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25 Warren Buffett Quotes About Life

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Warren Buffett Quotes – Being one of the richest people in the world consistently for decades, Warren Buffett became a person who was so admired and idolized.

Not only because of the fantastic amount of wealth, but also because of simplicity, wisdom, and Opa Buffett’s way of thinking that inspires and influences other young people.

The powerful Opa Buffett sentences are very inherent in everyone who reads so it is not surprising that many of these sentences are quoted as a form of motivation and self-reminder.

Next, I choose some of Warren Buffett quotes about life that will remind us all, especially the millennial generation, to continue to struggle and learn in order to achieve our dreams and a better life.

What are the best Warren Buffett Quotes? Check out this article!

25 Warren Buffett Quotes About Life

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1. Income

Never depend on one source of income. Have an investment to produce other sources of income.

2. Expenditures

If you buy items that you don’t need, in the future you will be forced to sell the items you need.

3. Saving

Don’t save the remaining money after you use it, but use the remaining money after you save it first.

4. Take Risks

Never sacrifice everything you have just to try something new that has not proven successful or not. Use the capital you have carefully and manage wisely in order to avoid large risks.

5. Invest

Don’t keep all the assets you have in one place or one investment instrument. If you do this and a crisis happens, chances are you will go bankrupt.

6. Honesty

Honesty is a rare quality that is not owned by everyone. Never expect honesty from someone who can’t be trusted.

7. Choose People

In choosing people to work together there are 3 important qualities that you need to explore – intelligence, energy, and integrity. If these people do not have the final quality then the first two qualities will be of no use.

8. Error

You know the reason why we use pencils when small and ballpoint pen when we are adults? Because mistakes in childhood can still be erased but adult errors are not.

9. Looking at the future

Our eyes have been designed by God in the front position on the grounds that it is more important to see and think about the future than to look at the past.

Therefore, we need to learn from past mistakes in order to achieve success in the future.

10. Reputation

It took 20 years to build a good reputation and only five minutes to destroy it. If you think about this then, in any case, you will act carefully and differently.

11. Success

A striking difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.

12. Failure

Failure comes from ego, greed, envy, imitation. I’m successful not because I’m smart but because I’m rational.

13. Discipline

For the sake of achieving life success; we don’t need to be smarter than others, we just have to be more disciplined than most people.

14. Habits

The circle of habits, whether good or bad, is so light and easy to feel that eventually, it becomes too difficult to destroy.

So we just decide which habits we want to form whether good habits or bad habits, before those habits dominate our lives even greater.

15. Associate

It’s much better than you gather and hang out with people who are better than yourself. Choose an environment and people who have behaviors that are better than you and unconsciously you will get carried away in a better direction.

As everyone knows that the environment where you spend the most time will shape your personality and mentality.

16. Execution

The only question that exists in executing a plan is whether you will do it today or tomorrow.

If you keep saying that the plan will be executed tomorrow then, in other words, you will never do it.

You must force yourself to execute the plan right now while there is still free time because tomorrow has its own fuss.

17. Learning

Stupid people gather with people who are more foolish than themselves for the sake of feeling smarter.

Smart people gather with people who are smarter than themselves to gain new learning.

18. Choose Friends

Choose friends or make friends with people who force you to be better and who support you in achieving your goals.

19. Warren Buffett Quotes For Job

Find a job that you will take as if you do not need work or in other words find a job that suits your interests and talents so that in doing so you feel like you are not working.

20. Future

People who can enjoy their old age without being financially disadvantaged are people who used to work hard and persistently in their youth.

21. Waiting

Don’t wait for the perfect time to start things because perfect time never exists, use your time and make it perfect.

22. Help

The people who lead you to success are those you have never expected/thought about before.

Sometimes we assume that the people closest to us whom we believe can help us achieve our goals.

But in fact, in most cases, people who help us succeed are people we have just met or who have similar goals in life.

23. Humanity

If you are in the category of one percent of the world’s most fortunate population on the financial and humanitarian side, you have an obligation to help and think about the fate of the remaining 99 percent of the population left behind.

That is what is called giving back what you have got to those who are less fortunate.

When you are lucky in the financial side, do not increase your standards or lifestyle but increase standards in terms of giving to others.

24. Warren Buffett Quotes For Self Investment

The best investment ever in life is investing in yourself as much as you can because you are the greatest asset you have so far and no one can steal what you have invested in yourself.

25. Communicate

If you can’t communicate well and issue ideas in your mind then you can say you give up on the potential you have.

Therefore, learning to communicate well is the first step of success.

Of all the quotes above, which one is your favorite Warren Buffett quotes? You must at least like one right?

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