Types of Investments for Beginners and How They Work

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The ease of investing has a fairly positive impact on investment growth and the economy in a country, do you know everything well?

4 Types of Investments to Grow Your Money

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For those of you who are making investments for the first time, consider the following types of investments before you decide what type of investment you want to try.


Having a large profit potential but high risk, that’s the character attached to stock investment. Shares, in general, are proof of ownership of an organization such as a company. Someone who buys shares will indirectly hold part of the ownership of the company.


It should be noted that the gold used for investment is different from gold jewelry. One of the reasons that make gold more and more popular as an investment instrument is that its value continues to increase every year with less severe fluctuations.

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are one of the many types of investments chosen by investors who like a small risk profile but want to get big profits. There are at least five types of mutual funds that you can try, namely fixed income mutual funds, money market mutual funds, stock mutual funds, index mutual funds, and mixed mutual funds.


Compared to the previous three instruments, cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies are still relative newcomers. Even so, the trend is increasing very quickly.

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How Investment Works

Before deciding to invest in one of these instruments, it’s a good idea to understand how these various investments work. Check out the full explanation below!

How Stock Investment Works

The way stock investment works is actually quite complex because there are many aspects that you must learn and explore. But generally, investors who want to buy and sell shares must look for an official broker or stock exchange broker first. Then, investors can deposit money to start investing in stocks.

Remember, because the risk is high, you must also compensate it with in-depth analysis. Also, prepare alternative investment instruments in case your stock investment loses.

How Gold Investment Works

In the way gold investment works, investors can now choose to buy physical or non-physical (digital) gold. If investors choose to buy physical gold, then gold bullion is the choice because it has a purer content than gold jewelry.

Meanwhile, investors who do not want to store gold physically can choose non-physical or digital gold. Digital gold is traded through an online platform with gold market prices updated in real-time.

How Mutual Funds Work

Considered one of the friendly investment instruments, how do mutual funds actually work? Mutual funds require investors to collect funds that will later be invested in various securities portfolios by investment managers.

As mentioned, there are five types of mutual funds that you can choose from. Each type has a level of difficulty with its own potential return and risk.

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How Cryptocurrency Investing Works

Like stocks, investing in cryptocurrencies belongs to the high-risk high return category. For those of you who just want to start investing in crypto assets, you can try a small amount first to see market conditions.

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