15 Best Websites to Make Money Online

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Websites to Make Money Online?, In modern times like this, making money can be done anywhere, including in cyberspace. Have you ever heard of money-making sites as suggestions for increasing income?

This site is not a gambling or forex site.

Almost the same as money-making applications, here you can make money without having to prepare a penny!

How come?

In order not to be curious, let’s just listen to the full review!

15 Sites to Make Money Online


trusted online money making sites

CashSurfers is an advertising site with a good reputation and credibility.

Through this site, you can earn dollars by going online and browsing on a certain site in about 1 minute.

Interested in trying this one dollar-producing website?


This Websites to Make Money Online requires information about consumer opinions about a company, products, and services that will be needed for market research studies.

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For that, your job here is to become a member of a site and fill out a survey which will be received by email.

In return, you will receive cash or coupons.


how to make money online in nigeria

Clixsense is another money-making site that has been proven to pay its members.

To get money, you have to fill out a lot of surveys and complete the tasks provided.

Each survey costs around the US $ 0.3-2, depending on the weight given.

To withdraw the money that you have collected, you must collect at least US $ 10.


This advertising platform uses the Personal Dial Tone (NSP) feature as a platform.

Here, you must register as a member, and later your phone number will be used as an advertising platform by placing an advertising NSP.

The income you get doesn’t depend on how many advertisements you hear, lo.


Another online moneymaker is Clickbooth, which is an internet marketing model whose job is to advertise a product.

You will become a publisher or affiliate marketer in charge of filling out forms, either complete data or just an email or zip code, to a company.


Almost the same as most money-mining sites, Vindale is a company that’s hot in the world of online product and service evaluation.

Even though it’s free, here you can earn up to the US $ 15 for each survey.


By implementing pay per click (PPC) you will get money for every click on text ads and banner ads.


how to make money online for beginners

Almost the same as KumpulBlogger, this site also implements a PPC system for those of you who want to make additional pocket money.

Just by clicking on the ad that appears in the view bar, you can get the reward that you can collect.

This site is perfect for those of you who love surfing the internet.

Just browsing is fun, what else while getting paid?


This money-making website is suitable for those of you who like to write and are able to compose suggestible words.

The articles that you have created must, of course, be published on your personal blog and of course, your blog must have quite a lot of visitors.


how to make money online for free

This money-making web called Etsy can be used to sell items with artistic value.

These items include knit shirts, uniquely patterned jewelry, and much more.

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If you have a productive creative person, don’t miss the opportunity to sell your work here!


If you are looking for a money-making site that deals with freelance, Fiverr is the right choice.

Here, the various kinds of skills that can be “sold” include

  • graphic design,
  • digital marketing,
  • writing,
  • translate.

The average income for each task that was successfully completed was around the US $ 5 or more.


The next site to make money via the internet is Snapwire.

Unlike most online photo buying and selling sites, Snapwire calculates income based on the number of coins earned.

The coins that you get after you join this level up program can be exchanged for money.

This level up program itself refers to the level of photo sales on this site.

Here are 7 levels of sales on Snapwire:

  • Explorer: Basic level
  • Shooter: Get a task to upload photos in a certain genre
  • Advanced: Points have reached 1,000
  • Expert: Points have reached 5,000
  • Elites: Points have reached 15,000
  • Pros: Points exceeding 50,000
  • Masters: Points exceeding 100,000


Simply by guessing the captcha, now you can get money.

As you know, a captcha usually comes as confirmation to enter a site.

By guessing it, you can now get the US $ 0.4 for 1,000 guesses.


Yougov is one of the best money-making links at the moment because of its millions of users.

To earn money on this site, you have to take a survey consisting of various categories.

If you manage to collect a minimum of 5,000 points, you can exchange them for a variety of attractive prizes, from pulses to Singapore dollar balances.


Who doesn’t know this site?

To benefit from this site, the first thing you have to do is reach 20 thousand subscribers.

Well, this in itself can be achieved by producing video content that is liked by Youtube users.

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That’s a 15 Best Websites to Make Money Online that you can try in your spare time.

Hopefully, this article can give you inspiration.

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