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16 Virtual Assistant Companies that Pay You for Being a Virtual Assistant

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16 Legit Virtual Assistant Companies That Hire Jobs With Absolutely No Experience

Virtual Assistant Companies

Working with virtual assistant companies is great for both you and your employer. For your employer, hiring a contractor like you is financially advantageous because they don’t have to pay for your logistics, insurance, and other employment-related expenses.

The entire payment is directed to your productive work—a scenario that is of a great benefit for you. You can also work at home and with multiple companies to earn multiple salaries. If you are interested in pursuing this career, here are 16 companies where you can apply for a virtual assistant job.

Contemporary Virtual Assistance

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This UK-based company is looking for virtual assistant candidates with primary expertise, particularly in graphic and web design. Therefore, if you are good at using Adobe Photoshop and WordPress, you might be interested in applying for a virtual assistant job at this company. The company only accepts UK residents, though, and when you are accepted, you are eligible for a $10-per-hour salary.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is recruiting virtual assistants with good communication skills. If you are good at communicating with people verbally and non-verbally, you may be a suitable candidate to work with this company for a payment of $3 to $7 for every task you complete. Because you will be communicating with people over the internet, you are also required to have a Skype account and a stable internet connection.


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Formerly called Odesk, Upwork is the online hub for freelancers looking for jobs and employers hiring them. A large selection of freelance jobs, including virtual assistant jobs, are available on this website. If you are looking for virtual assistant jobs or any other kinds of a freelance career, create your Upwork account now.

Time Etc

If you regard yourself as a good administrator, Time Etc would be one of the best virtual assistant companies where you can work as a virtual assistant. If you become a virtual assistant for this company, you will do all sorts of administrative works, including filing forms, managing appointments, planning travels, etc.

Worldwide 101

The more experienced you are in the virtual assistance business, the bigger your chance to be hired. Worldwide 101 is one of the most reputable companies that hire only experienced virtual assistants. Your chance to be hired will be bigger if you also have good communication skills.


Lifebushido is a company that rewards you for being a good worker. When you start working as a virtual assistant, you may receive a lower payment to do easier tasks. Your work hours are also relatively short. As you build your reputation, you will receive longer work hours, more specialized tasks, and higher payment.

Vicky Virtual

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For US residents, Vicky Virtual can be one of the best virtual assistant companies to join. When you are working as their virtual assistant, your only job is to answer incoming calls. You will get $10 for every hour you do that job. While answering the calls, you will be provided with information that appears on your computer screen to allow you to provide the needed information to the caller.

Assistant Match

Working as a virtual assistant with Assistant Match means you have to do various office tasks that office employees regularly do. You will be sending and receiving emails, doing various tasks that require Microsoft Office proficiency, communicating with clients, etc. If you are ready to do various office duties from the convenience of your home, you should join Assistant Match.


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Guru is similar to Upwork in that you can find a large selection of freelance jobs, including the virtual assistant. Because the job vacancies come from different companies, you can choose any jobs that are suitable for your expertise and preferences. The competition is rather stringent, though, so be ready to compete with other applicants.

99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social is one of the best virtual assistant companies for influencers who know how to transform social media engagements into profits. There is online training that you should follow before you get the job, which is paid a flat rate instead of hourly.

Paragon Planners

Many virtual assistant jobs are offered by this company. Depending on the expertise and skills that you master, you can always find a suitable job with this company. You can work as an administrator, a marketing specialist, an event planner, and anything else. You can take either a part-time or full-time job, but a long-term collaboration is what the company favors the most.


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Fiverr is very much like Guru and Upwork. What makes it interestingly unique is the way it pays its workers. On Fiverr, for any task that you apply for, including a virtual assistant task, you will be paid five dollars, hence Fiverr. The more tasks you can accomplish, the more money you can reap.


ClickWorker is an excellent platform to search for virtual assistant jobs. There are so many jobs available, such as writing, translating, and data collection. To be an applicant, you need to have a ClickWorker profile first and then to pass the assessment test.

WAHM stands for Work at Home Moms; however, this website is open for everyone, regardless of their gender. At, you can find a large selection of jobs that you can do from the convenience of your home. Being a virtual assistant is one of the careers offered by

VA Networking

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VA Networking is similar to other job hubs that are already mentioned above. What makes VA Networking different is that it only lists virtual assistant jobs, hence the name. with VA Networking, you can find virtual assistant jobs offered by the most reputable virtual assistant companies with ease.

We Work Remotely

As the name implies, We Work Remotely is an online place where you can find a large selection of jobs that you can do remotely without having to be in any office facilities. The jobs offered include virtual assistant jobs posted by virtual assistant companies all around the world. We Work Remotely is quite selective when choosing partner companies and workers. This is why the reputation of its partners can always be guaranteed.

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