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What is a Financial Investment?

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What is a Financial Investment? – Investment is a term with some sense it was related to financial and economic issues. The term is related to the accumulation of a form of assets with an expectation of profit in the future. Many types of investments that you can select. The presence of this option, then everyone can invest more in some medium that still provides lasting benefits to us.

Investment is often referred to by the term capital investment or capital formation is a second component that determines the level of aggregate expenditure. The function of investment on its own as a curve that shows a relationship between the level of investment and the level of national income. The principle of an investment is when making a profit is high then the risk obtained also certainly high. As does the opposite, when running investment with profits not too large then the risk faced is also very low. Despite the myriad risks that could happen in the future, but many things are a reason why someone investing, one of them a profit. For those who have a business, investment is also very important for Your business interests in both small and large scales. The basic principle used in the investment business with the same as in analyzing the risks, seizing opportunities, and more. With the investment, not only can help you to develop business and capital but also be able to become a successful entrepreneur.

types of financial investment

When people are willing to invest, there is a question that is often most people today will begin with the question is “I want to invest, but don’t have much money, how, yes? “. If your question is still there in your mind, then the first step is to find out what investment can easily be ahead of you. There are many types of investment certainly has its own characteristics.

Later my money can be lost? ”

Maybe it’s a question that pops up in your mind. Not only investment, almost everything in this world has risks. These risks, however, is not something which is bound to happen. That risk is there, but you can avoid. Investment certainly contains risk, however, it does not mean the risk of blocking You for profit. So you need to do, know your risk profile and the risk of the kind of investment you do, find out how to achieve profit from the investments and understand how to minimize the risks.

Simply put, the investment is your money working for you. If you are an employee who invested, meaning you not only work for money, but also make money work for you, so you will gain a more optimal than your own money.

But actually, what with invest, in general, we can benefit? of course. Most importantly by investing your earnings will be stored properly, or in other words, you are not wasteful in terms of spending. By investing, you can also achieve a financial target, which is then used to buy something, e.g. houses, apartments, land, and other residential-residential. You will be faster to reach the value of money by investing than simply by saving. Any investment you can use to prepare for retirement. Investment with a high return on investment such as stocks can be used to set up pension funds that take a long time. Preparation of the Pension Fund in accordance with the character of the investment shares that tend to give you maximum results when done in a shorter period of time. However, it’s getting closer to retirement investing stock portion should be declined, replaced by the more conservative investments.

What are the investments in question? Here we present more information related to you on the kind of investment that can be selected. Investments below has its own advantages, but also not in spite of the shortages because of imperfections in the medium which also affected the people themselves. The following information:


types of business investments

Ranked first there as an investment property that you can select. Property investment is very profitable, even every year the price could continue to rise. In addition to own property to live in can also be rented for which it could provide additional income for you. The property will have the value added which tend to be large. This added value can be derived from property development, where development is built on empty plots of land can then be used and profits doubled. For example, a cafe was built on a vacant lot, but it has a strategic location with good facilities. In addition, the building also adorned with interesting architecture. In doing so, the business is run using the property will yield a high profit. In addition, with the layout of the property, rent prices will also vary with the properties that are the edge of the city. For investors who have already invested property can be used for the filing of loan or collateral. The advantages of the investment property will be easier to get a loan. In this way, investors can invest in another property. Then, for the repayment of debt also need not worry. With increasing profits obtained results could also be behind the capital. It’s just that, taking account of the need to carefully between the loan amount with the profit obtained each month.

Some other factors why property investment is much more attractive and profitable investment compared to other assets is because the property is much more stable than the stock can drop quickly. In addition, the property prices also always tend to rise in accordance with the improvement of the economy and the purchasing power. In fact, a special mention is the property can generate rental income and easy to diversify. In conclusion, although the condition of the economy is sinking, rising property prices will always be higher than the inflation rate.


economic investment

The stock is part owner of a business entity. If you bought or have most of the stock of a company means you have participated companies and of course you have a good claim on wealth and income of the company. With the shares having reproduced the traded then you have a chance to be one of the owners of big companies. There are several types of stocks, including common stock and preferred stock. Preferred stock usually referred to as a mixed stock because it has characteristics similar to ordinary shares. Usually common stock only has one type but in some cases there is more than one, depending on the needs of the company. Common stock has several types, such as class A, class B, class C, and more. Each class with the advantages and disadvantages of each individually and the symbol font does not have the meaning of anything.

