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The Types of Content that can Generate a lot of Traffic

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Types of Content that can Generate a lot of Traffic – The presence of ‘Weblog’ or better known as ‘website’ or ‘blog’ is now increasingly favored by Internet users including businessmen. If the former website or blog is more as a record user but now has been transformed into a medium of information exchange. One of the other benefits that can be obtained from the website, especially in the business world is as a moneymaking machine and promotion event.

To get a great advantage of the existence of the website is not just limited to create a website and then aired, they will automatically bring in many visitors or consumers. There are many business websites that have been circulating on the Internet for websites that have a large number of visitors will easily be detected through different search engines with a website that has low traffic levels. therefore it is important for a website to have high traffic.

Well, there are many ways you can do to bring in traffic, one of which is playing with content. Here are some types or types of content that can bring traffic.

The Types of Content that can Generate a lot of Traffic

1. List of Content

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List content ie content or articles in the form of a list or list something. For example contains a list of suggestions, ways, reasons and so forth. Content like this also has many topics to write about. Starting from daily life, health, economy, and others. In addition, this type of content is not difficult to create. The content writer only needs to make some important points to describe and then explain each point in a brief and clear sentence.

This content list is usually followed by an additional number in the post. It’s the best, the hottest, the prettiest, the cheapest and the other. Content List is one of the popular content because they directly and clearly describe what readers or Internet users want. for example a content with the topic ‘9 most important tip and trick in Instagram marketing’ from the content title the only reader can guess what content will be discussed, and from embedding the number “9” readers also clearly know how much commitment should they give to the content.

To start creating a content list, think about reviewing the “best” then consider writing on topics like “worst”. For example, you can raise a topic that discusses:

  • Tools
  • Location
  • Strategy
  • Tips and tricks
  • Event
  • Anything that gets others interested in buying your product.

For example, if you start a pet care blog, you may consider posting:

  • 5 Funny Puppies at This Summer Beach
  • 8 The Best Beds for Dogs You Should Consider
  • The 3 Worst Meals For Which Should Not Be Given on a Pet Dog

Posts for the content list should not be-long. Simply write a short introduction, list each point, and give a brief summary of each list you create. Do a quick recap in conclusion, and your article is ready to be published!

2. Tutorial Content

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Not a few people use the Internet to study. For the same reasons as the ease and speed factor people tend to choose the Internet as an alternative in solving problems, including learning something.

This type of content is usually filled with procedures for doing things or activities. Here the content owner will provide information about how to do this and that step by step in a sequence. Topics that can be written in this content also vary. Here are examples of tutorial content posts:

  • Recipe for Making Delicious Soups for Dinner
  • How to Pack the Right Clothes on Your Travel Suitcase
  • Tutorial for Making Healthy Foods that Children Prefer

Similar to the Content List, this type of content can provide two benefits to your business website. for example, suppose you have a furniture business. You can write content like “How to take care of furniture to look new” or suppose you have a culinary business do not hesitate to write some cooking food cookies on your business website. the existence of the tutorial will not reduce your cafe or restaurant customers but will give you more confidence in your business.

3. Q & A (Question and Answer) Content

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Content that contains a question and answers with experts or experts in a particular field is one of the contents that is very popular and can bring traffic. because of this content, the readers want to find out directly the opinions of experts in overcoming the circumstances they experience.

If you still do not feel an expert in your business, do not feel compelled to post content like this on your website. because you can contact someone you consider to be an expert beyond yourself. You can email them and question some things that you find very interesting and needed by people who follow your website. In this case, do not hesitate to contact those who have become famous people. most of them will still respond quickly if it is true what you are questioning is important and appropriate to their field.

Questions that can be considered when sending a Q & A interview request email can include:

  • Suggestions for other community members.
  • The attitude on the show recently.
  • the biggest mistake.
  • biggest success.
  • A solution about the future of “x.”

After you successfully do the question and answer with the experts or the star you can enter the conversation on your website and it will bring traffic to your website, this can be because the audience really wants to take advantage of the Q & A that you have done or just look -see your communication with a star.

4. Historial content

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This type of content usually tells a story or history of a person. Someone who becomes a character in this content is usually those who are influential or someone who is successful. Or historically someone who has made changes both in life, technology and so forth is not infrequently also filled with stories of heroism or the story of someone in participating in certain activities.

People like stories about other people’s success. Each reader or listener of this success story has their own goals. There are those who read for just entertainment, some make it a source of motivation and learning or even want to follow the way the characters in the content achieve success.

5. Release Product Content

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A content in a business website only acts as a supporter in the development of your business, and how your business can be recognized by many people. Of course, the existence of product release content is one of the contents that you must have on your website.

Although there may be many other personal websites that will write down your business products, the main choice of consumers is to find out these products directly from your business website. this is because they believe that the business owner’s website will provide more accurate information than other websites. Who else knows more about your product better than yourself?

6. News Industry

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Writing content around Industry news is also a brilliant way to drive readers to your website. Of course, the news you want to write in this content is the latest news, hottest news update. Writing something new and warm is one of the easiest ways to attract traffic and get the attention of new audiences.

Some examples of topics you can use in this content such as:

  • new or upcoming events
  • conference
  • regulatory changes in the industry
  • product renewal from one of the leading manufacturers.

That is the types of content that can bring a lot of traffic, but even so, one of the main things that must be considered in managing the website is sincerity. Really here the intention is to diligently update articles according to business. Do not just update once a month.

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