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16 Amazing Place to Get Nice Income from User Testing Jobs

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Best 16 Companies That Pay You To User Testing Jobs from Home

Companies That Pay You To User Testing Jobs from Home

The internet offers many opportunities for you who need extra income. One of them is user testing jobs. The website has become one of the most important elements of today’s business. A well-designed and well-functioned website can affect how that company will run in the future. So, before they launch it or after they make a change on their website, they need someone to test it. And, you can make income from being the tester.

If you want to try this job, there are several things you must have. First of all, you need knowledge about what a good website should be like. A good English speaking ability is also necessary to report to your employer. Moreover, you also need a good internet connection and device. This job can give you at least $10 per test. Here are the places that offer user testing jobs for you.

16 Sites That Will Pay You to Test Out Websites

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1. User Testing

Here, you can get around $10-$15. You only need to work for 20 minutes and get the money. However, you need to take a test before you get the job. This testing job is available for you who live in the U.S. or other countries. As long as you have PayPal, you can receive the payment.

2. Respondent

This is the platform for surveying, studying and testing websites. Use Facebook or LinkedIn to sign up for this place. Once you create the account, you can find the website testing job that you want. Take it and you can get around $40 to $100 for 20 minutes – 60 minutes of work.

3. Userbrain

You can take many tests here. Each test will take around 5-15 minutes. And, you can get around $3 per test via your PayPal.

4. TestingTime

You need a Skype to take the test at TestingTime. You need 30-90 minutes to take the test/study from this website. Once you complete them all, you will get the payment via PayPal within 5 to 10 days.

5. TryMyUI

To join TryMyUI, you need to take the qualification test first. Once you pass it, you can start to take user testing jobs. You earn $10 for 15-20 minutes of work. You get the payment every 2 weeks via PayPal.

6. Userfeel

You just need to express your opinion after using a website listed here. You earn $10 for this testing job that will be transferred via PayPal.

7. Userlytics

This one isn’t only testing websites. You also have the opportunity to test application, concept and many more. To start earning, create an account. However, you can’t choose the job. You need to wait for the invitation to the testing job. Once you finish it, you can get $10 per job.

8. IntelliZoom

You will need proper website knowledge here, especially the usage of desktop and mobile devices. The payment is from $5 to $10. You only need 10-20 minutes per jobs and you will get your payment within 10-14 days after you finished the job.

9. Validately

This testing website offers the testing service for mobile and desktop websites of companies. This is one of the serious user testing jobs that you can try. Therefore, knowledge and skill are important here. When you take a test, you will also conduct a conversation with a moderator. This is important to get real-time feedback for a tester.
The payment for this job is at least $5 for the 5-minute test. You also can get $25 for a 30-minute test. All of them are paid via PayPal within 5 business days after the test.

10. WhatUsersDo

This is another feedback type website testing site. To get started, you need to take a sample test. When they approve it, you can start to get the task to test their clients’ websites. For 20 minutes task, you can get around $12.50 per task.

11. uTest

This company’s clients are a bigger name that you must be familiar with, such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, and more. They offer the testing service for software and hardware from those clients. So, if you can get the job as a tester here, you are on the right track to make a big income. The application test takes around 10 minutes to finish. Once you pass that, you can start to take the task to test the product from those big names.

12. Loop11

This Australian-based company offers user testing jobs for many big companies. They have been around since 2009, which means they are experienced in this field. We can’t find how much payment you can get. But, according to them, they offer an above-average payment, plus bonus.

13. Enroll

This is the right place to find a job for testing websites. You can choose how you will conduct the test, whether using a computer or a mobile device. The amount of payment is varying, depends on the job scale. The payment is paid via PayPal.

14. test IO

Here, you can try the user testing jobs for websites, apps, games and many more. The payment is okay. However, if you find any error or glitch on the media that you are tested, you can earn an extra $50. The good thing about test IO is you can use PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and even bank transfer to get your payment.

15. Intuit User Research

This test site offers a $50 Visa Rewards Card as the payment. You will test the website product, such as Mint, Quick Books and many more. Try the product and report what you feel about the product to them. The test can take from 30 minutes to two hours. And, you get the $50 Visa Reward Card for every 30 minutes test.

16. Checkealos

It offers 15 minutes of Feedback sessions and you can earn € 8 or around $9. To work here, you need a device, a good internet connection, and fluent in English or Spanish.

Those are 16 places where you can try user testing jobs. Make sure you prepare the technical knowledge and of course, the good equipment. Once you pass one of them, you can start making money by being a tester.

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