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12 Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Without Money

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If you like traveling but don’t have much money, try the following 12 jobs. There is no word of boredom because these travel jobs will take you for a walk to the coolest place in the world for free!

Are you bored with work now? Many deadlines and make you not have much time to travel. Don’t be sad first, in this world there are 12 travel jobs that are most in demand by everyone because they can travel for free.

Here are 12 free travel jobs for traveling, ranging from being a Spa therapist, Blogger, Freelancer Tour Leader, diving instructor, to an English teacher:

12 Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling

12 Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling


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At first you must have felt, “Why do you become an archaeologist, your work is researching the land,”. Yes, you are researching land, but not just land in the country. But in all corners of the world. Very suitable for those of you who like outdoor activities and researching relics of the past.

2. Travel Writer / Blogger

jobs that require international trave

Now, this is a dream job! Traveling continues writing. Very suitable for those of you who like to walk and keep sharing your journey stories to people. The difference is, this gets money and (can) be paid for free!

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3. Importer – Exporter

Your work will take care of shipping goods here and there. You could be in the purchasing department that requires you to travel jobs and meet people from various countries.

4. Tour Leader

This job is clearly going to make you travel around the world all the time. But yes the responsibility is quite large, the name also brings a group of people with different needs.

5. Freelancer

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Now this travel jobs is really compatible with Pop Patriotics, which doesn’t like the clock and office routines. Usually, those who match the job are writers, designers, photographers or consultants. All you need is an internet connection and a gadget.

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6. English teacher

entry level jobs that require travel

One of the easiest ways to work while traveling for free is to become an English teacher. By having a TESL certificate (Teaching English as a Second Language), there are several organizations that will take you around the world as a teacher. Fun isn’t it?

One of the organizations is Project Abroad, which will place you in various parts of the world, such as Krabi, Thailand. You will work for 18 hours a week in several places, such as in schools, orphanages, and others.

Usually, you will be paid around US $ 1,000 per month.

7. Work on a cruise ship

For those of you who like the sea and sail, try working on a cruise ship, for example in the Caribbean. You can circle the blue and beautiful seas in various parts of the world, see the sunset in the ocean, and feel the luxury of sailing on a cruise ship.

To be a worker on a cruise ship is not easy. You must have a valid passport and be eligible to work in the country where the ship is registered. After that, you can choose various types of jobs on cruise ships, such as photographers, receptionists, cashiers, engineers, plumbers, hotel clerks, cabin attendants, child care providers, medical staff, and much more.

Usually, the contract length offered by cruise ships is 3-6 months. You will receive payments starting from US $ 900 to US $ 1,600

8. Ranch keeper

If you are a hard worker, try to be a farm keeper. Don’t be surprised, this tavel jobsis also one way to travel for free. You can enjoy beautiful farm fields in the world while you are in this profession.

Indeed, working as a cattle keeper will make you dirty every day. You are required to repair fences, clean livestock manure, and scrape farms. This work also tends to be seasonal, usually in May-September. The payment? You will be paid around US $ 1,600 per month. The residence has also been prepared. Fun!

Many farms in the US, Australia and Canada open vacancies. You can try this job by visiting the following sites,, and, to see the vacancies that exist.

9. Organic Farmers

If you are stressed with a pile of paper or tired eyes because at the computer for hours, try to be a gardener. Cool air, green leaves, and healthy vegetables are a sight every day. Being a gardener can also bring you free traveling to several places in the world including in Sierra Leone.

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is one of the world organizations for this work. Through this organization, you will be an organic farmer and volunteer to be placed in various places in the world. The only requirement is the desire to learn environmentally friendly lifestyles.

10. Ski instructor

Being a ski instructor is a fun job. You will invite people to surf the snow while enjoying the all-white scenery. Usually, ski instructors are paid around US $ 20 per hour.

11. Spa therapist

Who would have thought, it turns out that being a spa therapist can make you come to beautiful places in the world. You can become a spa therapist in several luxury hotels or resorts in the Seychelles Islands fjor US $ 500-100 per month, you can enjoy white sand beaches with beautiful seas there, free!

12. Actor

Apparently, being a film extras can also bring you traveling to various parts of the world. You can also appear on the television screen even if only for a moment. Exciting!

In the UK, for example, you can look for casting into a film extras in backpacker hostels. The fee is around US $ 120 per day. The payment can add to the cost of your traveling there. If interested, just visit the site to try this job.

In India there are also many castings for film extras. To enliven Bollywood films, not a few film directors are asking travelers from various worlds to become stars. This is because there are many roles that can be played by tourists, such as being soldiers, entrepreneurs, and others. Want?

Final Words

Well, that was Guys 12 travel jobs that can make you go around the world! Do you have another job that can make around too? Maybe around Indonesia? Don’t forget to share.

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