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4 Types of Low-Risk Investment that is not known to many people

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Types of Risk Investment – Notable origin United States investor, Warren Buffett, is known to have an extraordinary instinct in sniffing a profit. He can look at the investment is profitable while other people do not realize it.

Diverse commentary often becomes a reference to investing. One of them is her advice so be careful in investing. “Rule number 1: never lose your money, rule no. 2: don’t forget rule no. 1,” said Buffett.

This could be interpreted by Buffett’s statement as having to always be alert. In addition, a good investment not always high risk. This type of investment is low risk can also be a stylish choice as long as the jelly in the sort it.

There are many types of low-risk investment that promise. More great again, not many people know about it. Then, you can start first before anyone else did.

What is that?

  • Works Of Art

medium risk investments

The artwork turned out can be a kind of low-risk investment of value high. Based on history, the value of art objects is not related to the general condition that often affects the stock market nor the bond. That is, the price is relatively stable and in fact tend to increase.

A research carried out by Mei Moses Fine Art Index showed rising prices there are objects of art in the second half of the 20th century. Per year, the average increase ranges from 10.5 percent.

Of course this tantalizing fact. Who’s not interested to give it a try? Because there is an added advantage when collecting artworks. You can enjoy it on its own. Especially if you really like it.

Got passionate on 1980 ‘s and 2000 ‘s, investment artwork turned sluggish in the event of a crisis in mid-2008. However, still, it’s worth not dropped drastically. In fact, today, slowly back up.

This situation shows the advantages of the artwork as one type of investment. The risk of losing money due to the decrease in value is very small. So, interested in collecting works of art?

  • Wine

low risk high return investments

If it hears the word wine comes is a typical drink patisserie. Consumer demand will feel the thrill of its own while sampling the wine of choice. However, who would have thought, wine is not just consumer goods. Wine can also be low-risk investment options that are sexually suggestive.

The wine prices are likely to rise over time. According to Reiss, the increase in the price of wine each year ranged from six to 15 percent. It can happen because the longer the increased supply of wine, rare.

Not surprisingly, the wine can become one of the attractive investment options. What has not been a lot of attention? However, before doing so, be sure to first select the type of the increasingly rare vintage wine. The price of the wine from Bordeaux and a few other regions in France are likely to rise even higher. However, wine from Italy, Spain, and the United States also are not less interesting.

In addition, you also need to prepare everything in advance, such as adequate storage space.

This type of investment as much as possible done in bulk and with patience. Because the main character of the wine, the longer the time of its creation, usually the price will be high.

  • Antiques

safe investments with high returns

For a number of people, have a variety of antiques is a great satisfaction. Looking at it or simply search for it has become its own entertainment. Moreover, the true ancient objects is also a type of low-risk investment.

Antique values tend to rise over time. This is because the longer the less its existence. Not even the impossibly ancient objects will be gone due to the passage of the age. This is what makes the price is increased the longer the expensive. Similar to the legal economy, such as the minimal supply with high demand will boost prices.

Data released by Antique Furniture Price Index can become evidence. Since 1968, they found that there was a rise in the price of antique furniture to 21.5 times until now. Then, there is no harm to try this type of investment. In addition to promising a profit, you can get the satisfaction of that invaluable when acquiring antiques.

  • Insurance-Investment

high risk high return investments

Most people already know of insurance, especially life insurance. However, not all know that insurance can be a kind of low-risk investment. As a result, not many who use it.

There is now an insurance product combining the two products at once, namely insurance and investment products. The principle works in simple terms is the funds deposited will be broken down into two parts. Partly for insurance, while the other part will be deposited to an investment manager.

From there, the profits can be learned through insurance-investment. In addition to the got protection guarantee, you can gain profit from the results of the investments made. Usually, this type of investment has value tends to be higher than the interest on savings accounts.

Interested to try it out?

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