There are still many who hesitate to invest in stocks for some reason as too risky and the popularity of its own stocks not as high as it used to be. However, the stock could be the most important safe because you can understand the ins and outs of the company stock, such as financial statements, State companies, and others, is the key to the success of your investment. Invest stock also gives a good impact on its own especially when stock bonuses down. The stock bonus is a division of shares to shareholders based on the number of sheets. With allot of bonus shares, the company does not need to reduce the amount of cash. The Division of stock bonus does not change the value of the equities of a company. In addition, the Division of stock bonus also aims to raise the number of circulation of shares of a company. Shares of stock dividends can be a bonus or a non-dividend stock.

When you buy stock, You buy indicates ownership of a business. This gives you the right profit in the form of dividends, i.e. the Division of profits to the shareholder based on the number of shares owned. The stock has advantages i.e. may provide a relatively high return. However, behind all the stock investment in Indonesia has the worst possible especially when share prices go down and can get you losers.


real investment

Gold or precious metals is one of the many popular investments, even before the popularity of gold properties, have first seized the attention of investors. The advantages of investing in gold, among others, gold is an easy liquid asset for sale. Of many sorts, gold has a diversity that you can select, such as gold bars to a gold piece that has a value of its own buy and sell in the market. Investing in gold is also no escape from deprivation certainly can you feel difficult, among others in its storage area where until recently no media such as banks that could keep the gold for the long term.

However, as one of a precious metal that is highly desirable and coveted by everyone, gold is currently regarded as one of the lucrative investment. Why is this so? Of course, this is because the gold price goods tend to be volatile annually and rare decreased significantly. The more limited number of natural resources producer of gold thought to be the cause of rising gold prices higher. When the gold price goes up that’s when precious metals investors are experiencing a period of profit. Like a farmer who will benefit when the pa arrived. Therefore, when the gold price decline than do not worry. Because it’s just going to happen shortly. Furthermore, the gold price will continue to increase along with the rising inflation rate. In short, the gold price fixed in accordance with the purchasing power at that time.


types of investment in economics

Investment bonds are an investment which is quite profitable because the owner of the bonds will benefit from price increases and the potential of coupon bonds. Bonds can be issued by a Government or a private company. Each of the bonds will go on sale first at face value (par value). In bonds traded in the capital market can be. Of course, the price of a bond may increase or decrease.

Bond investments cost money, there are several companies that offer minimal loan letter with number $50,000. Therefore, not all people can afford to invest in bonds. Even so, bonds still have a strong appeal that is the security of investing with ‘ lend money ‘ itself. If you buy bonds from the Government then your investments can be said to be without risk. The security and stability of the bonds, of course, has the disadvantage side, namely the low potential return will you get so that we can say the bond is investment vehicles that have a low return.

In some countries, the term ” ” bonds and bond ” ” is used depending on the period of maturity. Market participants commonly use the term bonds for publishing large quantities of debt offered widely to the public and the term “mail’s debt” is used for the issuance of the bonds on a small scale that is usually offered to a small number of investors. There is no clear restriction upon the use of the term. There is also a known term “mail Repertory ” used for fixed-income securities with a maturity of three years or less. Bonds had one of the highest risk “mail debt ” who had intermediate-risk and “mail Repertory ” which have the lowest risk were seen from the “mail duration debt where the more short duration has the risk is lower.

Peer to Peer Lending

importance of financial investment

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform is a product of technological innovation in the form of a financial marketplace to connect micro-entrepreneurs and SMEs requiring financing with investors who want to fund these efforts based on the consideration of risk and yield profile accordingly.

The investment forms of peer-to-peer lending itself include a platform lending funds from investors will be given to the SMEs that become the borrower. Each investor will get effective interest rates are very competitive, almost reaches 18% per year. The investment of this type also allows investors to be able to choose their own level of risk, which was able to be received, ranging from low risk, medium, and high risk. Each type of risk usually has competitive interest respectively. Different from other investment types, peer-to-peer lending also allows you to be able to start investing with only hundreds of thousands. Surely this type of investment is particularly suitable for the novice investor to start learning about the investment world.


That’s some investment that exists today. Where the media is interested in investment You get into? This type of investment is above can be chosen by you especially are indeed already understand the plot of the investment itself. However, not all investments can be executed when you don’t understand where that investment rises. Most importantly, an understanding of the media investment itself you understand so that the results can be maximum, even though his investment in the fact that we went through made in credit even ventures.

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