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8 Best High Paying Jobs if You Want to Work From Home

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Want to Work From Home?, These 8 Best List

Want to Work From Home

Have you ever wondered about some jobs that you can do from your comfortable places such as at your home? Well, I guess it is everyone’s dream, I mean to have a job that they can do their work from home and they do not have to go to the workplace for work. If you want to work from home, then there must be several lists for job opportunities that you can choose. Here are the lists for the kinds of jobs that you can from your home.

Kinds of Jobs That You Can Do From Home

Virtual Assistant

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Nowadays there are so many businesses that operate mostly, and even for completely, and online. Therefore, it is no surprise if there are so many people that hire a virtual assistant in the aim to help them in organizing and completing the tasks of administration. There are so many changes in virtual assistant jobs drastically, such as the tasks which have to compose and to respond for some emails, to create and to write content, etc.

Web Developer

Sometimes it is quite easy for some web developers to build some websites, whether it is their own or from someone’s order. Even if you cannot make your website, then you can learn it free and online through the internet. While for some people sometimes they do not have time or too busy with something else so that they hire someone to make their website or blog. Based on the research from Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is said that for about 16% of some web developers were chosen to be self-employed in 2016, while for the majority of web developers are work from their home, or in anyplace with their laptop and also with their internet connection.

Medical Transcriptionist

Even though several medical transcriptionists work and do their job for some hospitals or maybe in physician’s offices, mostly they work from their home, and in a place that they are choosing also the time.

Some of their tasks included transcribing the recorded medical dictation, desk, earpiece, a computer which are commonly the only requirements that you do after doing a program of postsecondary medical. Even though several medical transcriptionists are chosen to be self-employed, some of them can search for their jobs from their physician, local hospital, vocational school or community college.


The research of the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that there are so many translators that work from their home and commonly under the tight deadlines. When working as a translator, sometimes it needs a degree in bachelor’s, but of course, the necessary thing is that you have to be fluent in at least two languages. Some of the translators were commonly spread through these industries, such as scientific, professional, state, technical services, local, hospitals, etc. And for those of you who want to work from home and work as a translator, then you need to develop your language fluency.

Travel Agent

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Even though the demand for the need of travel agents is decreasing time by time, of course, the opportunities for the travel agent is still available for those who can use the internet while earning the clients and also help them in planning their trip and journey. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is said that the prospects of the travel agent may be best for those who can offer expertise for certain areas around the world, who are able to focus on the group travel and have some experiences for planning the trips. In the year 2016, the majority of travel agents are working in places like reservation services of industry and the travel arrangement.

Social Media Manager

In each big business, they commonly have to arrange their social media bandwagon to reach for their customers or buyers directly, so that they do not have to pay heavily for print, radio, television, ads, etc.

In this case, not every business is having someone that can manage and to take care of the accounts of their social media, that is why some people start for marketing themselves so that they can hire by big business. And in this way, they can also assist them in growing their business online. For those of you who are able to demonstrate command in certain social media, then you probably can try this job, like asking a big business whether they need any help. For several social media managers, they sometimes work for a monthly fee or maybe a retainer.

Freelance Writer

Nowadays, the role of freelance writers is commonly needed in the aim to create content, formulate news articles, and create creative ideas for filling the needs of pages that exist on the internet. Even though several bigger sites are having in-house writers, of course, there must be a growing number in the sites of outsourcing for the content and also hire some content creators and freelance writers.

For those who have the experience of writing, then you have to feel lucky about that. But from this way, you need to have some of these things, such as ambition, a drive, and also the capability in finding the unique style in the events which always happen each day. If you want to be hired, then you need to have some portfolios from your solid work, or for at least you can write some samples that you attach in your resume.

Data Entry

There are so many types of business which need several workers for entering several kinds of data into the systems, in the case of the date which is used to create the business plans, shipment or the track inventory, and maybe measure the output or performance. For doing this job, it is necessary to have the skills of typing and computers. To do this job, several data entry workers work from home and sometimes according to the schedule which fits them.

For those of you who want to work from home, then these kinds of jobs are fit for you. Even for those of you who have the dream to work from home, then you can make your dream come true by getting these kinds of jobs. Also, if you want to get this job, then you are able to develop your skills related to the job that you want to apply for.

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