Are you a DirecTV subscriber looking for the Paramount channel? Look no further than this comprehensive guide, which covers everything you need to know about finding the channel, programming, and more. From popular shows like Yellowstone and The Good Fight to movies like Top Gun and Forrest Gump, Paramount is a must-watch for any TV lover.

What is Paramount?

Paramount Network is a general entertainment channel that features a mix of original programming, movies, and classic TV shows. It was originally known as Spike TV before being rebranded in 2018. Today, the network is home to popular shows like Yellowstone, Lip Sync Battle, and Bar Rescue.

What Channel is Paramount on DirecTV?

The channel number for Paramount on DirecTV varies depending on your location. However, it is typically found on channel 241. To find out the specific channel number for your area, you can use the DirecTV Channel Guide or search online for your zip code and cable provider.

What Programming is Available on Paramount?

Paramount offers a variety of programming, including original series, movies, and classic TV shows. Here are just a few examples:

  • Yellowstone: This popular drama follows the Dutton family, who owns the largest ranch in the United States. The show features an all-star cast, including Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Wes Bentley.
  • The Good Fight: A spin-off of the popular show The Good Wife, The Good Fight follows Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) as she joins a new law firm after losing her savings in a financial scam.
  • Bar Rescue: This reality series follows Jon Taffer as he tries to rescue failing bars and restaurants.
  • Forrest Gump: This classic movie tells the story of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), a simple man who unwittingly becomes a part of some of the most important moments in American history.
  • Top Gun: This iconic movie follows Maverick (Tom Cruise), a talented but reckless Navy pilot, as he competes for the Top Gun trophy and falls in love with his instructor, Charlie (Kelly McGillis).


Q: Can I watch Paramount on DirecTV Now?

A: Yes, Paramount is available on DirecTV Now.

Q: Is Paramount included in the DirecTV package?

A: Yes, Paramount is included in most DirecTV packages. However, the specific package and channel number may vary depending on your location.

Q: Is Paramount a free channel on DirecTV?

A: No, Paramount is not a free channel on DirecTV. You must have a DirecTV subscription to access the channel.


Finding the Paramount channel on DirecTV is easy once you know where to look. With a variety of programming, including popular shows like Yellowstone and The Good Fight, there’s something for everyone on this must-watch network. So why not tune in and see what all the fuss is about?

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