social media, you must deal directly with social media, such as Facebook.

Practically still a personal account made one with the job. But you like upset because again serious work, suddenly their news feeds appear?

Well, to overcome this, you can check Newsfeed Burner, a Google Chrome extension that can hide your Facebook News Feed.

When you click the browser extension, your news feed automatically goes away. Relax, you can still get into your group and page anyway!

This newsfeed burner can also eliminate feeds on YouTube and LinkedIn.

These are the latest tools and apps for easy-to-use social media marketing!

This Google Chrome extension is also Free to install.

4. Loom

Sometimes we like the difficulty when we want to explain something to our work partner or to the audience if just a phone, chat, send an email.

To deliver an important message to them, you can use video. It’s a better way.

Usually, you may have to search first tools or apps, install, record, just send email to those in need, this is not practical!

Now there’s a Loom.

Loom is an extension that can be installed in your Google Chrome.

Unlike similar extensions, Loom creates links that can be accessed by anyone without the need to create an account.

You can share the video you recorded by email. No need to go back and forth to explain certain parts of the text, in Gmail you can instantly play the video.

Finished installing the Loom extension in Google Chrome, you can instantly record what you do on the screen or with your computer camera.

Once finished recording, a browser tab will open and there is a URL that can be copied and shared via email.

What’s interesting about Loom is that you’re given unlimited video storage!

So no need to worry if your video will be overwritten by another video or deleted and replaced with a new one.

In addition, you can see metrics so you can see how many people are watching your video.

You can also download, delete, or pin a specific video. Loom guarantees the security of your videos.

Loom Free to install.

5. Just Good Copy

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If you like to use email for your marketing activities, Just Good Copy can be an inspiration for you when will write a copy of the email.

This website is like a collection of files that will help you how to write a specific email that will be sent to your clients and customers.

Open and enter the type of email that needs to be written in the Search for inspiration column.

Later search results will appear existing emails from large companies such as Buffer, Dropbox, Evernote, Pinterest, etc.

If you are lazy to type, you can choose the tags that are at the bottom of the search field.

The tags there are all sorts like welcome emails, thank you, confirmation emails, invites, etc.

Just Good Copy is Free resource, so you are free to access it.

6. TouchRetouch

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Well, this is one of the latest tools and applications for social media marketing that will help marketers to edit their photos.

If you use social media like Facebook or Instagram for marketing activities, this is a very useful tool!

You can install on iOs or Android and are practical to use.

How it works is also easy. After you select a photo to be edited via TouchRetouch, you just select the brush or selection tool and tap on the object you want to delete.

Although the end result is not 100% perfect, this tool is good for eliminating disturbing objects in product photos before being publicized on social media.

Price for TouchRetouch is about $ 1.99.

7. Markticle

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As a social media marketer, you definitely need to develop yourself as well by reading some important articles related to improving your marketing skills.

But there are also unexpected things happening when you read an important article online.

Like forgetting to bookmark or immediately close the tab. As a result, when you re-access the article, you forget how far to read it.

But with Markticle, you can bookmark online and mark the articles you’re reading.

With notes and share features, you can share them via Facebook Or Twitter.

Can be downloaded for Android or as an extension for Google Chrome.

How it works is easy, select the last text you read and press M to mark it.

After that you have 2 options, leave notes or share articles.

Markticle is free!

8. Write-Behind

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This is one of the latest tools and applications for social media marketing because it can be used on Instagram.

Write Behind can be installed on iOs and allows you to place text behind people or objects in photos.

If you often see magazine covers, usually writing for the name of the magazine on the back right?

You do not have to bother to edit it in photoshop, just select the font, type the text, then tap your finger to the part where you want to place the created writing.

This you can use if your business has a monthly magazine, so you can update the cover of his magazine in Instagram and remember to insert the link in your post ya.

Free to download, but if you want to use fonts or styles other than those provided, you can buy them from $ 0.99 to $ 2.99.

To remove the watermark it is charged $ 4.99 and if you want to unlock all the features, it costs $ 6.99. According to your needs.

9. TinyMails

You ever get confused when you have to create an email and send it to client or customer and all of a sudden you write for them?

As a result, you are confused which part to cut? Relax, to anticipate that, you can install cool plugins like TinyMails on your Google Chrome.

How these plugin works are simple. When you write an email, TinyMails will tell you the number of words and how long it will take to read your email.

For example, as shown below.

When the extension is added, later Tinymails will appear under the Send button in your Gmail. So later you can see how long your email is before it is sent.

And again this cool extension Free!

10. Bynd

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You are a busy marketer who has to go back and forth open one social media application to other apps on the phone?

Well, it’s impractical to keep it that way!

There are mobile apps that can help you in overcoming this.

Bynd will save you time when you have to do social media monitoring.

Inside this app, you can display Facebook accounts, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks.

Before using it, you need to sign in and choose which platform you want to open.

To switch from one platform to another, just look at the top of the app.

Bynd can be installed for iOS and Android.

Basically Free. But if you want to open a social network other than those in the app, the price for the app will open $ 0.99.

To enjoy all features, $ 2.99.

11. Skype Plugin

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Often meeting with clients remotely using video calls?

Well then, this one plugin will really help you, Yes! Skype Plugin.

Skype party offers a plugin offers for Google Chrome and Firefox.

If you use this plugin, you can enter Skype call link to email, social media update or calendar event.

Suppose your email recipient clicks on the link, then you will automatically receive a call on Skype.

Uniquely, it’s normal if people want to call or video calls it must log in Skype first, with this plugin they do not need to bother.

All will connect directly as soon as they click on the link in your email.

Not just can be inserted in the email, you can slip it into your social media post or via Facebook messages.

Search this plugin in Google Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons.

Skype This plugin is Free.


Ready to Try?

So, we’ve discussed the latest tools and applications for social media marketing.

What is your opinion? Ready to try it?

Where did you think about what you want to test for your marketing activities?

Yes, whichever way it used to be up to you and keep in mind, not all the tools and apps we discussed in this article will match your work style.

Select the appropriate new install tools and the application.

Good luck and see you in other interesting articles!

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